Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy 60 Years MawMaw and PawPaw!

Today marks 60 years since my grandparents were married. I consider myself to be very blessed not only because they are here with me still, but also because they are still married. You and I both know that in today's time, being married over 10 years says alot! So, to stay with the same person for 60 years says quiet alot of how it is supposed to be! Till death do you part is the ole saying, and apparently when my grandparents said it, they meant it! A lot of people say it takes 2 for a marriage to work, but the last time I tried that, it was failing. A marriage takes 3..husband, wife and most importantly GOD! Without him, our human needs and wants will take over and it is sure to not make it. I know that when God made woman, he knew that man NEEDED that my grandparent's lifetime, I have seen them in the good times and in the bad times...and I have seen them both take care of each other through sickness and health. When I talked to my grandpa today, he was so excited that they had won the birthday and anniversary club and was telling me all the coupons they received to local restaurants. I know that they will miss Mawmaw's cooking for awhile, but both will get a break in the kitchen. I love you Mawmaw and Pawpaw, and I am so blessed to have you and share this day with you! May you continue to be an example to me and my family of how it should be done and how it can make it! We love you so much!!!!!