Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We'll Just call this FESS

While I would love to blog about the first day of Preschool for Brylee..I won't b/c my picture thing is still not working! It is so aggravating..my computer is blocking it for some reason..so when it gets fixed..expect me back full force.

In the meantime..I will blog about my sinus surgery..Fun Huh?

Oh yea...FESS stands for Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery..here we go....

I have NEVER had problems with sinus until this February and I got an infection that just wouldn't quit. My "sinus history" in these 5 short months consisted of multiple round of strong antibiotics, steroids, steroid shots, breathing treatments, inhalers and constant headaches. I stayed sick! So..late summer, while at the beach, I was awful and decided to make an appointment with an ENT in Dothan. He put me on 28 days of antibiotics straight to see if it cleared me up. It did! The CT he performed showed no infection, but a crazy growing nose. He explained he could put me on some decongestants and nose spray to keep the flow moving and everything unswelled..that seemed like a plan, but my next question through his plan in the toilet. I asked him if I could still take all that and be pregnant? WHY NO..he said..why are you? I told him no, but our plan was to have another one soon. He then explained my only option was surgery then..b/c this problem wasn't going to fix itself..we were just going to deal with it which is something we couldn't do if I was pregnant. So surgery was discussed and planned. I met that day with the hospital staff and ended up registering for a LONG 3 hours..the wait was hideous, but as always I found a little old couple who were just great! They talked and talked..made the hours fly by! Something about doctor's appointments, hospital waiting rooms and old people just go together..I made sure the surgery date would be a date Daddy would be off. It was and he agreed to come help with me and Brylee..Not that Kenny isn't completely capable..but we would have had to made so many arrangements for her that day and stuff. It just worked out and was great. On the morning of, we headed to the Medical Center and I was a nervous wreck. My heart was racing, my stomach was hurting and I was in complete fear! I knew God was in control..I trusted my doctors, I was just plain terrified. After we got there, we quickly were called up to the 2nd floor and were in the "outpatient waiting room". Our names were called then and we were escorted to a room with a bed, tv and chairs..it seemed like a kid room because it had sunshines and houses painted around the top. We waited and we waited..in hospital gown ready..just waiting...I heard a little boy crying so hard.."Take it out Momma..Take it out!" assuming he meant his IV..Daddy explained to me that they normally take the children and older folks first..well..I am a child! So we got to wait some more. A funny knock came on the door which I thought was probably the doctor, but was pleasantly surprised it was Bro. Dwayne from church. I know that is his job, and I know he probably does it for everyone that is in the hospital..but he will NEVER know how much that meant to me to see his face..at 6:30 in the morning..he cared enough to come say he was praying and checking on me..it made me cry. I lose it. I cried when Nikki brought food, I cried when Kelly brought brownies. I cried when Daddy had to leave..I cried when Kenny asked me what I wanted to eat..I was just emotional over this..people are truly good..they care and they care about you..It means so much in times like this.

After he left, we waited some more. They did bring me some phenagren and loratab. I was hoping for a bit more of the "don't care" meds..but that never happened. Finally when they came to get me, they separated me from my Diddy for another "holding" period. Geesh..I really wish he could have come with me, but he couldn't. They took me to a room that seemed to me like a meat market where they hang the meat..It wasn't cold, just a lot of patients lined up. Side by side and head to head..thank goodness there was a sheet separating us. I could hear the conversation of one older lady..and she considered herself a "redneck". I remember her saying, I bet you don't get many of us in here do ya?..the nurse said, many of you?? Yeah..rednecks she said. I mean real rednecks. Grew up in the country and don't have much. The nurse just laughed. I was definitely in and out, but remember the sweet lady who started my IV. I never felt a thing..she put some great numbing stuff on and then put the IV needle in..it was great! She informed me I was only getting fluids though..still no happy medicine! The anesthesiologist came and talked to me a couple of times and informed me I was next at one time, but he was wrong. He apologized and said "this case" may take a little longer..so just rest. I did..until each time the nurses came and asked me the same questions over and over again..my name.my birth date..my surgery..my doctor..who's with me..every time a new one came, they asked me the same questions..security I guess..but definitely annoying!

As the anetheseologist nurse came over to finally tell me she was about to give me something to make me relax, I decided I needed to pee..I had been watching patients walk with a nurse and their IV's to the bathroom..so I knew it was possible. She said I need to go before I get the "don't care" medicine..I went..the sweet lady who took me was so worried about me showing my backside..I wore a huge blanket to the potty with me..she was very southern and ladylike..I really didn't care to be honest with you. Most of the people who would have looked wouldn't have remembered..and the others have probably seen worst. I got back to the bed..and no nurse to give me meds. I waited..again..and finally she said it's time. What? No meds? So we rolled back and I remember seeing about 6 tvs posted on the wall and all of them had different surgeries going on at that time..that again was a little freaky, kind of like that meat market thing I talked about where they just rolled you in and we all just kind of hung there. Again, great for security purposes I guess..but kinda weird. They put me on a table that was half my size..and the lady made the comment this was a very small table..so hang on..yeah right! Wrapped me in warm blankets and had my arms pretty much tied down with them. A very sweet lady was talking to me and saying how they were going to take such good care of me and she would be with me every step of the way..that made me smile..the anesthesiologist told her to hold the mask tighter on my face..and that was it..I don't remember anything else until I woke up in recovery. I don't remember much about recovery..seemed like the same holding place I began in..but don't know if it was or not. No pain..just my nose burning. She asked if I was ready to go to my room and keep waking up, I said sure..I was then rolled (man, they roll you fast) to my new recovery room. Alot like the very beginning room where we waited..and then my Godsend nurse Lusinder came in. She took care of me like I was her baby..she gently washed my face and cleaned me up. She said if I was her family, she wouldn't want to see me like that..so she gave me water to rinse my mouth out in the (basin)..I hate that word..it is like throwup or vomit..gross gross gross!! What came out was NASTY!!! I apologized to her for having to see it..and she just laughed and told me I was fine..(this lady will be receiving a sweet gift from me next week)..she went and got my Daddy. He came in and talked about how well I looked and was doing. Short of the recovery..it lasted about an hour..a few saltine crackers, sprite and a diet coke for Daddy..I wanted to stay longer just because I was comfortable..but the nurse told me I could possibly get sick the longer I stayed and had to drive home..so IV was out and we were gone. Again, a fast ride in the wheelchair which burnt my nose and down the elevator we went. The lady was wearing money which means it was her birthday..so since I was feeling pretty good..I had daddy tip her..she was excited. We headed back and made it just fine to Enterprise. THANK GOD!!! Recovery hasn't been awful, but it hasn't been a piece of cake..I finally realized that the pain meds is what was making me feel so lousy..once they were over, I began to feel a little more human..Tuesday was the first day I drove..(I didn't tell Kenny I was..he was not happy when he got home and discovered it)..I only went to Wendy's and back..and it was very overwhelming..today was better. Kenny has been WONDERFUL throughout all this..I can't lift anything over like a phonebook..so he is pretty much on duty around here at all times..not one complaint..I just love him!

Daddy stayed a few days and was a big help..Kenny and Brylee brought me flowers and a balloon, Holly Hill sent flowers, Nikki T brought the best roast I have ever eaten in my life, Kelly M. brought brownies and I was just amazed by the many prayers I saw on Facebook for me! God's grace and promises truly shown through this week..

Tonight is Tuesday..and I am headed to work tomorrow for the first time..I kidded that I STILL get butterflies/jitters on the first day of school, so instead of doing that, I just had surgery! Nah, I hated it worked out that day, but I am so glad I will hopefully not be dealing with as many sinus infections this year!

Happy 1st day for me tomorrow!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hold your Loved Ones a Little Tighter

I am very sorry I have been missing..I haven't felt like blogging due to a crazy gliche in the computer that is not allowing me to upload pictures..and I feel a blog is just not complete without pictures. I love taking pictures..and I love when I can share them. I was hoping to share some great pictures by Stephanie Jordan..but due to the crazy rain situation that didn't happen..it was supposed to rain the whole week and I don't think we hardly got any rain! I so hated to cancel, but we will be rescheduling maybe for some fall pictures. She is so talented and I can't wait to use her. We have been in Scottsboro for the whole week and have loved every minute of it..we have got to spend some great quality time just loving on family..something I think everyone in Scottsboro has done this week..it has been a tough tough week for our small town.

We headed home on Sunday and all was well..until I recieved a text from my dear friend Misty asking me to pray for her cousin Ian who was in the hospital..and not doing good. In fact, he was on life support and it was not looking good. I was pure devastated as I knew him and love his family. His brother Justin graduated with me and used to be my "boyfriend"..as Misty reminded me at the funeral..LOL...we were like 10 or 11..so I don't think that counted! Nontheless..great family and so sad to hear this. I immediately went into prayer mode and asked many of the prayer warriors I know to pray. Whatever the situation, it didn't matter..this was a great guy who has a pretty awesome little boy and my friend was hurting over her cousin..so prayers were going up!!! Unfortuanately, he did not make it and passed into Glory with our dear Father on Tuesday night...the funeral and visitation was on Friday and I went with Kerry..it was a very sad time and an unexpected time, but was so happy to see so many "young" people there to pay respects and support the family. It truly showed how much he was loved. I haven't seen or heard from him in a while other than on facebook or myspace..but have fond memories of his smiling face..and I can't help but smile when I see pictures of Ethan, his son, smiling..b/c Ian's smile is always going to live on in him..during the funeral, Heath Tate sang and did a wonderful job on Amazing Grace and I Can Only Imagine...such fitting and beautiful songs and for that day...with the assurance of Ian's salvation..it was even better...I cried..but I smiled too..I was just wondering if he was bowing, standing, falling or kneeling before his precious Savior? It is always hard to lose a loved one and I have said before, if I could bring my grandma back, I would in a heartbeat..but I know I can't and I know that she is in the place we long to be someday with our Savior and King and that makes me happy and I know it does Ian's family too!

I want to ask you to continue to pray for Ethan and his mom Lauren..she is such a special person to me and I just love her spirit..she is such a strong lady and she has been given the blessed responsibility of raising Ethan..and I along with so many others..know she is doing and will continue to do a fantastic job! He is blessed to have her as Mommy!

On Wednesday, a local man was hit by a car as he was training for an Ironman Triathalon...such a sad and tragic thing to happen..again this week. The dear lady that hit him..her life is changed forever as well..but I hope we all stop and realize it could have been us..it was an accident..a tragic accident!

It is so sad that things like this happen and sometimes are the only things that make us stop and realize just how precious life is and how important our family truly is..I guarantee we all loved a little closer and hugged a little tighter in our small hometown..it definitely makes you realize just how short life can be and in a rare moment how lives can change...Hold your loved ones a little tighter tonight and tell them you love them..you never know when your last chance might be...