Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Saturday

This has been a sad week in Scottsboro..a dear precious family lost their two month old baby this week. It was sudden, tragic and unforseen. However, our Father knew this would occur and knew that Sara Grace would spend some time here being loved by her wonderful parents and then join Him in Heaven. I simply can't imagine what they are going through or how they are feeling..but I pray that they feel God's unending grace heaped upon them now and in the days to come!

We have spent the day doing pretty much nothing..a few loads of clothes..playing with the kids and now watching ballgames. LSU dominated Tennessee.."Good old What???" HE HE..and Alabama is dominating Ole Miss..that means my hubby and my Daddy are two happy is left to be said about Auburn..they are still playing as I type.

Kajae starts a new daycare Monday..and we are pretty darn excited. It is an in home daycare and he will literally be across the street from me! His babysitter is also Brylee's SS teacher and Brylee used to attend her daycare center, so she is pretty familiar with us. That always helps!

I am in total love with both my babies. We stay so busy these days..Monday, Tuesday and Thursday..Brylee is playing either soccer or on Wednesdays and ballgames on Friday..our week is just packed! Wanted to include some pictures of my kiddos since Kajae has yet to make the blog. One day I will do a post about his birth..just for documentation of course! About to head to the bed..Sunday morning comes early and their will be some very excited 3 year olds waiting on me in the morning!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yes, I still know my password to this site! :)

Wowzers..I have so neglected this blog and I hate that! So much has happened since November..We moved to a new house while 5 months pregnant. (That wasn't fun, but we had some wonderful friends come and help us! I had a second child..Kenyatta Jabbar Hill II (Kajae), and Brylee graduated kindergarten. She is now in first grade and Kajae is 5 months old..time flies!!! She is so her first report card today and had all A's..and a 100 in math?! I know she doesn't get that from me at all!! Kajae..laughs, makes sounds, blows bubbles and is rolling over. He begins a new daycare next will be an in home daycare and we are very excited about that! He is such a pleasant baby, sleeps in the bed by himself and pretty much all night. He lights up the room with his radiant smile and contagious laughter!

I am teaching a preschool class at church for Sunday School..and they are so much fun! I remember Brylee at 3 and I can't wait to see Kajae at that age! Brylee is in a class on Sunday morning and Sunday night where she is learning scriptures and doing Bible drill. We are thrilled about that! I can't wait to see what God has planned for her and her life! As long as she glorifies Him in all she does, I will be one proud mommy!

Kenyatta, numero uno, is the new head boys' basketball coach at EHS. I am so proud of him! This is something he has desired for a long time and put in his time as an assistant coach. People have asked me if I am ready to be a head coach's wife..and all I can say, is bring it on! I learned a long time ago, that a coach can't make everyone happy at the same time..there will be someone unhappy no matter what. All I can say is I know this man, and I know that he will have every player's best interest at heart at all times..So..yes, I can't wait for basketball to begin!

Okay..that is a rough catchup, and I promise to do better..there is sooo much I want to record and keep up with through the remind me to come back!