Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I want to say first of all, it has been a sad day in more ways than one, and a sad day for 2 dear families. While, it is sadness these two families are definitely feeling, it has to be a glorious day in Heaven as they welcomed 2 of it's most precious angels! Angel Talkington and Riley were both welcomed into Heaven's gates last night and today! Both of these sweet girls have been fighting a battle for their life in different ways for the majority of their lives. While I am sad to say I didn't know these girls as personal as some of my friends did, I feel like I have been apart of their fight as I have prayed for them when our mutual friends have called on Christians to pray for them as their conditions have worsened. Life as we know it is so sacred, precious and it is situations like these that make us stop and realize how much each day counts, how each moment counts and how NOTHING should be taken for granted. I can't help but smile as I think of how they are probably running and skipping with no breathing problems or physical ailments at all, as they run down the streets of almost gets you into shouting mode! How free and happy they must truly be! I can't imagine being in their families position right now, and I know there aren't any words that comfort in times like these, but I pray that they feel the Savior's arms wrapped around them and hugging them ever so close! I wanted to post two pics of these dear sweet girls who were full of so much life and were loved by so many people..and who touched people in ways that only showed Jesus' love in the truest sense..please join me praying for their families!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Great Weekend with the Parents

Well, we enjoyed this weekend so much! My parents came down on Thursday and just left this afternoon..we all enjoy their company so much and always have good laughs and fun! On Thursday cooked and I think Kenny really enjoyed a good home cooked meal! Friday, Brylee was thoroughly excited that she did not have to wake up and go to school..she loves school, but would much rather stay with her Nenne and Poppa. We went out to eat on Friday night and then to where else??? Walmart!

It was so funny, I posted that on my Facebook..and our music minister's wife's parents were visiting too..and that was the same thing they did. I mean, what else is there to do here? Saturday began with yardsaling, CHOCOLATE gravy by my Diddy, and then we headed to the city Fall Festival. Crafts, food, games and music lined the streets of Etown. We had a ball! The weather was perfect and the entertainment was splendid. (We saw the music minister's family at the FF too!) Not much to do here if you can guess..LOL..They had a firetruck..which Brylee Loves..and I figured she would be so excited!!! NOT...SHE WAS SCARED!!! So, her Daddy got on it with her and she was okay then...

Poppa even got his chance on riding the Boll Weevil Choo-Choo..the owners go to our church, so we are very fond of the train. It is usually at all of our church since Kenny and I have had the pleasure of riding it many times,we let Poppa in on the fun!

After the festival, we headed home for some college football, and for Momma's chili!!! YUMMY! Kenny and Daddy had several games they wanted to watch, so they took Brylee's tv out and put in in the Living room..we had 2 TV's going during the was hilarious! After the first round of games, Poppa and I took Brylee to church across from our road to trunk or treat..she had a blast! Although, I don't think she is too impressed with her costume! LOL

After that, we headed home and ate chili and enjoyed the rest of the night together. Woke up Sunday and headed for an awesome service! The Lord just blessed us all and spoke to us through the Word! We ate at our fave spot and then headed home for mom and dad to hoo! I decided while I had my Daddy here to carve a first so I thought I might need his assitance..and if I must say so myself, I did a pretty good job! Here's a few shots...Kenny was in "Supervisor" Mode... LOL

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our new nephew!!!

Introducing our new Nephew!!! Jaden Christopher

Here is a picture shortly after he was born.......

And here he is being held by my mother..I think they sent me this picture to make me jealous! Times like this that distance is a huge problem!!!

He was delivered by c-section due to his heart rate dropping couple of times..and when he was born..they figured out the cause..he was holding the umbilical cord! He gave his momma a fit during pregnancy and during labor..a stubborn little thing..but we are super excited he is here and healthy!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

~Pumpkin Patch~

I know..2 posts in one day..but the first one was pretty much about yesterday..and this one is about today at our church pumpkin patch..First of all, a HUGE thanks to the "T's" for hosting this event! They are super people and were so gracious to have us all over! Brylee got to ride a train, firetruck, hayride, jump in jumpy things, games, cake walk, eat hot dogs, popcorn, candied apples (to which one man replied, this is pure ecstasy)! I almost lost it, and of course face painting..oh and got to pick out a pumpkin (well, she got 2, b/c her train ride took her down there too)! She had so much fun..and climbed to the top of the slide when we told her it was time to go home..she didn't want to leave..Kenny had the privilege of "saving" another child today! If you remember my 4th of July blog..where he went in the pool to save our own, phone, wallet and all...well today a child of an unnamed coach at a certain elementary school...hint hint..began running like Forrest! Literally, he just took off, well, his mom with baby in saddle couldn't catch him, and "C" with baby in tow on inside tried, so as we hear "GET HIM..b/c there were two huge ponds on either side, Kenny (My brave Hero) drops everything he is carrying..and ran to catch him..he did and did not end up in the water! Thank Goodness, b/c it was rather chilly! So, it was quite the show..wish I had it on camera, but you know, I wasn't quite ready..I was kind of standing in awe, like when Brylee was drowning! So here are a few pics from our spectacular day!

Brylee and Daddy looking in the pond.

Mommy and her sweet girl!

Enjoying her cupcake!

Searching for the Perfect Pumpkin

She found it!!!!

A Lazy Friday and a Buick Skylark

Kenny and I spent our last day relaxing and running some errands. We ran to New Brockton to take care of some stuff..came back to Subway and enjoyed a healthy lunch, then as I thought we were going home, he kept straight on the my surprise..we were going to "look" at a car. Okay..not too long ago, we paid off one of our vehicles and are very close to paying off the other one (Thank you Lord) I was like..what??? we are not about to buy another car! Well, we pulled up and this (notice the brown blob to the left) was what he wanted me to see...a 1972 Buick Skylark! Unbelievable that he was wasting my time to look at this. He is obsessed with old cars these days..and thought this one was in great condition..(to was just OLD) I walk around the lot..he is on the phone with the owner to come and let us test drive it. I was beginning to feel a little of embarrassment take over as I realized he was really talking to someone and they were on their way to give us the keys..we pop in the thing..with the seatbelt half way on the ceiling and halfway in the meets in the middle of our chest! A sunroof..(to which I begged we keep closed) and a radio/ac that worked! We crank the car..and it goes dead..the guy says it has a "cold engine" pump the accelerator..we did and we were out of there..we were spinning as we took off...the thing def. had some up and go to it. As we get to the first died...yep ...I am sinking in the seat at this point! Thankfully, it started up as sweet as it did the first time..and my baby was proud! (notice pic below)..I didn't have my I took these with my phone..but I couldn't resist..the big smile he had as his knees almost hit the dash..b/c the seat wouldn't go back any further! He thought all the old men were jealous of him! I am sure that they were..but I will be glad to tell him where the thing is parked and they can take a tour themselves..b/c that is what we did..TOUR ONLY! Last night, our dear friends A, C and K kept Brylee while we went to the movie..Brylee loves o play with K, she is in 2nd grade..and I know they had a blast! Kenny and I saw "FireProof"..what a powerful movie!!! It is a recommendation from both of us now! We enjoyed it so much..and are going to take the Love Dare..I encourage you to go watch it as well! If you have already watched it, let me know if you loved it as much as we did! Have a good rest of the weekend!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Meet Bry the Teacher

First of all..I am super excited to have 5 Followers! I feel loved and that my blog is actually being read...Don't we all love that feeling of importance and that "needed" feeling..I mean seriously..where would you be without my blog??? Okay..I am done...

ALso..a BIG WELCOME TO THE WORLD...TO WYATT!! He came in at a big 9.9 and baby, Clint and Laura are doing well. These are lifelong friends of our family..and I am so happy for them tonight!!!!

Now on to our night so far..since Brylee has been home. She has cracked us up to say the least!!! Her teacher will not be at school, she told Brylee, (I heard her) that she would be the teacher tomorrow and would be in do a good job. Little did I know that Brylee would spend the rest of the night practicing for tomorrow. She requested that I come to her room and play with her..and when she asks so could I resist?? When I got to her room..she has several of her dolls and animals lined up and is drilling them on the alphabet cards, doing the months of the year, reading the Bible Story..where she tells her Daddy and I to "Fold your hands Please"..and saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Instructing the kids to put their hands on their heart..stand up..and "Have a Seat" at the end. She is also getting on to her dearest friend Jake..we have a designated chair and corner for Bry's time out situations..and well, it has a "child" in it now..the director of her school is Ms. Joy..or as Brylee refers to her as "Ms. Joy's Office" she comes in here to give me a kid who is not behaving..and says "Bring her to me when she is good..okay..Ms. Joy's Office" I am rolling at this point..but I did manage to get a quick video....

I tell you what..if this child ever becomes a teacher, she will be a good one! She knows how to get in trouble and she knows how to punish for it..and Heaven help them tomorrow!

***Going to publish video next..wouldn't let me publish with it on here! Crazy I know!!!

Regardless of your political have to admit her saying the pledge..melts your heart..or it does mine! I think she will be the next president someday!! Pray for good attitudes tomorrow during our pics..she can be difficult sometimes when you want her to do pray that she just smiles!!! Here's a few pics from this afternoon..while she was watching her Daddy work outside..and from when I gave her pigtails...we pulled it straight to see how long it was..and it is pretty long!

Here is our little teacher in action..and boy is she tough?!?!The last pic is what we see daily flying over us..I am going to GUESS it is a Blackhawk?? If you read this and I am wrong (Brooke T.)..PLEASE correct me..growing up, Kenny and I grew up close to the we had trains, in Atlanta, we had airplanes..and in Etown..we have helicopters..several of my dear coworkers husbands and boyfriends fly them..and I think of them often and say a little prayer especially when they are flying over..the chill it can send sometimes...

Sunday, October 12, 2008


The title of my blog has hit our household..well at least Brylee and I. Brylee has had a cold/cough for a while..but it never seems to phase her nor has she had a fever. So I have held off taking her to the doctor. Well, it has now hit me...since Wednesday..and I have felt as though a Mack Truck has hit me..just call me a coughing, mucus producing, sneezing machine. My head has hurt so bad and I just feel plain yucky! Thank goodness we have the week off..b/c at this moment, I went no where yesterday..and have decided to watch Bro. Billy on tv today..mainly b/c I don't want to infect anyone else..or have a "coughing spell" as my mawmaw used to call it..:)

***It is now Monday...I did go to the doctor today, and after a shot, and a round of antibiotics..another medicine..I am not going to take..I am on the mend hopefully...

Yes, I said I am not going to take a certain is a pack of some sort of steroid and I don't see the need for it. (And I researched it and there are some crazy side effects some people mentioned). I figure antibiotic should do the we will see. I have too much to do to have side effects of a medicine..I don't think I need in the first place. We have Christmas pics Wed..a dear co-worker takes pics on the side..and seriously she should do it full-time..she is really that good..and she is going to take ours Wed. and do our Christmas Cards..Basketball has started full force today..yes on our week off..but we wouldn't want to be a week behind the rest of the state now would we..I don't have anything else to blog I will sign off and finish Brylee's bath.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Just a quick catchup!

Mine and Kerry's babies! Who would've thought that 10 years later, we would have a 3 year old and a one year old..but aren't they so cute!!!

I will be the first to admit it..I am stinkin at this blog thing! So much has happened and I could type for days..but I won' I will just give a brief overview..and hopefully get back into the swing of things this week.

  • Homecoming was AWESOME..began with a parade, ballgame, Docks, family picnic, dinner

  • We saw so many faces we haven't seen in about 10 years..and all were just as sweet or hilarious as they were in high was too funny to see all of us now with babies, husbands and lives of our own. Not as many came as we would have liked to have had, but all that were there were are a couple of group pics...

It was a very good/busy weekend..we had a birthday party for Colin, my friend Lindsey's oldest child who turned 7..(hard to believe!!!)..and a baby shower for Kenny's brother on Sunday. They got a lot of good things..and she was very thankful. Back to the real world on Monday. Oh..I almost forgot..I had the privilege of meeting a fellow blogger face to face..Miranda..she is married to one of my friend's from high school's brother..and somehow we came across eachothers blogs..and talked for a while..and met while I was was really neat..we picked up like old friends..I mean we do know what is going on in eachother's life!

I have nothing else major to report..we are struggling over our halloween costume..since it changes every moment from mermaid, butterfly, PINK mouse, pirate, ladybug..and the list goes I just ordered the cutest butterfly costume I could find that wasn't 90 lets hope she likes it! (She really won't have a choice) LOL

Finished another class today..that's exciting..b/c it means 2 more and I am done with my Master's..just don't know when I will take those other we shall see when I finish..or pass comps! The dreaded word..Does anyone have any advice on that????