Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sweet Baby

A sweet girl in Brylee's SS class was diagnosed with Leukemia today..Please uplift her family in prayers today!

Such a scary disease no parent wants to hear and I pray that He will show himself in a mighty way in every step that they take..Dear Jesus, bless her body, soul and mind and pour out grace and mercy that only You can provide! Give them what they need in this moment and for the many moments to come!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

~Prayerful Tonight~

Before I go to bed..I wanted to update my prayer list...I found some notes from a previous message..concerning Suffering..There are a few things we know for sure..1.) it is going to come...2.) It can come to purify us...3.) It can come to identify us...4.) It can come to glorify Christ in our lives. I pray that through anything I or my family goes through that HIS name is glorified and is shining through the suffering..I pray that we do not lose focus of WHO is in control and that Our Lord Jesus Knows what is going on even when the doctors do not, and He knows the outcome of every situation..that we don't forget He is the same God yesterday, today and forever more! Suffering comes to all people..not just good or bad..and suffering is sometimes derived because we belong to Him..so that we can be distinguished as His and commit our soul to Him continuing to do good and what is right.

I guess I got a little discouraged today with all that happened with Uncle Petey..I can only imagine how he is feeling and how my mother and her sister are..it has to be discouraging..but I know they have faith and serve the same God I do, and I hope they are quickly reminded as I was tonight of Who is holding his hand and right beside each breath that is being taken!!!!

Also, add to your list, my pastor's mother..they found out she has cancer in her liver and lungs, and fell and broke her rib. Pray for my friend Michelle's niece, Ella Kate Whitton, she was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome, in UAB in the NICU and for the doctors that will be caring for her...I also have a friend from high school who has made some bad choices and her life needs prayer and God right now, my heart breaks for her and I hope she knows people care and are praying for her!!!! Pray for my friend's daddy who just had knee surgery..doing well last I heard..and for Sweet Mercy who will be making her journey home to her family from Ethiopia...VERY SOON!!! A miracle right before our eyes!!! I want to post her picture..as soon as I can..so let me know Lisa/Laura!!!


UPDATE: They didn't begin until later, but when they tried to start weaning the ventilator off, his blood pressure and heart began to jump up, so they decided to wait a few more days. Please Pray!!!!

Just talked with Daddy and they started taking Uncle Petey off of the ventilator this morning at about 7 am...so please PRAY that all goes smooth, his body reacts well to it and takes to it..he is not agitated and not upset, and in no pain!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

~...Whew, Will I Ever Get Better...~

So I do hate to keep complaining about being sick, but dadgum ya'll, I can't get better. I slept pretty much most of the day. Taylor and Ryan were so generous in keeping Brylee while Kenny was watching basketball in Troy..she had a blast, jumped on the trampoline, played outside, painted fingernails and toenails, watched movies and painted. She loves those girls and their family is a huge blessing to us! Another provision made by God and more proof He is taking care of us! Here are a few pics from the last ballgame of the year. We got to see some old friends from Daphne and enjoyed it so much..so wish we could see them more often! Boo! My Hott Hubby coaching, Brylee with Mrs. Weeden, shouting "We're #1", Ryan and Brylee, Amber and Brylee and the Original 2 Coaches! Ced and Kenny! Hope you all have a great rest of the week..hopefully we will all wake up and be able to go to church. I hope you are still praying for Uncle Petey..he is starting to wake up a little and they are soon taking the ventilator off..so hopefully he will get to feeling better soon!

Friday, February 20, 2009

~Prayer Request~

This is an email I received earlier, this dear lady subs at our school alot and is so kind and sweet..I hope you will join me in praying for her husband.

Earl Daniels was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident this morning (Thurs.) and may loose his leg. The hip is shattered as well.
He was hit by a woman who didn't see him. The fender of her car hit his leg.
Earl and his wife, Brandy, with their 3 young boys attend our church.
He is in Dothan at the medical center. One surgery has been performed and next are plans to have Earl transported to Tallahassee on Monday, if he is stable, to have more work done this time on his hip.
Brandy is numb and reality hasn't hit yet.

Please pray for an amazing and full recovery for EArl. Nothing is impossible for God and He can save anything, to include Earl's leg and hip.
- May his leg and hip be repaired to total restoration.
- May God protect Earl's spirit.
-May he have the ability to stay positive through this recovery.
-May he experience very little pain and courage to endure what he must.

-May God blanket Brandy and their children with the peace that passes all understanding.
-May He give them courage with stength to take each day moment by moment.
- Help for Brandy to make the decisions she must. To be the encourager her husband needs.

-That Earl is surrounded by a compassionate hospital staff that Love Jesus and will do God's will.
- Wisdom for the doctors and staff

ALL in Jesus' Powerful and Magnificent Name!

Thank you!!!! I am sure there is much to be prayed for that I have not covered.
Thank you for taking the time to pray.
His kingdom come, His will be done....


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Brylee and the Boys

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How Old Do You Feel Tonight????

How old do I feel tonight??? OLD..first of all, I have pulled a muscle and have inflammation in my side from coughing..(got a shot, steroids, and an inhaler tonight)..fell at the game today..yes, while holding Brylee, I stepped off the 1st step and hit a spot of water and down we went, but according to the witnesses, I fell very graceful, and held Brylee up and above me, so she didn't feel a thing. I just did what any other mother would do, the graceful part was just a Brooke Thing! But, I do have a lovely bruise and scrape to show just how graceful I was...also, after the Daphne game today, a guy came up to me and said, "You don't know me, do you?"...I said of course I do..and he asked me the million dollar question, "What is my name then?" Thank God, someone said, Hey Brandon..come here..I immediately recognized him..I taught him in 7th grade my 2nd year of teaching..and he was not this big then, and he did not have long hair..so, he, on top of the fall, lung/cough/muscle disease I have going on made me feel old..here is a pic we got together..I am SO proud of him and what he has become..he did an awesome job today and I am glad to say he was a former student. He was in a 7th grade science class where I collaborated with another teacher and still has the same sweet personality he always had!

I will add more pics from the game later..my battery is dead...We lost, but the boys played a great game and had nothing to be ashamed of..2 of our seniors were out, one with a broke wrist and one who had to have knee surgery. All of the guys were awesome..and Brylee got her pic on the front page of the sports section from the Sub-Regional Championship..I will also include that in the pics..All of our guys did great job..it was great to be an EHS cat today!!!! Back to the real world tomorrow!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Uncle Petey

Prayer Partners...My family and uncle really needs your prayers...I have called on several of you through phone calls, text messages and the Internet to pray for him. My uncle Petey Whitehead is sick. He started getting sick about 2 weeks ago and was rushed to the ER in Scottsboro. They did a few tests and discovered a spot on his brain and he was med-flighted to Huntsville. He apparantley had a stroke. After a few tests he was moved to ICU an stayed about a week. After all the meds, he seemed to be doing much better and came home this past Wednesday. At about 4 that evening, he had another stroke, this one was much worse than the first. Again he was taken to Huntsville and moved into ICU again. After doing a little better, they moved him out into a room. This morning at about 2, another stroke occured. He is back in ICU. This time he has lost pretty much all use of his throat, and is having a hard time swallowing.

I want to ask you all to join me in praying for him. He is a great man and our family cares so deeply for him. My parents and other aunt and uncle are staying with him..rotating nights and shifts. I know they are tired and am sure they need prayers for strength and wisdom as well. I pray that my Uncle Petey's body will heal and that the Lord will grant wisdom to the doctors, nurses and care staff, I pray that He will heal Uncle Petey's body and make him whole again, I pray for strength, wisdom and peace for all of those taking care of him. Please join me and add his name to your prayer list. Thanks for all the prayers so far...~Lisa, when I called you and you prayed, Girl, it was a wonder I didn't wreck with the tears flowing..I seriously needed wipers for my eyes! LOL..but prayer works and it creates miracles. I am thankful for all of you that I can call upon and you stop what you are doing and pray! I love you all!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Take your meds..and call me in the morning!

Yall, if I think I am going to die before I get better! I can't get rid of this cough/cold mess! I am on day 3 of antibiotics, decongestant and nose spray. And all of that started AFTER 10 days of feeling yuck! I will think I am getting better and nope, it hits again. Some of my friends say they have had this and it lasted 2 months! Can you believe this?? On a higher note, Brylee got well fast and is feeling fine!

We played Opelika last night and won our rights to head to Troy to play for regionals. It was a buzzard beating game..and we won 52-50. The atmosphere and crowd was very encouraging! Everyone had on blue..it was called a "Blue Out". Here's a few pics! Enjoy and have a Great Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's been a week.....

While it has been over a week since I last posted, I figured I better write a little something..Brylee and I ended up at home Friday night, all Saturday, all Sunday and all Monday...she ran a fever the whole time. Of course, when I got a doctor's appointment on Monday, she had quit, but I figured I would go ahead and let him listen to her..she had told us she had swallowed a quarter the other night..so he went ahead and did a "whole to whole" x-ray..her longs were A-okay and there was no money!
But, since he did hear some wheezing, he went ahead and prescribed a steroid and breathing treatments..she did these when she was about 6 months..so we had a machine at home..I had almost let a friend borrow it, but she had already bought one, so I am glad I didn't. She used to hate these and has her moments this week, but for the most part, her "Dragon Puff" has been beneficial!

Today being a beautiful day, we decided to go to Waffle House for a late breakfast, and then to the park. Our day changed when Kenny wanted to check out the Fun Factory. We have lived here for 3 years, but never went..Let's just say, we will not go back to Chuck E Cheeses over this place..for $5, Brylee got to skate, play in a park area, jump on enclosed trampolines, bowl, mini golf, play in an area with styrofoam balls and air blowing them everywhere! She had a blast! And Kenny did too! He busted out some skates and skated like it was 1987 at Parks or Jody's in the boro!! It was so much fun! I hate my camera batteries weren't charged and I only got a couple of pics on my phone.

And YES, she does have on a Christmas Tree shirt in Feb. Come on people, we thought we were going to play outside..not where anyone would really see us! Let's just call it a Mardi Gras/Valentine's shirt! Baaaahhhaaa!!!

On a serious note, my Uncle Petey is in the hospital, and in ICU. They don't really know what is going on, but he needs your prayers..also, Will Bellomy's family needs your prayers, Abby Riggs needs your prayers, Jeffery Burks who got orders to go to Iraq needs your prayers..so many prayer requests tonight!