Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The New President.."Rock Alabama"

In the words of Brylee..."That's my President...Rock Alabama"...Who does he look like Brylee? "ME" :)

WOW..what a day today has been..while I was getting ready I turned the television on to CNN to watch the morning coverage of the inauguration. It was extraordinary to say the least. While I know some of my readers do not agree with the new President, did not support him and unfortunately do not support him as the new President, I have to say I felt an enormous amount of pride this morning and throughout the day. While I do NOT believe he is our savior, or the only Hope for America, nor do I agree with every policy and belief he has, he is the President and I know that I must pray for him and for our country just as any other president before. Have you ever had a president that you believed every single thing as they did? What makes him so different than any other democratic president we have had in the past? They believe the majority of the same issues and I find it funny that never has it been as big of an issue to so many than it is now. I have heard so many Christians say "Our country is doomed", "Wow, we've done it now". Well, my Bible teaches me that God is in control of it all..and that nothing takes him by surprise and that He will take care of his children! We used to sing a song when I was little and I still do with Brylee, "He's got the WHOLE world in HIS hands"..remember it..well, guess what my friends, He still does!! No I will never bend down and praise a man, any man, for my God is the ONLY one who deserves that praise. I am happy to say that today, while watching it, I had a few tears, not tears for a wonderful man or "savior" as some refer to him, but tears that my baby girl will grow up in a world that she knows no other than a bi-racial president. The fact of if he is an African-American president or bi-racial president, really makes no different to me, but the fact that she has someone who looks like her and who did make it to the White House when all odds were against him, gives me chills and hope for her and for her future. So many people have said that they will never acknowledge Barack as our President (not sure how you can get by with not doing that), but it breaks my heart that they cannot witness and enjoy this moment of history because of their deep anger or hurt. At this moment, I want to pray for Barack Obama..and I hope that you will too.

Dear Lord, I come to you right now and thank you for all you have done for me and for my family. I praise you and only you for the many blessings we so freely enjoy. I bring Barack, Michelle, Maliyah and Sasha to you right now. I pray for their safety, your wisdom to cover them and for the first family as they lead our nation. Please Lord take Obama in your hand and guide him and direct him through this important time in our nation. I pray that you will cover and protect them with your mighty hand! ~Amen


bstyles said...

I am glad you posted this Brooke. Although many of us differ when it comes to core issues, we MUST pray for this great country and our new president. That is our Christianly duty!! I was really touched when you mentioned Brylee having a president that looks like her. Tears almost come to my eyes thinking about how so many people never thought a time such as this would ever come! God Bless America.