Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's 10 pm..Do You Know Where Your Kids Are?

It is 9:56 pm..and about to pull my hair out..our little darling (NOTE: beautiful girl in pic) is having trouble getting use to her new sleep routine. I will admit, in her defense, we have never had a "Time to Go to Bed" routine..and as sad as it sounds she has not had a bedtime. Usually during school time, she will lay down about 9:45 or 10..which puts her only getting maybe...8-9 hours of sleep at night. Well, any good mother knows from her parenting books..3 year olds need at least 10 1/2 -12 1/2 hours of sleep at night. So, Kenny and I have decided to start that routine and stick to it. We have always used the excuse of our schedules being cooky with basketball for not having the routine. And I am sure there will be days that we will not be able to stick to it, but we are going to give it our best let me share it with you:

  • 7:45-8:00 ~Warm bath to warm up her body temperature..which when she gets out there is a sudden drop in temp. b/c of the air conditioner being on...and I have read that gets your body into sleep mode.

  • 8:00-8:15 ~Story time..ABC Practice...Numbers..Days of the Week...and Months of the Year

  • 8:15- Go to sleep I have NEVER been a "let them cry it out" kinda person. I have friends who are and friends who are trying it out. And that is GREAT for them...I just get too antsy and either go get her or give in and turn the tv on (which she will watch as late as she can). That is the reason she still sleeps with us and probably will until she gets married! LOL (Note to self: try the crying method with next child (if nerves can handle it)..I want my child to just go get in bed and go to sleep). Other people have told me, that maybe she is just one of those people who doesn't need much sleep...tried that theory, but when she is tired and cranky..I know it is because she is sleep deprived. At school, she takes a nap just fine..she even lays her own bed linens out on her cot, covers herself up and off she goes. So I am guessing that is natural because of her routine??? So, Kenny and I began this adventure last adventure we should've done a long time ago. But I forgot to say on that 8:15 spot, it consists of me on one side of her, Kenny on the other, Praise and Worship music playing, least we are in HER bed in HER room. Last night was a little tough..but not too bad..she was asleep by 9:00...cried a little, but drifted off, had a great night and was in a GREAT mood this morning. Which brings us to tonight...It is now 10:10..and I just came in here and began typing..we both started out with her...she didn't go to sleep, Kenny needed to call some I stayed with sleep...and when he finished, he went in there...I haven't heard any movement in a few I am praying that means she is asleep. She's so funny..pitch black room with a small nightlight..and she does any and everything to stay awake..even ask to go to the potty...(BRAG MOMENT...she is basically completely credit to me..she was just ready..and did it on her timetable..she wears panties all the time except at night..So YAY..answered prayer!)...She trys to climb up the top of the bed...plays with her hair, eyelashes, legs etc. So, if you have any suggestions of something we are not doing right or that could help..please let me know. I feel if we stay CONSISTENT..her body will adjust and she will want to go to off to bed I go! Tootles!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

~Mixed Emotions~

Well, my heart is in an awkard state at the moment. I am full of DIFFERENT emotions. I have a lot going on with school starting..moving to a new classroom (aka..trailer)..but mind you a BEAUTIFUL trailer...have a new special ed coworker (I think I am going to like..well, I already like..but will continue to like) children in school, my babies from last year...glad to be back in a routine..just not too excited that it is a school routine. My child is growing up, other people have either had their second child or are pregnant. Some with children younger than Brylee...tons in Scottsboro a few here. We had our plan of how we will wait (and still want to) and we have even discussed when the time might be..and well, it is just not right now. Some friends are trying to get pregnant and can't..and are longing for a child to love...what if I don't get pregnant when I WANT to..God has a plan..I know that...what if my pregnancy and labor are HORRIBLE..I mean I mentioned in one of my blogs that my pregnancy was very fact very FAIRY tale for most...what if it isn't the second time? Will Brylee like a baby brother/sister? How do you love more than one? (I know you do..but just having one right now..I can't imagine) When I say to Brylee, "Come sit in my lap, I want to hold Mommy's Baby"..and she replies..."I'm coming, but I AM NOT a BABY...I am a BIG GIRL"...she wears panties now..sleeps in HER bed (some of the night)...and is in fact growing up..whether I like it or not! She has NEVER cried going to daycare..but has had a few issues this summer...this morning she was staring down at her feet..and I could see her biting her lip..when I asked her what was wrong..she looked up with her eyes filled with tears..and said..I don't want to go..I want to go home! The mommy side wanted to turn the car around and take that sweet thing home...but then I know that on Monday..she will have to I can't give in (once she is there...she is fine and enjoys her day) then I was turning my head biting my lip. We had an awesome service Monday night..with Fred Luter rounding out our Mondays...and if you have never heard this man of must if he is ever close! The things he says and how he brings things is just awesome...He preached about how we WILL have afflictions and troubles..but our God is there to take care of us and to see us through them...he talked about when bad things is not necessarily because of anything someone did..which brought him to Job..who did nothing wrong..but lost everything. I loved that...b/c so many times...when things have happened to people, I have heard some people say, "Well, you know they weren't living right", "Well, it was bound to happen", I have even heard some say..."Well, as far as I am concerned..they just got what was coming to them"...This message was the answer I have to all of those statements if I ever hear them wrong of us to judge people...we are in NO position to be the judge...and as the old saying goes, "If you would take care of your own issues, you won't have time to take care of others!" :)

I do pray (and hope you will pray with me too) for that peace that God will reassure me that everything is okay..and my time will come WHEN the time is God's time!

So, this was a very random post, just what was on my mind tonight..oh yea..Brylee has her first gymnastics "MEET" in 2 weeks...I am so excited for her and so proud of how she is learning the steps and practicing! (Again, she is growing up)....Geez...Just A Moment in the Life of a Hill

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Power of Prayer

Thanks to all of you who have contacted me about your "blinking" moments...when you think about it..we could add several to our list everyday! I do want to take a moment and ask you to remember the church in Knoxville where a guy opened fire this morning..when I read 10:20 a.m..I had a thought of where we were..Kenny and I sitting on the pew waiting on church to begin..Brylee safe in her nursery class..and yet..we were no different than what those innocent people were doing..waiting to worship their what should be a Safe sad..but I pray that God will be glorified through it all!!! Can't wait for tomorrow night..if you are in the Enterprise area, or within 2 should definitely be at Hillcrest tomorrow night..I know you will receive a blessing..with Fred Luter preaching and Chuck Sullivan leading worship..I know as Bro. Billy said, "It's going to be off the chain"! We had a miracle in church today..a guy who had a motorcycle accident..landed in an ant a coma...doctors said he wouldn't make it..and GUESS WHAT..He was in church today...Whoop Whoop Woo!!! I wanted to post a note I put on response to the miracle we saw today! Have a blessed rest of the weekend!

An exerpt from an Elizabeth George Bible Study:"An essential aspect of prayer is faith. Our faith in God grows as we pray and experience God's answers to our prayers. Doubts and life struggles can discourage us, but we know that God hears and responds to the prayers of those who abide in Him. We can experiecne the blessing of greater faith as we pray."

~This has been so true in my life. Earlier in life, I used to think that good things that happen are because of luck or in other luck at all. I have always believed in prayer and KNOW that it got me through some tough situations, even when I couldn't pray but I knew others were praying. As I started a few Bible Studies, I started writing specific prayer needs in my Bible..and have had the honor of going back and recording when that prayer request was answered or how God was in the process of working it out! Those times are SUCH encouragements to me now when I am praying for someone or something..I KNOW without a shadow of a is not about luck or about how good we is the total control of God and how He continues to amaze me everyday. Things happen in our lives..and we have no clue why or what the reason is at the time..but I pray that when it does happen, we will look back on other times..and see that HE never leaves us and ALWAYS does what is best!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Inspired Blog

I am "stealing" the idea..If you haven't had the opportunity to read the blog to the right entitled "Audrey Caroline"..YOU MUST!! This lady has had so many life experiences and everyday her blog just lifts me up in an unbelievable way! She posted yesterday about the "Blinks" of life...the times in life that we take for granted, put in the back of our head, or store somewhere in that scrapbook of our mind. Those moments when you may not have had a camera..but if you blink you save them to remember...She also went on to talk about our scrapbook for God..what does he have in his pictures of us..oh the times, I wish I could go back and erase the memory card in his camera...but I can't...I can only live for this day forward and help to create a book that any parent would be proud I have created several blink moments throughout my life...

Growing up on Gant Road..being able to run freely up and down the street..climb the trees, jump ditches...and play 'till the sun went down.


Being able to go next door and see my grandmother. She always was either cooking, cleaning or rared back in her recliner watching "The Price is Right". She always seem to understand love want me to do good in life and to love Jesus! She was a very lovely lady who had one of the HARDEST lives of anyone I know..but you would never know it..even if a tear came to her eye..she sucked it up and wanted to know what was new in your life...


Spending the night at my grandparents house..(well, not the whole night)..I would cry and Pawpaw would get up and take me to the top of the mountain to meet my Daddy who would come get me when we called.


Christmas growing up...Christmas Eve Day with Mawmaw W's family, Christmas Eve Night with Grannie G's family...Christmas Morning..when Santa left me the chalkboard with a note on it..and an exercise trampoline...Christmas at MawMaw and PawPaw G's house..which is not the same...I loved it when ALL the family were together and enjoying eachother's company...Don't misuderstand me..I DO love all my family I have now and how we still get together..but those times when ALL were together were the best...just another example of how the devil can tear families apart..things he rejoices in..but leaves families crumpled. I miss those times!


Burying my grandmother..the day that I thought would never come..and when it did..She was BEAUTIFUL...buying her dress to lay her body in..knowing that she wasn't there..she was already in Heaven..but wanting her corpse to be radiant and lovely..dressing her up with pearls and her something she deserved a long time ago...knowing that she loved me with ALL her heart..and NOTHING could ever change that...knowing that she is my angel who has watched over me many times...


Sitting on my front porch on F Avenue with the neighborhood kids playing cards and just talking until the evening faded...


Asking the Lord Jesus to come in my life and to be my Lord and Savior for always...only to realize that many times I would turn my back on Him and not live as I should..(one of those moments I would like to erase...) scared for the many I could have touched and shared His love with..but didn't...for worldly not being cool...or popular... Such small things now that I know the devil used...Lord Please forgive me!!!


My parents ALWAYS being there for EVERY important time in my life..from school plays, to tball games..they were there....All my friends called my Daddy "Diddy" b/c that was what I called him...


Meeting Kenny for the first time...a friend wanted some gum..and he told them he had to give his last piece to his future wife..and handed me the gum...(and here we are now!) Kerry telling me to go ahead and give him my number when he wanted it while at a basketball game...Talking to him ALL night December 8, 1995....the beginning of our friendship and love!


My Daddy standing before his family in Gatlinburg and telling them that some things may change in our family..and that he would support his daughter in whatever venture she chose and he hoped our family would do the same...(all the time knowing that Kenny had asked for his permission to marry me)...which leads to our wedding have all of my family there on the beach in support of Kenny and my marriage...(that meant alot) have my Uncle C bring the interracial marriage issue up and to boldly state that our God did not speak against it in any marry my BEST friend to begin our journey together...


Telling my parents that they were going to be grandparents! Going through pregnancy, labor, and delivery...what an AWESOME experience..MANY times to remember and grow from...ALL of us...EVERYTHING happens for a reason..and WE have understood that in God's timing and plan we will understand all that happens..having a BEAUTIFUL healthy baby girl...that only our God in Heaven could have created...her first cry, her beautiful face, and the love and bond I felt at that moment....At the time..I didn't expect anything different than what happened..but now after reading so many stories of parents that haven't been as fortunate..I stop and Thank God that all was normal and that nothing went wrong...I am no different than any of those moms..It could have been me..nothing I have done or do makes me deserve the Love and Grace He gives me everyday..the way He takes care of only by his Grace and Mercy!!! And I thank Him for that!!!


Afraid when I was told that my daddy was in an accident..fearing what my mother and I would face as we arrived at the hospital...finding him (not suprisingly) smiling..through the pain..that is the type of person he is..he is always "OK"..even when he is not..the journey that this fall put us all on..the hard times..the good times..and the times to come..we are all so thankful for him and that God spared his life for me his wife...and his grandchildren ( the moment)


On this journey called MOTHERHOOD....what a journey it is!!! From the first crawling..first walking..first all her has been a journey..that is going by too fast...her first daycare experience...her teacher calling her the wrong name..and me not being able to correct her b/c I was afraid of hurting her feelings...


Moving all over only for it to lead us to where we are now...where I feel God wants us to be..where we are growing in Him to lead better lives that glorify Him and show Him in a family and as individuals...Adding to His scrapbook good moments of us...


Watching Brylee do new things daily that show she is growing and developing her own personality and loving Jesus..Her BFF...As Angie stated..her daughter raising her hand to worship the Lord...that is an awesome feeling...I want Brylee to grow up knowing the True meaning of worship from the beginning of her life...(something I didn't learn until later on)..That worship is about our lives...and something that we should do ALL honor and praise to HIM...When Brylee raises her blesses my heart..whether or not she really understands or not..she is doing what she sees her mommy and others do and I pray that she grows to love and honor our Lord...


Scared to death of what this world has in store for her...and how she will react to it..I want her to be armed with the Word of God and know that there is nothing out there better than a relationship with Him...


So...these are just a few moments in my life that I BLINK and would love to record in me..there are many more..but if you are still reading this..I am sure you wouldn't want me to go I hope and pray that you will take a moment and think about the times that you wish you could BLINK and take pics of your special moments. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fish Pedicure?!?!

Okay..I WANT one!!! Have you heard of this new form of beauty that is taking over? Well, not really taking over, but has definitely been a hit toward the east coast. I saw it on tv and googled it..basically it is the best form of a pedicure you can possibly get. Instead of the harsh scrubbers and razors, these tiny fish feed off of your dead skin...I know it sounds gross, but I would love to give it a try and will if it comes to this area. The reports from customers have been overwhelmingly positive..they say it tickles a little, but other than that it does the let me know if you would like to try it with me!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We are officially back home and happy to be here. We all love visiting home..still agree it is not where we should live at this point in our lives..but great to visit. We miss our family and friends so much and would love to move them all with us! I think I have mentioned before that Brylee really doesn't understand where these people go when we leave, but she enjoys her time when she is with them. We were officially there for 3 Sundays..came home during the 2nd week..(Bham team camp)..While we were there we did so much..I can't blog about it all..but a few highlights were

~Bry's bday party
~Nephew D'aron's 7 on 7 camp..he is starting varsity football this year as a ninth we are super proud of him
~Bry playing with all her friends..Druw, Collin, cousins, and other family members
~Just enjoying the "country", running through fields, feeding goats and chickens, riding the lawn mower just for fun, feeding ducks in Chattanooga
~ We went to the public park below the bridge in Chattanooga and let Brylee simply play in the water..which was fun
~Tennessee Aquarium: Brylee had a ball...Mom, Dad, Kenny and myself decided to take her and she was amazed! She would try and stay as long as possible at different exhibits.
~Church reports from the Guatemala mission team..I so enjoyed hearing their testimonies! AWESOME
~Campton's bday party...Kenny got to visit with a few of his former classmates while our children all played together.

And now we are back home. Brylee went to daycare today. Kenny had basketball workouts, I went to my classroom to get a few things done. Found out we (Special Ed) have a new teacher, a new aide, possibly a new classroom (trailer) and a friend is pregger...(no names right now)..but it is NOT me! So, we are busy and will be busy from this day forth..not sure about all the blogging..but hopefully the Lord will allow me time to share the special moments in the life of the Hill's!!!

ps...Oh Yea, the AMAZING WEEKEND...was definitely AMAZING..but I will have to tell you in person..HA!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy 5 years to us!!!

Happy Anniversary to us!!! Kenny and I are celebrating our 5th Wedding Anniversary together today! Wow, what can I has been the best 5 years of my life! So many things have happened in those 5 years..and I can honestly say that EVERYTHING that has happened has been for the best and has allowed us to grow as a couple and as individuals. I love Kenny Hill more than words can say and I am so very lucky to call him my husband. God has truly blessed us and we do give him ALL the credit for who we are today. So, we are off to celebrate..he has planned an AMAZING evening (that's what he called it) off I go! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

On Last Vacation of the Summer

We are once again in the BORO...will be for a few I will not be able to blog much. In our family, the only access to a computer is our dear Aunt Joanne..and I hate to spend too much time on it when we are visiting with unless a miracle occurs and a computer with internet access shows up, it will be awhile folks..Post when I post!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Our trip Home!

Where have I been??? Well, we headed into Scottsboro last week for the 4th of July and for Brylee's birthday party..we had a blast the whole time! I will share more later, but first I have a request...I have some stalkers apparantley..what I mean by that is I set a counter on my page (idea..thanks to Laura) and I have had 169 people read or visit my page since I started it but like 3 of you make yourself known by leaving I am getting a little discouraged about this blog thing when no one leaves me a come on on comments and leave me one!! Show me some LOVE!!

Okay, about our trip..well, on the first day home..I went with Daddy to the doctor for a check up on his neck surgery with this world famous neurosurgeon..and Daddy had already warned me that we could be there for a while..which was fine by me..I had nothing better to do. When we walked in at 1:30 (app. at 2) there was a sign that said "Dr. ________ is 2 1/2 hours behind..well the sign ended up coming down about 2 and said 45 minutes behind..which was okay until I heard, "Sally, Dr. _____'s staff and he are having lunch, would you like some?" At this point I am getting a little he has a lot of people waiting and he's having lunch..are you kidding me..He isn't supposed to eat lunch! So long story short..we waited until 4 to get back then it was a good 45 minutes before he came in to say , "Mr.G, your neck looks good, Keep exercising and strengthening it, Have a good day Partner" And we were out of there. So good thing is, Daddy is fine..and Dr. _______ is in business and I have a feeling he will be for a long time! He is a GREAT doctor and Daddy was very fortunate to have him as his surgeon!

Swam most days, good friend Kerry and Sawyer came by and swam..he is an absolute doll with the cutest smile.Thursday we had Kenny's brother and fiance, and Lindsey and Nathan over to grill out and just enjoy eachother's company. We had a great time..reminicing over old times by the citronelle candles (which didn't work..neither did the listerine). I ended up with approximately 17 mosquitoe bites from that night. On 4th of July, good friends George and Ann came down to spend it with us..Went to Aunt Carolyn's as we always do on the fourth to eat, swim, and watch fireworks. Dad and Mom took Brylee early and Kenny and I were on our way. Dad calls and says that we need to hurry b/c Brylee wanted to swim with her cousins..he went ahead and let her get in..we get there and put her swim suit on her..and everyone is getting out to eat..Kenny is reaching for her flip flops to put on her and in the pool she goes...without floaties..and she goes under and then she comes up and goes under was the wierdest thing b/c we all just stood there..I honestly thought she might start swimming..b/c she had been doing good..but Kenny knew he goes with his new Nike's, clothes, PHONE, wallet and save our child who is LAUGHING! She had no clue the danger she could have possibly been in. So we dry his clothes, but couldn't save his phone. Brylee ended up telling Kenny she was cute! Ate, watched about 10 minutes of fireworks and headed to Kenny's daddy's. Visited with he and his friends for a while then we went home and to bed!

On Saturday we had Brylee's party..ran to Walmart about 5 times b/c I kept forgetting turned out great..had a good turnout and Brylee enjoyed herself. Friends from high school were there..we all used to play volleyball and softball together and now we are hipping babies around! Again, it was a chance of rain, and I had prayed for the Lord to not let it rain..until after the party..and He gave us a good hour and a half..I had to thank Him and ask for forgiveness for being so doubtful all day! Stayed pretty much all day on Sunday and headed home.

Last night..our church began our Magnificent Mondays..and our first preacher was Jeremiah you know we are by NO means Alabama fans, but we wanted to hear him. He was AWESOME..Let me just say, if you have never heard his testimony or his testimony on forgiveness, you must if you ever have the chance. It will bring tears to your eyes and peirce your heart in an awesome way! Lives were touched last night!

I guess this is a long enough post..not posting any pics..b/c it takes too long on here..I wish that would get fixed..but if you are reading this, let me know!