Monday, July 20, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Brylee called my daddy on the phone the other day..he was the last she hits send twice and it calls whoever I talked to last..I wish I could say..she looked it up herself..but she isn't that gifted yet..give her time :)

Anyways, she called him and started talking to him..He asked where we this time she was on her way to the bedroom..and she told him that we were in the shower playing! Ya'll I have never taken a shower with Kenny in front of her! Not even since she has been born..where does she get these things..When I was little, I did the same thing..the insurance guy called and I was by myself..and my parents had taught me to never say I was home when he asked for my dad..I said he was in the shower...he then asked for my mom..and I said she was in the shower too..and he said together? We had one I thought I had to say yes..he got the biggest laugh out of he was a family friend and figured I was probably by myself..but Brylee was just flat out lying! How embarrassing!

Today..she was pooping on the potty..I asked if she was done so I could wipe her and she replyed.."NO, not yet..there is still poop in my butt!"

Last night..she was whining in her sleep..I asked her what was wrong..and she said "My stomach hurts"..I asked her to show me where it hurts..and she said "My stomach hurts on my elbow!" Lordy!

I hope you continue to read my blog..just remember I write this for memories! All of them! ;)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy 6 Years to Us

Our actual anniversary is June 18th..but b/c I had started this post on the dated it that way...just a clarification! :)

Who would have thunk it? As my grandma would say...that this little boy...

and this little girl...

would one day grow up and live happily ever after???? marks 6 years since I married my wonderful husband..I love him so much and so much more than the day we met..we have both grown as individuals and as the family we are today. I will never forget the first time we talked on the phone which was in 1995..who knew I was talking to my future husband..oh wait..I did! And he did too..since he gave his last piece of gum to "his future wife" the SHS lunchroom. Baaahaaaa! How silly we in love we were! Who knew we would end up where we are now, at this time more 13 years a family in this small town living our day to day lives..plain and simple, nothing extravagant, just making it on love and our love for the Lord Jesus Christ? I bet if you were to poll our closest friends and family several years back..they would say "Nah, they won't make it".."They have to much going against them". And if you were to poll them now, I bet they would say "I didn't think they would make it, but they have and they show what love is all about". I say this to you now and to you Brylee whenever you may read this...Love is not about all the frilly, good time, no trouble perfect world..Love is about the good, the bad, and the ugly! You love each other through trials and love each other when you think the other one is not lovable, you love when you're on the mountain and you love when you are in the deepest of the valleys. You love when you think the other has lost his/her mind and you love when they hold you tight and never let you go...Love is a is a choice to not be taken lightly, but it is a love like no other when you truly make the choice to love unconditionally. I will say..if God is not at the center and you are not trying your best to do His Will and His work in your won't might for a little while, but if you shut Him out, it is destined to fail. He is the 3rd part of the marriage..and without his love, grace and mercy, it won't make it.

Here is a picture of my senior prom..
Kenny and I have been through a lot and we have been a lot of places in these 6 short years..but I know each and everything we have faced and people who have been in our lives..have been there for a purpose..a season..a reason. As the old saying goes.."What hasn't killed us, Has made us stronger". Each time the door of opportunity has opened, God has already laid the foundation for our move and destination. Not once have we worried where we would live or work..each one has opened up. And I firmly believe that we were sent here for whatever reason...if it is only for the wonderful friends we have made and the church we love so much.

On that day we got couldn't have been more many people put in hard work and dedication to make it perfect for me..props/chairs being hauled from boys putting the columns/ferns up for me..the weather which was oh so beautiful and the distance so many of you drove just to come support us! Wow..looking back..I am surprised even 10 people were there..but not really, b/c that is just the type of friends God has blessed us with! I remember from that day so many memories..the night before..Kenny and the groomsmen were late to rehearsal..I wanted to cry, Kenny's mom wanted to pop his head off, Clifford showing up highly intoxicated..not even part of the wedding party..but he made his debut, it was rainy and hot, barely got to practice due to the sun going down. We had a great rehearsal dinner and an even more exciting night! Sitting on the beach until the wee hours of the morning with all of our closest friends. On the next day when the limo picked us girls up..I knew it was time..and I was about to become the Mrs. Kenyatta never dreamed we would be so happy! To have all my family there, well the ones who cared were there..and poor Kristi couldn't make it..but for a wonderful reason..Campton had just been born..To have our parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles/cousins/dear friends with us..was just amazing in itself. I have always loved the beach and I loved it particularly more on this day..b/c it stood for a gentle reminder of how great our God is..and that what He was bringing together was so special!

After the wedding, the reception was just as perfect. I think everyone enjoyed themselves..and if they don't remember, we have video to prove it! We all danced the night away and then Kenny and I retired to our condo until we left for our honeymoon the next was such a magical time and I will never forget that day or the joy that surrounded it!

Kenny, I love you so much and am so proud to call you my husband. Your father and mother did an amazing job raising you and instilling the importance of family in you! You put mine and Brylee's needs first and you are such a wonderful provider for our family! The kiddo loves you so much and I do too! The way you take care of her reminds me so much of how my daddy did with me..and you know how our bond is..and I can't wait to see how yours and Brys develops as well. Thanks for being the husband you are to me and the father you are to her. I love you on this day so much more than I ever have! Here's to many more anniversaries!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Ya'll..I am not liking having to post more requests because of cancer! I am tired of this disease and I know you are too! I was devastated to hear of 2 more cases today!

This came from Stephanie Mason Johnson. Her daddy and my daddy are really good friends..and we used to run around ball fields with her is what she wrote...Keep my little cousin in your prayers. Her name is Karissa Grider. A few years ago she lost her father. She has been under the care of my aunt for the past year because her mother is struggling with a personal battle. Karissa has been diagnosed with cancer. She is 17 years old. People take others for granted, but when it hits home it affects your whole family. Keep her and our family in your thoughts and prayers.

Also, Kenny and I went to high school with Wayne Edwards. Just heard today his 2 year old son Christopher has been diagnosed with cancer. Please keep all of these families in your prayers!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hill Hotel

Just call us the "Hill Hotel and Bed and Breakfast"...He He! We have Kenny's cousin, Eugene spending the night with us tonight and my dear friends Tiffany and Rowan coming tomorrow. That means bed sheets will be washed for the next customer..kinda like a B&B. I will probably not post this weekend since we will be enjoying some quality time together, unless something crazy funny happens..which is very possible! LOL Have a great weekend..till we meet again!

Hope you are still praying for our friends..The Reeds, Kate McRae, Uncle Petey and my friend Kerry's Daddy "Doc" as we call him..he is having some lesions from his bladder removed next week. So many things to pray for!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


UPDATE: There have been several updates posted on the caringbridge site. I encourage you all to go and read in Amanda's words..Some positive change and definite proof that God is working!

Praying for the Reed's tonight and I hope you will join me..they are going to Memphis tomorrow to St. Jude's. Pray for the doctors there already working on Jackson's case..pray for their guidance and directions..Pray for Bradley and Amanda that they will get the answers they are looking for and for strength to be the best Mommy and Daddy they can be for Jackson..pray for Jackson to have a calm presence when so much will be going on. Someone wrote on her page that the doctor's and nurses will be wearing cowboy boots before it is over! I love it! I remember last summer we were home and saw Amanda and the boys in McDonald's..with swim trunks, plain white t-shirts and cowboy boots! St. Jude will never be the same!

Seriously, as I have said before we think a lot of this family and can't imagaine what is going on in their please just lift them up to our sweet Lord tonight and tomorrow!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

What did You Do for the 4th?

While my posts lately have been for prayer requests..I feel a need for a little laughter! Don't get me wrong these prayer requests have been from the heart and have been heavy on my mind..I woke up at 5:30 this morning and just spent a few moments in prayer for Jackson, Uncle Petey, Aunt Mary Jane, Riley and Kate..such special people and here lately they are not getting dealt a fair hand..but we all know WHO is in control and they are all going to be used in a mighty way for His kingdom..continue to pray for movement in Kate's right side and for complete healing of the brain tumor, Pray for Jackson as they head to St. Jude's Tuesday..I pray that the Lord is already working those tests over and that he will be completely healed...and for Uncle Petey who is in the hospital..pray for wisdom from the doctors and for wisdom in which direction to go, I pray for Mary Jane who goes to an orthopedic surgeon to see what her plan of action is on her arm..she had a rough day yesterday..trying to do too much (Imagine that)..pray for her to be able to rest, slow down and let her body heal! Please remember Riley as well..I have requested prayer for her before. She is the 3 year old from our church with cancer..and her mom shows her inspiration and love throughout this whole journey on These people amaze me and the strength they show in such hard times! funny..we are trying so hard to teach Brylee about tact..she is really learning to speak her mind and sometimes it is just not appropriate..funny in a way, but if she wasn't a darling 4 year old..she might get the beatdown by someone! For instance her big thing is.."She's fat"...ya'll I know it is terrible and I really don't know where she got the "fat" word..b/c it is a word I don't like to use and have never really talked about anyone being fat..she doesn't want to eat certain things (even if it is healthy) and her excuse is "It will make me fat"..even if it is vegetables! we were in Milky Moo's today eating ice cream and this lady came in and she knocked over a chair on accident..Brylee quickly says "She needs to watch where she is going" which I reply.."Brylee, hush up..that's not nice"..and she quickly says "WHAT MOM??? I didn't call her fat!" Will I ever make it? At least it wasn't as embarrassing as the time a lady came in Walmart with a scarf covering her face and Brylee said.."Hey's Mary, Jesus' mom!"

Truly out of the mouth of babes! Hopefully someone tell me that this will pass!

I wanted to show some quick photos from 4th of July. We usually go home for this occasion to my Aunt Carolyn's and Uncle Jerry's..but due to a week long vacation to the beach right before it..Kenny practicing and a paper due from the both of us..we just couldn't make it this time..such a disappointment but we loved going to Ft. Rucker to check out the fireworks..we went 2 years ago when we were here for whatever reason and they always do a magnificent job. I love these pics of Brylee because she is in complete can see the flicker in her eyes! And I got a couple of shots of the fireworks..there is just something about being on an army base on the 4th of July that feels right. I love it when the band does all the songs for the different areas..and people go wild if it is their department..we do on the marines because Kenny's daddy was a marine and the navy for his brother. Of course everyone yells on the army song..go figure! It is just amazing the things they people have done for our freedom and we enjoyed celebrating them this weekend.

On the actual 4th, we headed to friends to swim..they were out of town and graciously opened their home for us to "borrow"..we all had a blast! In case you can't tell, she loves her Daddy and so do I! I received the greatest compliment from a friend when she said You can tell she loves her Daddy and her Daddy loves her too".."Your family loves each other and it shows!"

Not only on this weekend do I thank God for my freedom, my salvation, and for living in America, but I thank him for my wonderful family..where He has seen us through..where He knows we are going and for a love that is so evident to those around us! We are truly blessed and thank HIM for it all!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Uncle Petey Update

Update: Petey is in hville hospital w/severe infection...test tomorrow, brain echo, bone marrow, TEE.... the infection seems to be all over his body, but he has overcome more than this... continue PRAYERS

This was my dad's update earlier. Please pray for Uncle Petey..pray for all the tests that are being done, the infection to heal and for him to understand what is going on and get better! I can't imagine being in the hospital/care centers for that long..since early Feb. That in itself has got to be frustrating. As well for caretakers alike! I know we serve a God who is capable of all things and nothing touches us unless it goes by Him! I pray that He will do a mighty work in his life and perform a modern day miracle that surprises doctors and all who have been on this journey! Thanks for continued prayers!!! They are what keeps us all going!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Please Pray

Please lift Kate Mcrae up in your prayers RIGHT now!! This family stands in need of a God Miracle!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009


Jackson's mother has began a caring bridge page for the updates and treatments of Jackson. Please go and give advice, loving words and encouragement. Just let her know you are praying for this sweet, sweet family whom Kenny and I love so much! Thanks in advance!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Officially the Longest Post EVER!!!

Please pray for Kenny's Aunt Mary Jane..she is in her 90's..and fell and broke her arm in 2 places tonight! Prayers would be welcome!

I guess this will be a catch up blog. Kenny, my parents, Brylee and I took a week vacation to the beach last week, and we had a ball! My friend Tiffany was supposed to come spend some time at the beginning of the week, but some communication errors occurred. When I say PCB, what do you think of? I hope you answered Panama City Beach…but my dear, lovely, wonderful friend Tiffany thought I meant Pensacola Beach! So when she let me know she was “coming for the day”, I thought wow, she is driving almost 3 hours for the day? Before she got too far, we fixed the problem. So sad she and Rowan didn’t get to come! Towards the end of the week, my parent’s longtime friends George and Ann came. We had a great time! Lots of food and quality time. I have several of when my biologist natured husband made a discovery..well, actually when we woke up one morning, my parents had been on the balcony watching something floating in the water resembling a fish/shark. When we woke up we looked at it. Daddy showed us “it’s” tail and Kenny had to go down to get a closer look. By the time we got down several bystanders were looking too. Kenny and 2 other fools..I mean guys decided to “check it out”. They all went into the water. There were some boys walking by and Kenny borrowed their goggles to get an underwater look. About 10 minutes later, the 3 Stooges (ring leader Kenny) decided it was definitely something with spots and probably a stingray or skate. During the discovery they ran out of the water and one guy about lost it when Kenny’s foot hit his leg! It was the funniest scene..but not as funny as the afternoon. Everyone was taking a nap and I decided to look from the balcony and the crazy thing was still there. And get this a man was picking up “it’s” tail and pulling on it!!! Wow..brave man! I put my flops on and headed down to check it out for myself. When I got there a young boy was standing right beside it so I asked him if he knew what it was and he said yea..(kinda in a smart tone)’s a boat anchor he replied. What, Excuse me a boat anchor???? He said yea again..(smartly). So I went out and looked..and ya’ll I almost fell out laughing! It was a boat anchor with a long rope hanging from it which is what everyone thought was the tail!

My laughter was short lived as the next morning I go beebopping down to the beach by myself and slip and fall down the wooden steps! I quickly did that graceful stand up and look around and I don’t “think” anyone saw me. It resulted in me spending the remainder of the day with foot propped up and ice applied. Kenny took advantage of that and had a little Daddy/Daughter time at GulfWorld which was fine by me! I like to look at an exhibit and move on..Kenny wants to stay and read all the words on the plaque describing it and telling me what he knows about each thing..I guess it’s that biologist coming out! After they returned, Kenny, Daddy and Brylee went go cart riding and had a blast! On the other hand we went back the other night..and Brylee and I almost died..I am serious! We were coming around the curve and this maniac driver hit us and sent us spinning which in return I lost control and then like 10 cars hit us! That guy caused a massive traffic jam and Brylee’s poor little head just kept a banging! She was not impressed with my driving and demanded we stop. So we stopped early! We went inside to the game rooms and Brylee (I guess she gets it from her Nanna) put in one token in a machine and hit the jackpot and won 300 tickets! I swear she is so lucky!

I had a midterm exam due had to put in a little effort to complete it and it paid off! Big 100 for me! I was so stinkin excited to get that grade back..b/c admit it, it’s pretty hard to focus on words of any sort must less writing a paper when you are at the beach!

We had over 600 students staying in our condos. A youth group from Atlanta was having summer camp and they were everywhere! Before we knew who they were, Kenny and I had decided they were church kids b/c of the massive amount of one piece bathing suits..something about it just told us! Having this many people in a mass amount sure did have some inconveniences for us! The elevator being stayed hung up the whole time..and you had to wait for almost an hour at some points just to get on, but the last night we were there was so worth waiting on an elevator. We were headed out and we heard singing. They had the conference area and it was jam packed with kids singing praises to our Lord! “Sing with me how great is our God” has a wonderful meaning to it all the time, but something about those kids singing it, hands raised all over the room and knowing we are at the beach where His power and mighty hand is so evident was amazing! Kenny and I just stood there and sung with them!

Brylee had a blast with her Poppa and Nenne and she slept right between them all 7 nights! It was Heaven for me! Not so sure about them! She is a wild sleeper! She made several friends while at the beach including Chloe, Brooklyn and get this Brylee! Yes, another Brylee with the same spelling!

I was so relaxed on the beach at one point that I fell straight asleep in the chair. It was hilarious for anyone watching I am sure, b/c as I was sinking into that deep sleep in the chair, my mouth was falling open wider and wider. I woke myself up and just decided to heck with it and laid on a towel and got a great afternoon nap. Buying a large canopy was the best investment my parents made..except when the vandals came along 4th night and tore a lot of tents up. Why? What was the purpose? So, Ann and George went and bought another one for our last 2 days.

Kenny and I parasailed. Sorry no pictures..I didn’t realize you had to tell the guys to take it before you did it. I just assumed they take them and let you buy them. Oh well! We did eat at a new place “Billy’s” which was great seafood! The best Kenny said he has eaten. We went to the Treasure Ship and to Angelo’s for steak!

We all went crab hunting and didn't find any the first night..but Brylee and Poppa found one the next night while they were babysitting and Kenny and I were at a movie..We went to see the Taking of Pelham 123..very good movie!

I stayed sick most of the time with this crazy sinus mess I have fought with since Feb. I had called a doctor by the end of the week to call me something. I suffered all week because I wanted to be in the sun and with antibiotics I would burn. So my mom figured I wasn’t too bad, but ya’ll I was and I was not feeling well. I kept going under the ocean water thinking it would clear me out, but even with a combination of all the wonderful over the counter meds I was taking, I was still clogged up! So Friday I began some more antibiotics and decided to get a second opinion on my sinuses. I went to an awesome guy in Dothan and he said I was pretty blocked up which was an effect of me not being on an antibiotic long enough to knock all this mess out. Before we go the route of surgery, he wants me on antibiotic for 28 days with steroids, Flonase and Mucinex. Yay for surgery yet!

Kenny and Daddy decided to do a "drag strip" are the results! I was worried about whiplash and them running into the brick wall ahead, but they did fine and I think secretly lived out a personal dream! Ha! And Brylee sailed through the air on a trampoline.

We did try and get some family pictures without a professional photographer! I think they turned out pretty good..glad to have them for memories! By then end, Brylee made her way to the pool shower and drenched herself, dress and bow in water! Mommy was not a happy camper, but we quickly dried off in the heat!

This one is of her when she had been caught!

Okay..I guess this has been a very random post, but it catches you up somewhat of our life lately. I have a friend going through a nasty divorce and it along with Jackson Reed, Lauren Beddingfield (13 year old in diabetic coma), Uncle Petey, Ashley Stinson and many others make me question sometimes…I know I am not supposed to, and I know that God is in control..and I pray that He makes himself real to all of these and His healing hand works!