Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fretful, Frazzled

Our new reading program has an enormous amount of what they call "ROBUST VOCABULARY" was one of the main reasons we selected it..and one word we are doing this week is "fretful"...I am fretful right now...b/c I feel I have so much to do and not enough time to do it...LOL That was my sentence because we are in the "midst" (another word) of packing and loading the car to depart E-town and had to the "Boro" for my 10 year reunion..I had anticipated posting pics of all of us 10 years ago on this post..but decided not to and to wait and post them later..we are so excited..b/c it means the parade..ballgame..picnic..and a formal dinner with all our friends from high school. We also have a birthday party and a baby shower to BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!!! I will not be posting until later..and sure to have MANY pics and wonderful stories to until next time...Adios!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Friday Night Football

We had a great time at the ballgame last night..wanted to share some pics and a couple of videos of Brylee dancing with the band...a comment was made that she is so dainty and pretty with her bows..but at the same time she gets down with the best of the boys..playing football and trying to tackle..HA..she makes her daddy proud!
Morgan, Brylee and Ryan..Brylee absolutely loves these girls!!! We were on the visitor side (a lot of Eprise people set over there these days due to the home side being SO packed..) so the girls had to walk over to see us. Brylee was very excited to see them!
Brylee, Molly and Mason eat some ice that only the Good Lord above knows where it came from..Robin and I were cracking up at them!

Brylee points to the ballgame..she liked that play! LOL

She is dancing doing what they do..and at the beginning says "Hi Band"! She even told one guy who sat down.."Hey band man..STAND UP!!!" He thoughtfully stood up although I am not sure how the Opelika band member felt about the EHS Wildcat 3 year old cheerleader bossing him around...LOL

One more video of her dancing away..she really enjoyed this time of the night!

I don't know if I have mentioned the pride you see at an Etown game..but it is almost like no other I have seen...I mean all have their pride..but almost everyone have on some time of blue and white..all the small children have on their cheer suits and the atmosphere is just great..even if they don't win! Have I mentioned we really do like this town? Well, K is off to the LSU/Auburn game..several of the players are going on recruits and get to take a person, so a lot of the coaches are going...although I am insanely jealous..I do hope they have a great time..and The Bayou Tigers whoop the Auburn Tigers! What a perfect end to the perfect trip!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

~Thankful Thursday~

So here it is..earlier than I's only 8:26..and I actually have time AND energy to complete this blog...I decided to do a Thankful Thursday..I encourage you to not only be thankful on Thursday but every single day of your life and not take one minute for granted. So, here goes my list of THINGS...

  • I am thankful that my grandfather came through his surgery this morning and is doing well. Considering all of his health problems, things could have taken a different turn in the OR, but our faithful Lord showed up again. I continue to pray for his speedy recovery.
  • I am thankful for ALL of my family! I am blessed that God has placed me in the family He did and for the family he has chosen to give me.
  • I am thankful for my job, my home, the many works He is doing in me daily...
  • I am thankful for my church and church family. I feel the Holy Spirit every time I walk in that sanctuary. The freedom to worship and believe in our Awesome God is a wonderful thing!
  • I am thankful for the fact that God's grace covers ALL of my sin. (Acts 4)
  • I am thankful that the King thinks I am beautiful even when I don't feel so pretty! (Psalms 45:11)
  • I am thankful when I pray and I cry out to Him..He hears me! He takes the time to hear little ole Brooke's crys and prayers! (Psalms 3:4)
  • I am thankful that I am a friend of God..the God of ALL is my BFF!! Could you imagine the late night talks you can have with Him at a slumber party! (James 2:23)

These are just a few things I came up with today for being thankful as I was preparing this blog..So many times I look back on my notes from church and little things jump out at me and really minister to me for that day...I have an idea and am going to pray about it and I hope that you will pray with me to. More to come about it later..but just pray for wisdom and direction in this little project I am considering...Till next time!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

~Poop in the Potty~

Yes, you read it right! Your eyes are not playing tricks on you! We are so ridiculously proud of our 3year old child today..well, we were yesterday when it all began..and then it happened again today! She actually told her teacher she needed to poop and went to the potty and did it! To spare you the details, just know I have thrown away many pairs of panties b/c of accidents, she would hold it for days at a time..and just refused to go to the potty to do for her to be doing it now..just makes us so happy! She is such a stubborn child and did this with her pee-peeing in the potty too..SHE KNEW HOW, BUT DID IT ON HER OWN TIME! So if you are struggling in the potty world..just hang'll happen! Here is a picture of how proud she was! So proud she tried to reenact if for me so I could get a picture for the monumental moment in her life. She is not straining..she is in fact giving a thumbs up! Notice I had to censor the picture a little bit to protect the innocent...He He He...We're proud..She's it is all a good thing in good timing! Way to go Brylee...

We headed to Dothan to celebrate her big day..and she got to pick some things out..and got a new pair of tennis shoes..that she picked out..not my favorite..but she liked them and wants to wear we got she is showing them off..wonder who dressed her?

She is so much fun these days..and sometimes embarrassing..she proceeded to tell me in a public restroom.."Good Job Mommy, you pooped in the potty..let me wipe you like Miss Gwen wipes me" embarrassing..all this happening at the mall..then we go into New York and Co. and before we know it, she is over under a stall where a woman is changing..and asks her what she is doing..Kenny snags her and heads out of the store..and I am steadily apologizing to the lady..hoping when she comes out she will not recognize which lunatic mother can't control her child..and I get a tap on my shoulder..and this little old lady says "Honey, I know you are embarrassed, but Don't be..I have grandchildren and children..I am used to it" Whew even more embarrassment that she picked me out! So, we called it a night and headed to E-town. She keeps us on our toes..but is learning so much daily..we are so thankful for her teacher at school..this lady has immersed the children in whatever letter or concept they are learning for the week..we have homework...Brylee knows her months of the year and the macarena..has anyone saw this kindergarten teacher friend..Ms. Christie..said that's how they teach it..well Brylee is 3 learning them..we are very first I thought she was a little strict and Brylee would cry to not go to her room..but now Brylee loves her and wants to go see her and prays for her at night..once again..we have been blessed with a caretaker who we believe truly has our child's best interest at heart! To go in her classroom is like a K classroom..the crafts they do and the curriculum being presented is pretty our little sponge is soaking school, children's choir and mission friends in and loves being so active!

I told you about my diaper cake..well here is a picture of it....I thought I did pretty good for my first try. It was very easy and a great if anyone is interested in me making them one..hit me up!

Well, I must go and get us ready for bed..have a wonderful Thursday.. and think of somethings you are thankful for and be ready to share..I am jumping on the Thankful Thursday bandwagon!
P.S. PLEASE PRAY..for my grandpa..he is having surgery in the morning. Pray for doctor's wisdom, fast healing and for his body to withstand the surgery..I know with God beside him, he will be just fine!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I desire to be a new, refreshed Young Blood leaving a mark for Christ!

I SO stole this from a blog I have been reading, and I want to give FULL credit to this guy..but it was so true and correct the way he wrote it..I didn't want to do it on and you will see..

Came from: Stuff Christians Like

Church Mafia - The 4 Ruling Families

We’ve been known to take on some pretty controversial topics at Stuff Christians Like. Which Veggie Tales song is the greatest, whether or not you should massage someone during the middle of church, how Metrosexual your worship leader is, etc. But today, I want to go out on a limb, I want to expose the secret society that has long held sway over churches around the world. I want to talk about the Church Mafia.

The Church Mafia is a loosely constructed, by tightly wound, syndicate of four ruling families. Modeled after the Italian Mob of the early 1920s, they are the ones pushing and pulling for political power within the church. They control everything from the quality of cookie you get at Vacation Bible School to which people get elected to the Pastor Search Committee. Even mentioning they exist could get me black listed from the sarcastic writers religious speaking tour. But it’s a risk I am willing to take. I am sure I will remix this post later, possibly covering each family individually, but here they are at a high level:

1. The Elderati

Although they would never admit this, the Elderati is the strongest of the ruling families. Their influence is not often direct and visible, but is instead quietly woven into almost every decision the church makes. Once you make it into the Elderati, you can never really leave. For although your official “term” might end after a year or two, you will constantly be called into conversations and decisions long after you actually attend an Elder’s meeting. It’s rumored that they all have a small letter “E” tattooed on their ankle. But since members of the Elderati never wear shorts, it’s impossible to prove.
Also known as: “The only people the pastor fears.”
Nemesis: The Deaconistas
Signature sentence: “Have you cleared that with the Elders?”

2. The People from the Old Country
This group of people has always been with the church. You know this because they will regularly tell you, “I’ve been coming here for 42 years and I’ve never seen anything like that.” Even if your church is only 38 years old, it doesn’t matter. They probably came to the field where they predicted the church would be planted and sat in the grass in the spot where their favorite seat would one day be. Their faith may be well seasoned, but if you do something offensive to them, like accidentally park in their spot or try to add a praise song to your hymns, they will cut you.
Also known as: “The OGs” or “Original Gangsters”
Nemesis: The Changeleones
Signature sentence: “We’ve always done it this way.”

3. The Changeleones

The Changeleones are dedicated to changing things at church. The particular thing doesn’t matter, they simply want to do something different. They are constantly suggesting a change in direction, a shift in mission, a new vision statement, anything that will help the church “reach more young families” or “connect us with this generation.” They are often big on words and small on action, suggesting radical changes and then fading back into the shadows to let other people actually do the work.
Also known as: “The Fadorinis” for their uncanny ability to jump on the latest and greatest fads.
Nemesis: The People from the Old Country
Signature sentence: “We gotta shake things up around here.”

4. The Old Minister Mob

Occasionally, for a variety of reasons, a minister will leave a church. And when he or she does, the Old Minister Mob springs into action. They will regale you with tales about how amazing the old minister was, creating lavish examples of his awesomeness. “The music was just better with the old music minister. He did something with the piano and triangle that few people can. I’m not getting fed the same way with this new Family Life minister. We should bring the old minister back to speak sometime.” They will mount a verbal campaign of grouch and forget all the things they didn’t like about the old minister when he was here. They often suffer from a weird mix of “ex-girlfriend syndrome” and “small Goditis.” They look back on the old minister with rose colored glasses and doubt that God is big enough to use the new minister to whatever purpose He ultimately has in mind. Deep down, they are a good hearted family, but if they channeled the time and energy they spent grumbling, they would have a ridiculously cool impact on the church.
Also known as: “The Grumpilucas”
Nemesis: Any new minister.
Signature sentence: “I fully support the new minister but … .”

It should be noted that the families are not bound by age requirements. Sometimes you’ll find someone from the Old Country family that’s 15 and a Changeleone that’s 82. And it’s possible to have a great Elder. But all of that is starting to change. There is a new family on the scene that is starting to shake things up. A new group spilling into the church that is threatening everything the ruling families hold dear. I am of course talking about the Young Bloods.

The Young Bloods are a new generation of Christian. Whether they just came to faith recently or are having a quiet faith renewed in a loud way doesn’t matter, the results are the same. They are exploding from the inside out. They are walking into churches and coffee houses and colleges across the world and they are changing the face of faith as we know it. They don’t play by the Mafia rules, they live by grace. They don’t get caught up in the politics, they’re too caught up in the passion of God to notice they’re even there. Their faith is messy and fresh and not restricted by a desire to do things differently or do things the same way they’ve always been done. They’re not mounting a revolution, they’re giving in to a surrender. They’re rolling up their sleeves and sharing scars and stories and the overflow of a love that is too big to contain or hoard in one person. And if enough ever get together, if the Young Bloods keep coming, the Church Mafia will never be the same.

Monday, September 15, 2008

"I prayed for this child, and the Lord answered my prayer and gave him to me." I Samuel 1:27

I have had several friends trying to get pregnant and slowly but surely, it is happening..found out today that one of my dearest work friends C.T. is expecting. She and her husband have longed for a while to have a baby and she asked me to add her to my prayer list of "friends trying to get pregnant". I did and Praise be to our Great God..she is. In fact there are 5 yes, 5 at work pregger! (Not me!) LOL...I guess since it was super easy to conceive Brylee, I really don't know the struggle that others go through..but since having friends and following several blogs of women trying, I have a better understanding and consider my munchkin to be a blessing! So, onto another baby request. Our nephew, Jaden Christopher Hill was not scheduled to be here until the beginning of October..but we found out today that they are giving his mother, Martina steroids to help his lungs grow faster..her body keeps trying to go into labor and so they want to try any and everything to make his little body as prepared as it can be. We expect him to be here very soon..probably within the next week. This is the same baby I made the diaper cake for. The shower is supposed to be Sept. we will see if he will be here with us or hang on a little longer...I pray and I hope you will join me in praying that he will stay in as long as he needs to develop and grow. I pray that God will wrap him in his arms and if He sees fit for Jaden to come early...I pray that He will continue to be his incubator and keep him warm and healthy! I also pray for Martina as she begins this journey of motherhood..Please pray with me!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Low-Key Weekend

Not much to report this weekend. Brylee and I pretty much had it to ourselves most of the weekend. Kenny went to watch EHS play in Auburn Bry and I painted toenails, put our hair in curlers, watched movies and ate pizza...and on Saturday, he had to work the concessions at the Troy game..(Basketball does it and gets a HUGE profit) we went shopping this time..I mean we need to keep ourselves busy..right??? Church today, lunch at C Grille..(where else) and relaxed most of the rest of the day. I did have a lady call me Friday and say, she didn't want to offend me, but she had some clothes she wanted to give me as she was cleaning out her closet..and she knew I wasn't poor, but didn't know how I would take it...Are you kidding I said...I love a good deal and I LOVE LOVE LOVE I came home with 5 yes...5 garbage bags full of clothes!!! I put them in a 37 gallon and an 18 gallon tub and it barely I did get to wear a brand new (to me) outfit today..and looked rather smashing..LOL..Thanks Ms. Starla!

Having a little dilemma on our Halloween outfit..every time I ask her, Bry says she wants to be a butterfly..well, trouble is I can't find a cute one that I like..she would be fine with any old outfit with some wings..but you know me..I want something if you have any great ideas or sites..pass them on! Thanks to my dear friend Ms. Becky..she has shared with me a site that will keep you busy looking (and buying) for hours... They have homemade things you can buy..kinda like an Internet craft show..check it out.

I have found several new blogs that I have been following..will share more later on them. Audrey Caroline is still one of my favorites..and love the red rope idea she shared in her last post.

I also got a little creative this weekend..I made a diaper cake for my brother in law's shower in 2 weeks..I was very pleased with my creation and will post pics after the shower. I also painted a canvas for him..with blue and chocolate polka dots with his initials...I are thinking yeah right..Ms. No creative bone what so ever Brooke..but seriously I did and they both are so stinkin cute..would share now, but don't want to spoil the surprise!

You know..I have stated before that I really have no preference in the election..but it really does aggravate me when people get so upset when "discussing" politics and so defensive. In the large scheme of doesn't really matter and what will happen will happen..and no matter who is in charge of the country..God is in charge of it all!!!! Flaring tempers and hurtful words are not worth any election to me. I see faults in them both and I see good in them both. Too bad we can't take certain things from both and make a new candidate! Just a though!

Well, it is 10:17 pm and we have to get up in the morning..on I guess I will go..until next time.......

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Praise God for a Great Weekend..with Family!!!

We have had a fabulous weekend...My parents came down Friday b/c of Brylee's school having a Grandparents Tea..I had anticipated it being a huge production..and sad because Brylee had no grandparents since they all worked. It was Daddy's weekend to when I found out about it, we asked Bro. Duwayne (our assistant pastor) if he and his wife..Mrs. Brenda would be stand in grandparents..and they graciously accepted.. (Thanks D&B) home excited to call my Daddy and tell him not to worry anymore, it was taken care of..and of course, (if you know my Daddy, this next statement will NOT surprise you), he had already called his boss man and put in to take off. So then I call the Sim's to tell them thanks, but Brylee's Poppa had taken care of it..and they are both so kind..and really glad that they could help if needed (I have them on stand by when we do :)) So, Mom and Dad arrived around lunch time and headed to school to meet some of my kiddos..they loved them all...and then to Brylee's school they went. The kids all got to say things they have learned..and I must brag for a moment..Bry was then only child who knew what a square was! (Actually, she was probably the only one that would say it) LOL They enjoyed cookies and lemonade..and we all met at home. Supper was at the new David's Catfish House..very good and a lot of food! We all left happy! On Saturday, we went to Elba shoe shopping for Mom..well, needless to say, we came back with 3 outfits and 2 pairs of shoes for Brylee...imagine that! Lunch was at Smoochies..when you come to E-town..we will visit there..and you can enjoy the best Loaded Potato soup, sandwiches and Ice Cream you have ever eaten! Hated to see this mom and dad pulled out..but was very proud of Brylee..she was painting as they were loading up..and said "No, Don't go home"...but allowed them to leave with absolutely No tears! I know that makes their leaving easier! Went to church this was the first Sunday for the new schedule..we are now doing 3 services on Sunday going to church at 10:45 was pretty cool..we always seemed rushed at is amazing the difference that 15 minutes makes..the spirit of the Lord was so Thick in that place..and I love being blessed each time you walk through the doors..I did arrive home..and got an email about a friend of mine from high school...Cindy Allen...she is such a sweet person and I hate that she is going through this..she was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease..and really would appreciate your prayers...she has a caring bridge site Her mother used to work at Redstone Federal Credit Union..she may still work there. Very good people going through a very tough time. So please when you finish reading this..go to her site and leave her a message of encouragement and hope! Thanks Friends! Have a great week....