Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Meet Stephanie...

Are you watching the Bachelor?? First of all, Jason is hot! I did feel very badly for him last season of Bachelorette. Sometimes, I hate the reality shows, because while some people do find "true love", some do get hurt and that was what happened to Jason. So, needless to say, I was extremely excited to see he would be the Bachelor. All of the girls introduced were so cheesy last night! Except one...Meet Stephanie Hogan..
Stephanie is an awesome Christian mother and loves her Sophia so much! She was actually a drug rep that visited my mother's doctor office and tried to convince them to buy the medicine she was working for. She had came for several years and she has been friends of theirs for several years, in fact through her pregnancy, husband's tragic death and until she took a job at TOC in Huntsville. She was so kind that during my father's accident and his recovery, mom said she always asks about him and how he is doing...Mom has talked non stop about her since she found out about being on the show. Mom talked about how she is genuinely kindhearted, wants the best for her child, and if love happens to happen, then so be it! If not, she knows that God has a plan for her life and fully trusts Him and is wanting to follow His plan! I think she is a winner..and really hope she wins the show. If you are watching, let me know and let me know who's your top pick for Jason!