Sunday, January 4, 2009

2nd Post of My Old Posts

Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Bday and move!
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Okay, here is a little update since the move...the weekend before, Kenny was going to drive his 1988, 500,000+ mile corolla down since we didn't want to have to pay 400extra dollars for the towing...He got about to Opelika and called me to come get him. It had broken down forever. He sent me the cutest pic text of it and the title was "DeathBed" it is still on 85..he is going to get a junkyard to tow it..b/c we have spent way too much money on that thing as it is and it really isn't worth much at all!!!! The whole moving experience was not exactly what you would call smooth...the secretary was not very honest with us and her boss..she was telling two way stories and the result ended up our stuff was a day late! Luckily Kenny had saved a voicemail where she told us one thing but said another to her boss! It was funny when Kenny let him hear it when our stuff was FINALLY delivered! He knocked 200dollars off the price which helped out a bit! We had Brylee's bday at my aunt CJ's house! She had a blast except for the whole Elmo Scare! She was terrified! Which totally shocks me b/c she loves Elmo, but I guess it was a huge difference than the little image u see on this Elmo (Kenny) didn't dance around and sing like the real one! He was toooo hot! Other than that, not much is going on here just enjoying the lazy days of summer!

Monday, June 26, 2006
Okay...blogging time! I guess I have to if Avery is finally doing it! LOL...anyways, this has been one crazy week indeed, well 2 weeks for that matter. I didn't publicly post anything about this, b/c I wanted to find out the end results before I did, but when we took Brylee for her 1 year old checkup a while back, her blood counts were extremely high...which could mean things from infection to cancer...well, being a mommy and a daddy, we were very scared that it might be the latter. We had to wait two weeks to find out if they were still high or normal. We prayed and prayed and seeked God's guidance in this "problem". Thanks to a good myspace friend, she prayed peace over me and to help me deal with whatever might come...and I was okay with it, but still praying for God to either let it be just infection or to heal her! We hung Bible verses on the fridge, and I prayed more than I have in a long time! Well, it worked!!!! We took her back Friday and she was very much normal!!!! Praise God!!! I guess he wanted to get me a little closer to him! Went home for a very sad funeral this weekend. My daddy's best friend took his own life and left a lot of people with unanswered questions and concerns. Being his best friend, they knew more than I know or even wont to know, but you never know just how bad something can be to someone or what they are going through on a daily basis...I really hate that it had to come to this. The family needs your prayers and thoughts! I can't imagine dealing with that on a family is hard enough being a friend! On Sunday, our preacher preached on the importance of Praise! He challenged us to say prayers with no requests, just thanking God for your blessings. There is no way we can name them all, but it has been very interesting trying. Everytime on the way home yesterday, that I would pray thanking for something, it would spark another blessing. If you thank for your jobs, along with that comes, financial blessings, food, clothes, homes, and so forth. God is so good and even in hard times like what we faced this weekend, he is still there and will wrap his strong hand around us if we will let him! I challenge you all to just spend a prayer today thanking him for your blessings without asking for anything in return! I felt so bad asking for healing of Brylee when I haven't even thanked him for her health that day! it is something that I had taken for granted!
Okay, I will go and clean house or something now!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

3 Year Anniversary!!!!
July 14, 2006
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Category: Romance and Relationships Tuesday will be 3 Years of blissful marriage for Kenny and I. I honestly cannot believe it has been 3 years. I mean! Wow...i guess time does truly fly when you are having fun! So much has changed and happened in those years! Different people have come and gone in our lives and Dear Gussy we have moved so many times! I believe a couple who packs up a complete house and moves it 3 times can make it through anything! Seriously! That is a job...organization and skill which i had none of..but think i should go into business now!

In those 3 years, we have been through a lot of ups and downs as my grandma used to call them,,,but thankfully we have made it and are stronger than ever today! We have both grown as people and as a married couple growing together. I think there is tons of room to still grow, but it wouldn't be any fun if we stopped at mediocre when we can be so much better. One of my favorite ministers to listen to is Joel Osteen, and he is always talking about expecting more as God's children! I thought that was selfish at one time, but I truly believe that we should want to be more and to be better as a representation of the greatest power among us....God!
In those 3 years, we have been truly blessed to have a beautiful baby girl Brylee Jayde! I think God has used her to help us and to bring us to reality at how precious life is and how precious our loved ones and family truly are! We absolutely adore her and are so proud that he chose us to be her parents and to steer her in the right direction.

I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful husband and I thank God for him daily! He isn't perfect, but trust me NEITHER am I! So, just wanted to share this with you and to thank you as friends for being there for us, supporting us and being our friend. We are truly blessed to have such awesome friends and family! We will be back at the beach for our anniversary! Even though the area is so different b/c of the storm, the place is there and we will be reminded of who we are, where we came from and all that God has protected us through in 3 years!