Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a BEAUTIFUL day!!!

So just as nasty as it was yesterday when we woke up, today was a complete and total turn around! It is and has been absoloutely gorgeous! The sun shining, a nice breeze and all our windows are up to let the cool breeze flow! We got up and headed to church and had a great service..Bro. Billy preached on the paralyzed man that 4 other men brought to Jesus..have I said how much I LOVE to hear him preach? He has a way of putting things that make you go.."Wow"! He compared the sick man to sin-sick sinners in need of the touch from Jesus and the four men who brought him is the church and how we should try and bring others to see HIM...hit home when he said, "Have you brought one to church?" Most of the time, the devil is on the prowl at my house on Sunday mornings..the morning we shouldn't be so rushed, we usually are...and getting us dressed and out the door on time is just about all I can take, must less taking someone with us! But excuse..and I pray that God will give me an opportunity this week to invite someone to church!

On another note, Uncle Petey is having a great day! The best they've seen since he has been in Birmingham. He has been asked if everything was okay between him and God and he said he was saved at 10..that was reassuring..but ya'll today, my Uncle Chris asked him..and Daddy said, a huge grin came across his face and he shook his head up and down! Daddy wanted to shout! Me too..when I heard! It makes things so much easier knowing that my Uncle Petey is in God's hands and he is HIS child and that no matter what happens, he will be healed! Wether it is a miracle that we get to experience on this earth or the miracle of seeing him in Glory, either way it's going to be awesome!

We had a man and his 3 boys join the church today..and their testimony was they are the 4 Bro. Billy spoke about and they are going to bring their wife/mom to Christ! Wowzers!!! I taught one of the boys last year..and he is such a cool kid..I am so happy for their family and for the stand they are taking!

A lady at our church stands in need of your prayers..Allison Tatom..she is a young mother of 2 and is pregnant with her 3rd and went into early labor yesterday at 18 weeks..the baby was not born yet and is thriving in her mommy...awesome family of God and are putting it all in HIS hands..I pray for that sweet family and pray that you will too!

Another baby from Scottsboro is going through the same thing..she had the baby but she is very tiny and working extremely hard to live..the baby's daddy is Nick Lee..he graduated with me..I pray for that family as well!

The wreck that took 2 lives and injured others touches several families at home..and I pray for all of them!!!!

While there are tons of requests and praises, nothing takes God by surprise..and He is in control!! We praise Him today!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Good (rainy, tornado warnings, hail falling, windy) Saturday Morning!!!

So I anticipated the rain, and darkness and anticipated a nice, long sleep in this morning...NOT..we awoke at about 5:45 and I thought the windows were going to burst! It was raining, hailing, thunder and lightening like crazy! Kenny already had the tv on and a friend had sent a text message stating "seek cover" what did I do, I grabbed Brylee and got in the extra bedroom closet which is our "safe place"..while inside, I noticed Kenny's shoes with an extra layer of pollen on them..grrrroooossss! One good thing is maybe this "flood" we are still experiencing will wash the pollen is so bad here, car washes are offering "pollen washes"..

While in the closet, I kept hearing the mess going around us and I have heard people hear a "train noise"..and of course, I guess it was my imagination running wild..I heard about 3 of them! I was just holding Brylee and praying over and over, Please God protect us and keep us safe...Kenny lightly reminded me that I slept through the worst part of the again, Our God did keep us safe and He made me feel safe through the aftermath. I am sick of bad weather, and ready for it to move on out. I have always remembered the tornado in Huntsville, and now the one here and it is a lot more scary to me now, I guess because I am the momma..but thank the Lord Brylee still thinks it's cool to stay in the closet..and it doesn't bother her when the thunder rolls. We found her in this position the other night..I guess she was preparing for and practicing her safety plan!
She, out of the blue, wanted to go to bed, so she said nite nite..and got in the hall closet. A few minutes later, she was OUT! Welcome to our town..I guess the new "Tornado Alley"..where a kid gets used to sleeping in the closet!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

What would he say?

I suspect that when my Uncle Petey is able to talk again, this is what he will describe this LONG journey as...a ROLLERCOASTER!!!! And I imagine he will say, "What a Long and Strange Trip It Has Been" He He...

I bet my parents will be singing it with him...they were eating at Barry's tonight when mom received a phone call that he had taken a turn for the worse, he was having different neurological activity, low blood pressure and non-responsive. So they immediately paid and headed to Birmingham, when they neared about Gadsden, the hospital called back to say he had made a complete and total turn around..just as fast as he went, he was back and responding. They decided to keep heading that way to see him for themselves. Just spoke with Daddy and he said he seems to be doing fine. They will probably head back home in a little while...what triggered it? We might not never know, but I sure hope it doesn't happen again!

Keep him in your prayers tonight!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fun times!

Not typing much today..need to keep resting..after 3 weekends in a row of company..I am tired..not complaining..just tired..and you know I have been sick since Feb.5th..went this week and had a cat scan at the local ENT..he described my sinuses the worst he had seen in 2 days..(which doesn't seem too bad..other than that is ALL he does all day) right sinus was COMPLETELY blocked..and the left was completely blocked except for a small NO WONDER I can't get well..I am now on 14 days of Levaquin, Mucinex, and steroids again! Boo..but feeling so much better..hopefully at the end of the course of antibiotics, I will be 100%! A few pics of our weekend with Kenny's brother and Martina and Jaden..He is so sweet and so good! He just smiles and looks all the time. Brylee really enjoyed playing mommy the whole weekend! I had the priviledge of helping with the BBQ rally at church for Riley Stewart..and as Bro. Billy said, we won't post the money received, but you all would only believe it by knowing it was a GOD THANG!!! I was so proud to be apart of this great community when that rolled it! We had our Ladie's Banquet Friday night at glad Martina got to go with me..beautiful tables almost 300 ladies...great music and great speaker..supposed to be Elizabeth Luter, but they had a death in the family, so we had Kyra Crowson from Crestview..awesome testimony and awesome ministry "Exodos"..check them out! Have a fantastic week!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Why Me?

The week has been such a tease, b/c Dad let me know they "might" come down for the weekend depending on Uncle Petey's situation. So, not really knowing if they were coming or not, was kinda tearing at my curiosity. I didn't want to pressure them to come, but was really hoping they would! And luckily, they got to. They came to Bham on Friday morning and spent the day and talked to doctors, he was doing much better and they decided to come on down. I think Dad had to twist Mom's arm though..she was really torn about leaving, but the doctors assured her they would call should anything change. He did have an episode with his trach while they were gone which was no real biggie. Unfortunately when they left this morning and headed back, once they got there, he had a really rough night and the vent was back to breathing completely for friends, we covet your prayers..I think most of us are to the realization that God is in control..has been even if sometimes we doubted it, He will continue to be in control and we are ready for Him to do His thang! If it is time for Uncle Petey to be healed, Praise God, if it is time for Uncle Petey to remain exactly like he is, Praise God, if it is time for Uncle Petey to meet our Lord and Savior, Praise God..whatever His will is Praise God..I was recently asked by someone, "But Why Me?"..and I was rather hasty and said, "Why Not You"..when I probably should've said something along these lines..I got this devotion about suffering and wanted to share it with you all..and hopefully that person is reading and will forgive me for being so rude and acting like I completely understand the situation, b/c I don't, but I do know that Jesus loves them and cares about their situation and I love them too!!!

Did Jesus suffer? Was Jesus sometimes lonely? Was he tempted to be discouraged? Was he misunderstood, maligned and criticized unjustly? The answer to all these questions is "Yes."

And none of us are exempted from suffering, or loneliness, or discouragement, or unjust criticism—because God is developing within us the character of Christ, and in order to do this, he must take us through all of the circumstances in life that he took Christ through.

This means God is more interested in your character than your comfort, and he's more concerned about your holiness than your happiness. So, the question is not if you'll go through dark times in life, but when you'll go through them.

Now, does this mean God causes tragedies? No. God is good, and he will not cause evil or do evil. But God can use dark and stressful times for good; he'll use them to build a Christ-like character within us.

So, what should you do when you go through difficult times?

Refuse to be discouraged. David said, "I will fear no evil" (Psalms 23:4 NIV). His use of the word will implies a choice, an act of decision. In the final 12 hours of Christ's life, we can clearly see he made a choice to follow God's will; He made a choice to face down fear; he made a choice to ignore despair.

Remember God is with you. David said, "For you are with me" (Psalms 23:4 NIV). God not only promises his power; he promises his presence. We will never go through a dark day alone. Jesus knew he wasn't alone as he walked out his Passion.

Rely on God's protection and guidance. David said in Psalm 23:4 that God's rod and staff comforted him. The rod and staff were basic tools a shepherd used to protect and guide the sheep. God will be with you, and he'll protect and guide you. Jesus could have called down 10,000 angels; he could have called his disciples to arms; instead he relied on God to protect and guide Him.

I pray that you all have a blessed week and oh yeah..almost forgot..Mercy is here and she is beautiful..can't wait for more pictures..her aunt is obviously forgetting some of us live 5 hours away and are relying on her get to posting ISI!!!

Church was awesome today..the message was Rev. 5..and wow is all I can say! What a day that will be!!! When my Jesus I shall see!!! Are you Heaven-Ready???? I truly hope if you are reading this, you are, and if you are not, please contact me and I would love to share the story of grace, mercy, and most of all forgiveness! We had lunch with our friends Jamie and Jonathan...just love them to pieces!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

~A Weekend With Friends~

I love friendships, where you can pick up the phone..send a text message and say, "Pack your bags..and come visit this weekend"..and the friend writes back.."Serious?..why not..we will be there Sat." Especially friendships that you haven't seen in a while or had the opportunity to just sit down face to face and have a good old chat! That is exactly what happened this best friend from Daphne, Tiffany and her little girl Rowan came for a visit. Her little girl is a doll and a very smart, well spoken child for 3 years old. She had a wonderful conversation the whole time she was here, and I super hope some of her dialect rubbed off on my child! Kenny seems to think it's because Tiffany likes to talk and talks to her..(like I don't talk to my child, therefore her language suffers)..maybe so..who knows....

We began when they got here of just letting the girls play outside..they had a ball! They loved playing dress up, like it was raining, mommy and daughter and riding bikes. At one point, I asked Rowan what her name was..and she replied, "Rowan..R-O-W-A-N"...and very quickly, Brylee chimes in, "Brylee...B-R-Y-L-E-E" was much of a competition between the two most of the weekend. Brylee still struggles with the environment being "hers" and not wanting to share her things..which resulted in Rowan coming to tell, "Brylee won't share"..."Brylee hit me"..and so child the bully! She and Rowan did however have their share of "bullying" the poor 2nd grade boy on the McDonald's playground! Baaaahaaaa! He kept running back to his parents about "those girls"...neither Tiffany nor myself really saw the need to intervene in the situation since he WAS obviously in 2nd grade and they ARE 3! The way that they were bossing around with their hands on their hips and the way Brylee was shaking her head was pretty funny...we both agreed if they lived closer to each other, we might have trouble!

Brylee was a little emotional over the weekend..and I wasn't sure if it was just the fact of not wanting to share, or if she felt a tad bit bad. She pitched some major temper fall outs..which was not like her, but has been perfectly fine since they have been gone, so I am starting to think, it was just her being spoiled and selfish..oh well, she is 3 for now, and maybe in June when we turn 4, it will go away?

Today, we had every intention of going to church, but the time change got us we just had breakfast, and went and bought blue sand for Brylee's sand/water table, and let the girls play all morning. Of course, the Walmart trip ended up with a toy for each and we bought them the same prevent any arguments. After they became bored with that, we packed up and headed to the Fun Factory..the girls skated, played, and had ice cream..after that to McDonald's for more play and lunch. Came home and unfortunately soon, they had to pack up and head home to get ready for work/school tomorrow..back to the real world!

Uncle Petey is doing well in Birmingham..they did have to turn the vent back up today, but he seems to be resting and mom and dad got a chuckle out of him when they told him..if he didn't get shaved soon, he could play Santa Claus in December!

I leave you with two one who follows my blog told me that lizards can carry salmonella???? Did you know this??? We are not handling and I have told Brylee if she does, she will be punished to the 3rd degree..I am trying to convince Kenny he is now ready to go back into the wilderness..b/c of this new finding..YUCK!

Second, Brylee had Kenny's phone the other night...he went to get it and asked her why she had is her response.."Because Daddy, I needed to do my TEST messaging!!" Just another, Moment in the Life of a Hill!!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lord, I Just Want to Thank You....

Good Saturday Morning...I want to do something a little different this morning..I am always asking for prayer requests on here and seem to never just do a Thanks I want to share some pretty awesome things with you...

*Praise God for my health, family, and for our MANY blessings. Most of the time, I think we all take for granted what we have and sometimes "expect" things to be good, and my friends, ALL that we have is from HIM and all that we get is so undeserving! I thank God for my salvation, for my wonderful husband and daughter, my loving parents, who show me unselfish love and a true Christian attitude, my Godly grandparents still alive..for the joy I saw on their faces when we stopped by and spent some time with them, for all of my family on my side and Kenny's side..we are TRULY blessed with some lovely family memembers!!!

*I thank God that Laura is on a plane as I type headed to Ethiopia to pick up Sweet Mercy!!! She is coming home and once again, God has proven to be faithful over and over in their life and that situation!

* I thank God that Miss Riley is home in E-town..with her family!!! I pray that her battle with ALL will go quickly and smoothly and that God will receive all glory during it and that she will come out stronger and an awesome witness for His love, mercy and faithfulness!!!

* I thank God that my Uncle Petey was moved to Bham...he is in a hospital that is a step down trach hospital where they are specialized to wean patients off of the vents and trachs..and I know God is going to be faithful in this situation.

* I thank God for my of my bests and her daughter are coming in a few hours..and I thank God for the time we are about to spend together..isn't it awesome when He puts people in your path at the right time of your life..

*I thank God for my job, and for the children I work with..I believe every person is put in our lives for a reason, and although we may not understand it now, somehow, He is shaping and molding us to be more like Him.

*I thank God for the little things in life!

*I thank God for my church and the ministry of love and grace they have shown so many times to so many people! I am glad we were placed at HBC!!!!!

I could go on with my "thankfulness" post all day...when I stop and think of what I am thankful for, all I can do is bow my head and say "Thank You"!

So, what are you thankful for today? You can either leave me a comment with it, or you can leave a comment with a link to your blog where you have done a thankful post!

Have a super is a beautiful one here and I look forward to our friends arriving!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

McSleeznic, UPW, and "A Lizard Holder???"

So be prepared this blog is about to be all over the place..

I was UPSET after tonight's show..and did a little artwork to relieve my stress! Enjoy!!!

Who watched Bachelor Finale??? OMGsh! I can't believe he broke that poor girls heart on national television! I mean, I am glad he finally made his mind up before ruining the REST of her life..but look what he has already done! Instead of Jason Meznic..I think he is Jason McSLEEZnic!!!! Poor Melissa...and Molly..well, won't say what I think about her..but they do involve the words..desperate, pathetic and crazy! What a sad twist and ABC ought to be ashamed!

Uncle Petey will be having a trach inserted tomorrow at about 5 please say a prayer for him as they remove the ventilator and insert the trach..I pray this will give him some relief where he can start getting better!

I went to a co-workers house down the street to finish wasting
watching the Bachelor. So, Kenny calls about 5 min. after I left and are not going to believe what just happened!!!! It was so bad, it made me spill my drink in the living room floor..I am thinking oh no! He was sitting on the couch and Brylee walks up behind him and says..Hey Daddy..did you want this? He turns around and our (NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING CHILD) is holding her lizard by the tail!!! He wiggles and his tail falls off! He starts running (for his life I am sure)..and Kenny spills his coke and tells Brylee to get the lizard..she calmly picks him up and puts him in his cage! Ya'll, I am cracking up! She hasn't offered to touch him at all since we have had him..and now she is getting him out on her own! Poor Slimy! He might not make it many more days in the Hill Household..but what can I say, It is just another Moment in the Life of a Hill!!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

What blue eyes you have!

~This blog was from Friday night..Just now getting to post it~

As I type, I am now at home in the peace and quiet of the living room and all I hear is the television playing softly in the background. Today has been a pretty busy day and I have to say I am tired. I can only imagine how my parents are feeling b/c this is day 23 of Uncle Petey being in the hospital. When a loved one is in the NICU, you only get to visit them 4 times a day. And during the visits, you can only stay back about 20-25 minutes. All of this is totally understandable due to the severity of the patients, but it makes for a very long day when you try to be there for all visits. I have to say I am very impressed with Huntsville Hospital..they have a newer waiting room that has large comfy chairs, a sign-in desk, nice break area, lockers to store things, tvs, computers and wireless access. The atmosphere is so chaotic though and people are coming and going and visiting with families..You can see the pain, stress and sheer tiredness in most of their eyes. Some making difficult decisions for their families, some so sad because they just do not know what tomorrow holds. This morning started off kind of slow. Mom and Dad headed down because the doctor wanted to meet with them at 8:30. Aunt and Uncle were there as well. He basically told them they will have to make a decision that would require a few things from them. They did decide to go ahead and take the ventilator off sometime early this week..and put in him a tracheotomy. This will be a more permanent fixture to help him breath. My cousin asked him if he wanted that in and he shook his head it helps to know that we are doing what he wants.
I and my Uncle have not always had the best of relationships. We have not always seen eye to eye on situations and that is okay. That is what makes each of us different and special and makes the world a unique place to live. No matter how he has felt, or how I have felt, one thing is for sure, I have never stopped loving him! He is my uncle and will always be! I have held off coming due to being sick, and him staying about the same..and have prayed that the Lord would let me see him and talk to him before anything were to happen. I had the opportunity today and I thank HIM for that! When I first went in, he was pretty dazed and on some pain medication that seemed to make focusing hard. He would just barely look at us and that was pretty upsetting for me. To see him laying there in that condition was very discouraging, but on the upward bound, his vitals and everything seemed good. I looked into his eyes, got to tell him I love him and have been praying for him..and then I lost it, which couldn’t be good for him, so I excused myself. The second time I went back, I had gained composure and told him who I was, and he nodded. He knew me, he squinted his eyes and I saw a sweet, gentle spirit in his bright blue eyes! Ya’ll, I have never noticed how blue his eyes were. For some reason, I was always thinking they were green, but today, they had such a beautiful bright blue shade and no longer did the tubes, the beeping of machines or the agitation he seemed to be having even to be a factor. He was looking at me and knew that I love him and am praying daily and have all of you, my faithful blog friends, facebook and MySpace praying as well. And for that and for that moment, I am thankful! I pray that he will be alert tomorrow as well and I can tell him I love him all over again!

Tonight his night nurse was making rounds and I thought wow, she looks so familiar..and I told that to mom and dad. She came in the room and she said, “I know you”…we all laughed b/c I had just said the same thing. After we got to talking, she was one of dad’s nurses when he had his accident and as a matter of fact, she went and got Starbuck’s Coffee for us one night! It was such a joy to talk with her and for us to finally figure out how we knew each other. Such a small world, but I feel good about her taking care of him tonight..she gave him a little “cocktail” to make him sleep and rest tonight. He was resting last visit and for that ~We are thankful!~ Rest is what he needs right now…Goodnight!!!