Friday, January 30, 2009

Home Alone on a Friday Night

We had a ballgame at home tonight, but Brylee and I didn't quite make it. She is not feeling well. She started coughing a couple of days ago which I knew was probably because of the crazy weather change. Cold one day, Hot the next! I sure wish it would get one way and stay, preferably 75 and sunny! Last night, she coughed a hacking nasty sounding cough most of the night. Today when I picked her up, she laid down in the back seat (with her seatbelt Mother and Father) for the trip home. I knew she wasn't feeling too good. I checked her temp and it was 100.6. So of course, we started with juice popsicles, G2 fluids and some tylenol. Her cough sounds gross, but not producing much, so we decided to stay home tonight. She is on a pallet in the living room watching tv. On the positive note, she has, for the most part, acted fine. She did tell me she had a headache a few minutes ago, so who knows..We have had several sweet people call and talk to her to make her feel of Kenny's students, Katie who plays with her at ballgames, called to talk with her..Katie told Brylee to get better, and Brylee responded with "I not sick!", so Katie said, well, come to the ballgame then..and Brylee (with an attitude) said OK! LOL

I am back..she just was walking to the kitchen, had a coughing spell and threw up a little, she wanted a bath! If she is not better by the morning, we have a doctor friend that has agreed to take a look.

I tell you it has been a week in this place...several unfortunate things have happened at our school, but we will survive, and be better than ever. No doubt!Had BBSST meetings all day today. It makes your day go by fast, but is super busy! Kenny came in yesterday and went straight to bed, he wasn't feeling good. When I talked with him earlier, he was feeling better. On a sad note, a couple at our church experienced the death of their daughter by suicide...a guy from home committed suicide yesterday as well, our JV coach's father-in-law passed away from a long illness, and the poor poor girl in the fatal/firey crash yesterday. My heart breaks for all of these families! Losing loved ones especially like these leaves people with questions, emptiness and lonliness. I know that we serve a God that is the answer to all of those problems and He is bigger than anything we can imagine. I pray that they will keep their focus on Him and His name will be glorified through it all!

Got to thinking about my grandmother this morning..Kenny was laughing at me..I so hate that she never met Brylee..I know though that she would just adore her...and I can only imagine how many times she would have already told her that "she better be sweet, or the boogie man would get her"...or to "Get out of my light" (meaning she couldn't see the Price is Right! She was such a special lady and for some reason she has been on my mind..guess its about the time she passed away! I know she is in a better place, and I wouldn't wish her back for the world, but goodness I miss her!

Other than all of the above, (kind of a random post) we are just living the life. I pray that you all have a fantastic weekend..Hopefully Brylee will be better and we can enjoy it as well.