Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's been a week.....

While it has been over a week since I last posted, I figured I better write a little something..Brylee and I ended up at home Friday night, all Saturday, all Sunday and all Monday...she ran a fever the whole time. Of course, when I got a doctor's appointment on Monday, she had quit, but I figured I would go ahead and let him listen to her..she had told us she had swallowed a quarter the other he went ahead and did a "whole to whole" x-ray..her longs were A-okay and there was no money!
But, since he did hear some wheezing, he went ahead and prescribed a steroid and breathing treatments..she did these when she was about 6 we had a machine at home..I had almost let a friend borrow it, but she had already bought one, so I am glad I didn't. She used to hate these and has her moments this week, but for the most part, her "Dragon Puff" has been beneficial!

Today being a beautiful day, we decided to go to Waffle House for a late breakfast, and then to the park. Our day changed when Kenny wanted to check out the Fun Factory. We have lived here for 3 years, but never went..Let's just say, we will not go back to Chuck E Cheeses over this place..for $5, Brylee got to skate, play in a park area, jump on enclosed trampolines, bowl, mini golf, play in an area with styrofoam balls and air blowing them everywhere! She had a blast! And Kenny did too! He busted out some skates and skated like it was 1987 at Parks or Jody's in the boro!! It was so much fun! I hate my camera batteries weren't charged and I only got a couple of pics on my phone.

And YES, she does have on a Christmas Tree shirt in Feb. Come on people, we thought we were going to play outside..not where anyone would really see us! Let's just call it a Mardi Gras/Valentine's shirt! Baaaahhhaaa!!!

On a serious note, my Uncle Petey is in the hospital, and in ICU. They don't really know what is going on, but he needs your prayers..also, Will Bellomy's family needs your prayers, Abby Riggs needs your prayers, Jeffery Burks who got orders to go to Iraq needs your many prayer requests tonight!


~*Lisa*~ said...

I love it! I miss you so much I feel like I have not talked to you in forever! :( Bless her sweet bones! I am glad she is better and who cares about the tshirt sister. :) At least she had clothes on! :) LOVE YOU ISI!