Sunday, January 18, 2009

This is the Day that the Lord Hath Made

I like many others have been waking up, grabbing the computer and checking to sweet Harper and her condition..this morning there wasn't an update and it kind of worried me, so I said a prayer for her and for her peace and comfort this morning. At church Bro. Billy preached on the crippled lady in Luke and how Jesus came into the town and this lady was healed and stood straight up. Our God is a God of many miracles, He heals spiritually, emotionally, physically and any other way you could imagine. He can speak and the tides quit rolling, He can speak and the waves will not crash, He can speak and the sun will appear, He can speak and ALL of our troubles will be washed away..I thought about Harper and Kelly today as I have for the past few days, and as I thought about them, I thought how God is going to be glorified through it all and how He will heal that baby girl just like He did to the cripple lady in Luke! Thank God He is still in control and NOTHING takes Him by surprise!!!

When I got home there was an update with a picture of Harper..and she is a beautiful baby, no change really, but she is still stable, for more updates, click here.

I went to a beautiful wedding yesterday. My friend Tiffany married her sweetheart John..and I pray that they are having a great honeymoon! She looked so pretty! Christie T. and I rode together, since I kept the book and she sang..we had a blast!
We had a ballgame last night..our boys played so well! It was a very exciting ballgame..we decided that mom and dad were our good luck tool, and so they need to come every weekend! (wink.wink) After church, Daddy put a bookshelf together for me..

To occupy Brylee, I let her make snow! She loved it...

That didn't last long, and she decided to help her poppa. She did a fantastic job...for awhile.....


Trust me..she is smiling now, but she was NOT smiling when it happened..she didn't even cry until she saw the blood, but then she let it rip! Bless her heart! Well, we are off to Smoochies for some ICE CREAM..yummy!