Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A King is Coming..Praise God!

Tonight was the 2nd sermon of the series "The King is Coming" at church. Our pastor has envisioned for awhile that on Wednesday nights, we will pack the place out and truly come and get the middle of the week meat we all so need..and to praise our Lord and Savior...He announced that he would begin preaching through Revelations on Wednesday nights starting the new year. He preached previously was preaching Peter and I tell you what..I have always struggled going on Wednesday nights..even when I was younger and "had" to go, b/c Daddy said so...I just really didn't get much out of it. I know that sounds terrible..the church I grew up in had more of a prayer service on Wed...sang a few songs, people told their prayer requests and then the church came to the alter to pray..(during this time, most teenagers went to get water)..and then the preacher would give a small devotion type message. No real invitation, just a prayer then we left and went to eat somewhere. That is what a typical Wednesday night was. Nothing wrong with it, just not motivating for this ADD spirited child. Since our Wednesday nights have been named "WOW" (Worship on Wednesday) and I have prayed for the longing to go, I truly hate it if I have to miss. Brylee LOVES to go too! She has Petite Praise Choir and Mission Friends and usually doesn't want to leave..thanks to her wonderful teachers! Kenny hasn't got to go as many Wednesday nights due to the basketball schedule practice, but enjoys when he goes..and was truly upset that they had a game tonight and he could not go for sure.

Bro. Billy began Rev. 1:1-6 on Sunday morning..kind of a preview for what was to come and to let us know that WE WILL receive a blessing if we read Revelations, listen to it and obey it. The house was PACKED tonight. Everyone came ready for the revealing of God's purpose, His coming and His promises! They had to open the balcony, which I haven't seen done on a Wednesday night since I have been there. It was AWESOME! Tonight was Rev. 1:7-8...only two small verses but oh so powerful..Our Lord will return and EVERY eye will see it! Isn't that awesome..for those who know Him, but oh so sad for those who don't! It breaks my heart when I see or hear people say and do things that hurt our Lord..and can only feel like a slap in the face to the One who died for THEM! If people don't truly change their ways, it shows lack of belief that the end is near. My Paw paw has preached for many years about the coming..and truly believes it is nearer now than it has ever been! I pray that through this study and my daily walk with Him that He will reveal areas in my life that need work and are not of Him and that do not glorify Him..our days are short and the work is much to be done!

That verse "EVERY EYE" will see Him and He will come in the clouds..I know we can't picture or even imagine what it will look like, but for just one moment close your eyes and try......

Isn't it amazing..and takes me to shouting ground and to holy ground all in one thought! Every trouble or trial you could possibly be going through is so minute when you think about Him coming...Him coming will SOLVE all of our problems!

Just wanted to share my thoughts tonight..I am sure I will talk some more as Wednesday nights pass..I am excited..this is my first "preach through of Revelations". Heard bits and pieces all my life, but from beginning to I come! Have a great night..and a SUPER Thursday!


Amy Allen said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! I teach Petite Praise, so I never make it in for WOW. I really would like to be there! I love your phrase "It takes me to shouting ground and holy ground at the same time." Awesome!

Vanessa said...

Thanks for that post, Brooke. It was very encouraging!! Take care!