Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I am so excited to tell you about a sweet deal I have come across. Shutterfly is offering a deal where you blog about them and receive 50 free Christmas cards..how sweet is that????
We had the best Christmas cards last year! We used Shutterfly and received so many compliments on our cards. I simply set the camera to shoot and then shipped them to Shutterfly..in a few days they were back and ready to mail! It was so easy and they were sooooo nice. Here are a few things you can do on their site:

I am so excited to show you this site and hopefully introduce you to a new place to order your cards. Their work in the past has been extremely wonderful to me and to a lot of people I know who have used them. Last year, I had waited until the week of Christmas and I received my cards in time to mail out the day before Christmas. We made ours "New Year Cards". It was different, but worked just as well!

The possibilites are endless, and you don't have to just use them during the holidays. You can do birthday invitations, cards, thank you cards etc. Please go on over to Shutterfly and check out what you can create! Have fun and I hope you enjoy!

I almost forgot to mention, this year, I received a wonderful catalog with all that they offer. It was great to have the catalog in front of me, so I could circle exactly what I wanted for this season!I can't wait to order my cards and I love that they are offering this sweet deal!!! Merry Christmas Shutterfly!!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Baby Hill #2

Today I am 8 weeks and 3 days pregnant..we have officially announced it on Facebook..but I wanted to do a blog to commemorate this special time. We have wanted to have another baby for a while now, but things just kept coming up..mainly (not coming out)..as in my snot! LOL..I started having issues with my sinuses and was just miserable most of the time..I stayed on antibiotics and could not get well. That resulted in sinus surgery in August 2009. I got a little better, but was still sick and had to have it again in March..this time it healed and everything seemed better. So, we decided to gquit taking birth control..and let God's timing happen. It worked and in September, we had a positive pregnancy test. I thought I might be, just because I started feeling super tired. I tested positive two days after my first missed period.

We feel extrememly blessed and do not take this blessing for granted. I fully understand this is a gift from God and we are super excited He is allowing us the opportunity to raise another child. Brylee and Baby #2 will be 6 years apart. Some may think that is a little crazy to have them so far apart, but once again, I believe God's timing is perfect and I know it will be just fine. I feel like we have had the opportunity to give Brylee our undivided attention in all her "firsts". She is excited and will be a great helper with this baby.

Please join us as we continue to pray for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby!

Our baby's first picture....

Friday, July 30, 2010

A Recipe for a FUN Night!!!

So, Brylee LOVES playing in the water..any water..including the waterhose. Tonight she decided to spray Mom and Dad's car. I thought..let's make this worth it..and so..what is the recipe for a FUN night???

First you need a

Second you need a

Third you need

and THEN you have one HAPPY little girl!!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Parties and a Prayer

Yesterday was a day of parties..Brylee had two birthday parties to go to and we had a ball at both. The first one was a sweet, sweet little girl..Victoria..her daddy and Kenny coach together and it was her first birthday. She had a ball. Many family and friends were there and they had an awesome spread of food. The kids played and she opened presents..it is amazing she is a year old and next week she will be welcoming her baby brother into the world..I know they are so excited..Babies are such a blessing and the thought that God trusts us to raise, nurture and teach them about Him is amazing. The miracle of life is so wonderful and it never gets old!

The second party was for our long time..(well, 4 years) friend Jake..Brylee LOVES Jake. They have been at the same daycare together since Brylee was about 14 months old and is probably her longest friend that she still talks with almost daily. Just yesterday I watched as they both were helping eachother and taking care of each other at the party. I have a feeling it will be one of those friendships that doesn't come along often. He is the sweetest boy and we enjoyed his party so much! Great water slide, pizza and cake..it doesn't get much better than that!

I have been following Haley Castille on Facebook since she was tagged in some pictures that a mutual friend was tagged..this girl is awesome. She is married to former Alabama football player Simeon Castille. She has a heart for God that is contagious. If you were not a believer before you met her, I bet you would be after. She just listens to Him and says what He would have her to say. One thing she has posted really spoke to my heart...

You can't fix people. You can't force them to trust God, have faith or live right. All you can do is PRAY. That's your most POWERFUL weapon! God wants ALL the credit for moving in their lives, so usually He won't move on them until you start PRAYING. Try it. It works every single time.

This is so true..often times I have tried to fix people or try and make them do what I think they should do. Have I prayed for them? Absolutely..have I prayed my heart out for them..and just allowed God to work without me interfering? Nope..haven't done that..I always try and do something to help the situation or make it better. Thank you Lord for using something so simple as a Facebook status to remind me that you are in control..NOT me..maybe not my timing, but YOUR timing..Lord, you know my heart, you know my desire and I pray that you will continually remind me that YOU got this..you don't need my help!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Brylee "The Fish" Hill

Happy June 24, 2010 to you all..the day that Brylee learned to swim! We are beyond thrilled..she has been swimming in the shallow end forever but was terrified of the deep water..well, today she did it..she even jumped off the diving board and swam to the opposite end of the pool! Just call her a fish! I know this is something she has been wanting to do for a while..and I am glad she learned! All the swimming we have been doing lately..I knew she would catch on quick..She has swim lessons next week and we will still go so that she can "perfect" her new trick! Just wanted to share our good news!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

LOL..Love Out Loud

Brylee and I started last year trying to think of good deeds to do for people that we normally wouldn't do. I have heard of people paying for total stranger's meals and baking cookies for the mailman. It was so hot last summer, we thought about our trash men..in fact, I do believe I blogged about it then as well. We have wanted to do it this year too, but the first two weeks, we were not here, so we finally got to do it this week. It is so fun to sit inside and watch them get out, read it and "think" it is trash, but then realize it is for them when they read the sign. My Uncle Chris had read the post on Facebook..and this is what he said about it..kind of fitting..I thought!

LOL...Love Out Loud! I John 3:18 My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth.

Actions speaks louder than words...Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven

So..what neat ideas do you have that you do to show Christ's Love?

Since it has been so hot, we swim somewhere almost everyday..it is the only way to stay cool..today we went to one of Brylee's favorite places..Ryan's house..she adores her..so much..I think it gets on Ryan's nerves sometimes, but she is so great with her..and we just love spending time with them!

I hope you are finding ways to stay cool on these hot days..we are also renting movies almost everyday from Redbox, watching Free Willy 2 right now..very good movie..at the beach..since we cannot be right now!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I love Father's Day..for a couple of reasons..it is always in the summer..it honors the men I love most and it is just so special b/c of the men I have around me. I have been blessed to have been brought up in a Christian home..my family is a Christian family..(not perfect)..but saved by grace.

My Grandfather is a preacher and has always strived to be what God would have him to be..He is definitely older now, but I still love going to his house and seeing what new animals he has inherited or bought..Brylee calls it the "chicken house"..or "goat house"..whatever the Trade Day was selling for the week. He has got a little more laid back in his older years..I love hearing stories about how Daddy and his siblings didn't have tv until they were grown and couldn't go to movies..still don't know if Papaw has ever been to a movie or not..but he loves his satellite tv!

It is obvious he is loved not only by me..but by his great-granddaughter!
He wrote a poem many years ago..I am blessed to have a copy of it and I wanted to share it with you all..it's very appropriate since he was remembering his daddy in it..

Lord, It's Me Again

I guess it's only natural as the years pass away to think about our childhood and the things of yesterday; to think about our homestead, the place where we were born, it may have been a palace, or a humble little farm. Our roof could be leaking or the floors rough and bare, but it didn't seem to matter long as Dad and Mom were there. I know that you remember many things that make you glad. And I especially like to think about my boyhood with my Dad. I remember how he'd wake me every morning before the day, and sometimes I'd be so sleepy, I'd wish he'd go away. But then he'd sit down by me and put his hand upon my head and say, You'd better get up son, that team's got to be fed. And then as he was leaving, I'd always hear him say; "Put your hand upon us Lord, and keep us through this day." And somehow those words would stir me and sleep from me would fade. So I'd grab my ragged britches and the shirt my Mom had made, and we'd head out toward the barn. I can almost see us now, and Pa would feed the horses while I would milk the cow. And then when we would finish, he'd quietly skip away to a spot down on the hillside where he seemed to like to pray. Sometimes he'd sit down on a log or lean against a tree, but usually as I recall, he'd get down on one knee. And how I still remember the tingle on my skin as Dad would always start his prayer with, "Lord, it's me again." Twelve years have passed and gone since Daddy went away. I still miss the things he used to do and say. But I guess he's mighty happy in that new home he's found, with all the angels singing and saints close around. And someday I'm gonna meet him in a place taht's free from sin. And it's all because my Daddy prayed, "Lord it's me again."

The next man important in my life is my Daddy..wow..can't even begin to describe him, but if you know him..you know why..he is so special to me and so many other people..he is the rock of our family..the one thing that is always constant..you KNOW you can count him. He loves all of us so much and is the epitome of what I think God was talking about in the Bible as he described fathers and how they should be the head of the household. It takes a great person to sacrifice everything that he has to help and provide for his family..that is what my daddy does and has always done! I thank God that He chose Mickey to be my father and to raise me in a loving, caring environment where I knew God came first in our home! You are an amazing Dad and an amazing Poppa!!! We love you and thank you for everything!

Brylee has another grandaddy she cares for deeply. She lights up when she sees him..and they love to mess with each other. He is always joking with her and she loves to try and trick him too! I remember when Brylee was a baby, he wouldn't hold her because he said she is "too small"..it used to crack me up! He has always been a hard worker and provided for Kenny growing up..I thank him for raising such a wonderful son!

That brings me to the next man in my life..Kenny Hill..what a wonderful husband. He is a provider, a comforter and an amazing dad to Brylee. They sure share many loves including animals, bugs, sports and games. She loves her daddy..he encourages her in all she does and loves to play with her. If he says something..she believes it with no doubt. Kenny is a wonderful father, he always goes above and beyond to help with Brylee. I often hear others complaining about having to do "everything" at home..well, that is simply not the case at my house. Kenny helps me out so much..we have a true team going on. Sometimes I think back to how much I loved my daddy growing up and I can see the same love between Bry and her daddy. She knows he is her protector and provider..I pray she loves him and through that love she learns the love of her Heavenly Father!


Friday, June 18, 2010


I was missed! Thanks Laura for noticing and missing me! ;)

Day 5 of V-V-V-BS is over..it was a great week with 45 professions of faith (last I heard). Tomorrow will wrap it up with our Special Education VBS..it is a great way to end it all..and I receive a blessing each time..those adults love some Jesus! Probably the way we all should! I loved all week..at first very few children prayed..and then by the end of the week in our prayer time..they just prayed their hearts out and the wonderful requests..and God even answered a few during this week..they were super excited to see He listened and He cared! My own child, this week, has ventured out of the "scripted prayer"..and begin asking for things that are really important to her..I just love how God works in little ones hearts and opens them so that they can learn true trust of Him!

We had a great family night..and even saw a few people ride the mechanical bull..like the world's best children's director..

and I don't say that lightly..I have never seen a children's department so organized and eventful as ours. She loves what she does..loves Jesus and loves children..it is obvious..and I am so glad God chose HBC for us to be apart of and raise Brylee to know Him better!

Not only did some of the kiddos ride, but Dr. Mynatt, our pastor, stole the show with his riding skills. It was a great night and wonderful way to wrap up the week.

I took Brylee on post last week and she got to see Elmo and friends up close. She has really outgrown Elmo and Sesame Street..but she still smiles when she sees or hears him!

Brylee had her last day of preschool/daycare today and is now a summer bum until August 23rd..when "big" school begins..THAT will be a post in itself I am sure! Until tomorrow..or something interesting happens..have a good night!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

What a Break

Wow..call me a slacker if you will..I just haven't had the "want to" to blog..no reason..just unmotivated. I know I have missed so much I could have blogged since December..but I do realize what a wonderful way it is to remember things and I love my blog book...so, I will start now and catch you up a little at a time...

We had a wonderful Christmas..God was just as good as He always is to us..we were totally blessed. My grandmother had been in the nursing home and got to come home..it was definitely a blessing as well just for her to be there..she had been through so much.

Soon after..we had a very UNEXPECTED surprise..SNOW!!! Yes, it snowed here..it never snows here! That, however, was our last time to see our precious..Meeko..he soon passed away and is now living in Heaven. He spent a many years with our family..and is missed everyday.

Spring Break and testing all came and went very soon and we were out of school in early June..it seemed like forever but thank goodness..it did come!

We have hit the waterparks and swimming pools, had basketball camp, VBS and Brylee's 5th birthday recently..here are a few pics..and I promise to update you all much better from now on! If any of you are still there! LOL