Saturday, January 17, 2009

Heart Broken this Morning

I am super excited of the fact my wonderful parents are here this Diddy is cooking chocolate gravy..if you don't know what that is, then you are truly missing out! I love chocolate gravy and bisquits...yum..yum!! We will have an exciting day I am sure..I have a wedding I have to keep the book at, well, actually keep the metal frame in which they will scratch their name into..that should be exciting! And we will cap the day off with a ballgame! Go WILDCATS!!!!

On another note, the post from last night is still an urgent prayer is for Harper Brown Stamps..a beautiful baby born yesterday..after following this blog for many many months I have grown to love this lady and her dear family! She is a woman of God, knows He is in control, and has had many other girls trying to get pregnant on her blog..she has a heart for God and truly believes His word..her baby was born and was having some trouble breathing..they transported her to Tulsa to a hospital to put her on a breathing machine/bypass heart is breaking for her this morning..I can't imagine what she is going through..she had a miscarriage at one point so this truly was her miracle..and to have this beautiful pregancy, beautiful labor and now a sick baby, must be hard..I want you to continue to join me in praying for the Stamps family...I pray for healing, comfort and peace in any outcome. I pray that His hand will surround the whole hospital, hospital staff and sweet Harper. God, you are in control, we know this and you are on the thrown..Kelly and Scott are praising you and they are trusting you..I ask you to intervene in this situation and let your name be glorified throughout this all! ~Amen

I hope you all have a great weekend...and will update as I have more news.