Sunday, May 31, 2009

UPW UPDATE..Prayers Needed

Please pray for my Uncle Petey tonight..this weekend..on Friday we got a call that they had taken him to the ER b/c he had pulled his trach out..but when Dad and I got there..he assured us he did not..he coughed and it came out..which with as hard as he was coughing..I could see that happening! He was so tired and pitiful! My heart just aches for him in that condition. He mouthed several things to use..several we understood and several we did not. He would get very frustrated and tell us "NEVERMIND"..and we got that! LOL..I was his main air adjuster. They had the air on 80 crazy is an ER? When I am sick, I want to be cool..and 80 is just crazy. For a trach patient the recommended temp is 65 before we left, it was down to 70..he sure appreciated that! They ended up admitting him due to an UTI infection, and a lowgrade fever. After admitting him they discovered a staph infection, dehydrated, and a low white blood count. He had been doing better and even ate a few chips of ice this is so frustrating to do well and then have a setback. So, he is still in the hospital tonight and needs prayers like never before! I enjoyed seeing him even in those circumstances and getting to tell him so much about Brylee and how she prays for him all the time! He just done my heart good! Pray for mom and dad as well as they are staying with him at night now...The Lord is good and all is done according to His will!

On Wednesday, May 27, 2009, Brylee went to the dentist for the first time. She absolutely loved it! I am so happy! Let me give you a little background...

Growing up, I went to a wonderful dentist with a great hygienist...I loved going..once I was there, hated it leading up to the visit. I do not know why! I hated the smell, the sounds, the feeling of the grainy toothpaste, spitting in the little bowl and getting x-rays in the "dungeon". But, I loved Ms. Cindy and I loved Dr. Holland..they always made it better and not so bad. You see there was something special about Dr. Holland..he gave fillings without shots! I am serious! As far as I was concerned, I never got a shot..that is until I got 16. I had a new lady who didn't know about the magic he preformed on me! She broke out this gigantic shot that was so scary! I immediately closed my mouth and told her I didn't receive shots and never have! She was a little confused and called him in..he sat down and broke it down to me..and since then..I cry the first time I go to a new dentist and ashamedly have went for 2 years without a cleaning. I am getting better and thanks to this dentist and how I got to watch everything they did to not going to have a nervous breakdown when I go..which is in July!

Back to Brylee's visit..she and her daddy had appointments at 7:30 in the morning..Brylee got to watch everything they were doing with she could get accustomed to it all. She asked so many questions..and Ms. Amelia was so gracious to answer them.

After the initiation was her time..she had a wonderful hygienist and I would recommend her to anyone for the first time and every time..Ms. Ellen..she had a tv with cartoons, sang and danced to entertain, laughed and had the most positive attitude..Brylee LOVED her and still talks about going back! Since going, we have had no problem brushing her fact, Brylee begs to go back and wants to brush all the time! They took x-rays..and it looks as though she will be an ortho patient..SURPRISE SURPRISE..both Kenny and I had braces. We scheduled her 6 months appointment and we were on our way..but not before she got her diamond ring..yes..they gave her a 'fake' ring! She loved it and was super are a few pics.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Once Again..a Great Weekend

So, my parents came down for the weekend..they were coming to see Brylee play t-ball and of course it rained it out! Boo! But, we were all so thankful they were just here! Friday, Brylee was waiting on them to pick her up from daycare..she woke up at 6 am, wanting to know if today was the day they were she is before daycare. Can you tell how excited she was???

..and her hopes were full filled as they made it in time..we all headed to none other than Santa Fe..

We enjoyed our meal and headed to the house..where we all just sat around and talked. We watched the movie Taken again since Mom and Dad hadn't seen it..and it was just as good as it was the first time! On Saturday we all got up and headed to Dothan to shop! Brylee got her toes painted...

rode a horse....

and became a princess all in one day!

We had a great day..and while mom, dad and Brylee went to Red Lobster and then home, Kenny and I enjoyed a couple of hours at Barnes and Noble and then on to a movie..we had a date night! It sure was nice and when we arrived home..the wrath of Brylee with meds had came out..she was all over the place..and finally my parents could see my "high" child! They were just laughing at that point! Brylee's words were, my Nenne tried to spank me with the fly flapper and I laughed! Ya'll, she is a hoot when she is like that! She is our little angel!!!!
Of course there were many tears as they left..Brylee was just heartbroken..but she quickly recovered..had a good nap and played all afternoon..she is on the countdown to the visit there next weekend since Cameron is graduating from high school! That is a blog in itself! Our oldest nephew graduating!

I hope you all have a good Memorial Day tomorrow and remember the ones who fought and died for our freedom! What a blessing to be an American!

...cause there ain't no doubt..I love this land..God Bless the U.S.A.

Friday, May 22, 2009

"Forced into the Lyme-Light"

Good evening! I have a special and informative treat for you all tonight! I have a guest blogger who is an amazing testimony of God's divine intervention! I have the utmost respect for this family. They have been through so much in the past few weeks and recently while chatting with her, I asked her if she would be willing to write an entry for awareness and for the pure testimony of God's grace. She said she would and I was so excited to get it in my inbox tonight! I hope you enjoy the entry, learn something to help others who might be searching for a diagnosis and take a moment to thank God for all He has done for this family!

~This week a senior from EHS was diagnosed with Lyme Disease as well..please keep him in your prayers!

Let me introduce you to Liz and Hampton.....


It was Friday night March 6, 2009….my husband and I, along with our 11 year old son Hampton, were playing rock band, laughing and having a good time. Suddenly, my son turned around, grabbed his throat, and said his throat hurt and he couldn’t swallow; he began crying and saying I feel so bad mom, so bad…..he went straight to bed. Little did I know he would be in the bed for 5 weeks solid; only to move to the recliner for 3 more weeks. It was as if someone had flipped a switch.

The next day, he had a lowgrade temp, and was so weak and fatigued, that he stayed in bed all weekend, and on Monday we went to the doctor assuming that he must have strep. Strep was ruled out, and the doctor thought it must be flu. We made repeated trips to the doctor over the next 11 days, ruling out all the norms, flu, mono, strep, cytomegalovirus, RSV, adenovirus, as well as checking all routine labs such as sed rate, CMP (complete metabolic panel) CBC, etc. Every lab was normal. We were sent home to let whatever strange “virus” we had to run its course.

Throughout this period, Hampton’s symptoms were increasing and more were presenting to include excruciating headaches, stabbing muscular pains, abdominal pain, rigorous chills, sweats, red flushed face, dizziness, anxiety & panic, paranoia, wobbly legs, tingling, numbness, increased sensitivities to sound & smell, skin tenderness, cognitive issues(foggy concentration/comprehension), withdrawal & lack of engagement in conversation, emotional outburst, chest pain, faint feelings, queasiness, shakes and tremors, involuntary jerks, testicular & urethral pain, and hearing auditory sounds that did not exist. He was literally worsening day by day, rising only to eat, use the restroom, and go to the doctor.

Increasingly worried, and concerned, we were praying and begging God for wisdom to know what was wrong in order to get proper treatment. On the morning of March 20th, while I was getting dressed, Lyme disease literally came to me from thin air…..I knew it had to be from God, as I didn’t even know a symptom of Lyme at that point. This prompted me to search the internet and learn about it to see if it sounded like what we were experiencing….It absolutely did…….

I was told of a local who had gone through this ordeal a few years back, and I immediately contacted her to get a first- hand account of her experience, and it was a carbon copy match with Hampton…….She had mentioned a knowledgeable doctor being in the Florida area. I notified him, and he ordered the test to be drawn on March 23, and on March 25th he called and told me it was positive for Lyme.

Hampton was put on Doxycycline and Omnicef immediately, and after initiation of antibiotics, he went down hill rapidly. This happens with Lyme because the mutants of the bacteria, called spirochete, actually go rampant and start dying. When they die, they emit toxins into your body which cause an increase in symptoms and make you sicker. This was very evident because Hampton began profuse vomiting, which he had not done the entire time. This would continue over the next 7 days off and on, all the while all other symptoms were increasing in intensity as well.

We also had labs drawn to test for co-infections for Lyme; seldom does one who is infected have Lyme alone. The tick usually always carries secondary infections as well. This result came back positive for Bartonella. At that point, a third antibiotic of Azithromycin was added. We will continue this protocol until the end of June, at which time we will go back for a check with the doctor.

At no time did we have a rash or any sign of having been bitten; infact, we find that most Lyme patients seldom remember a bite, see a tick, or have the rash. The deer tick that carries Lyme is minute; about the size of a poppy seed.

Hampton is improving and making great progress now; he actually had a huge improvement over Mother’s Day weekend, and did exceptionally well through May 17th. This week, however, we are experiencing some more “die off”, which is to be expected. He is very tired, low fever, and just feels bad; these times will come and go until it is eradicated fully. There is not a “quick fix”.

We are so thankful for the many prayers and support of so many, some of whom we don’t even know. We are thankful for God’s Wisdom and guidance throughout this ordeal; where would we have been had “HE” not intervened?

I hope that by writing this, someone may read it, and find it the “answer” to their prayer………..we know there have to be more people going from doctor to doctor searching for answers and they, too, have undiagnosed Lyme Disease. May this be their day of hope.

God’s Blessings to you all…….


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Trike-A-Thon was a SUCCESS!!!

A few posts back..Brylee got on my computer and typed a letter about helping with a fundraiser for sick children at St. Jude's. I am totally aware she really didn't do it..but wasn't it a cute idea! worked! She raised $133 to be donated to the hospital. A moment to thank those who helped: Poppa and Nenne, Nana, Erica Smith, Amy Thomas, Linda Uithoven, Kathey Chambers,Ida Pouncy, and Emma and Kelli. These are some amazing family members, co-workers and friends...Brylee even received a note handwritten from Emma with the donation! We were so excited to get it and read it! I usually hate having people buy things or just fund raise..but didn't mind at all asking for this since the donations don't really help Brylee out on anything..they are certainly used for some pretty sweet children! I remember when Brylee was a small baby..and she had some blood work come back kinda sketchy..the doctor who noticed it didn't have a lot of experience with he had us come back a few weeks when her "cold" was gone to check it again..Those weeks were the longest weeks ever of my life!!! Seriously..everything played through my head! I was already on the St. Jude's site looking up the hospital, where she could possibly be, getting information..worrying my tail off! (That's one of my biggest sins..WORRY..I got plenty, but that is a major one..LOL) That is when my dear ISI friend Lisa really showed me who she was and shared some amazing stories with me and prayed with me and quoted scripture that I placed on my refrigerator, so I could be hit in the face with truth and God's love instead of that nasty worrying! When I turned that over to God, I could never explain the peace I felt that day! It was amazing! In the meantime, the doctor had called a pediatric oncologist friend of his and he said the numbers were more than likely nothing to be concerned with due to the infection she in the few weeks..we went back and sure enough, she was fine! What an answered prayer of mine! I still get chill bumps when I remember Nurse Jackie coming back with a HUGE smile on her face! Now our friend Riley is going through that awful nightmare, and fighting like a big girl! I know many answered prayers have happened for that family..and I know many more, including healing, will come their way!

Not only did she get to collect money, she and her friends had a blast riding their bicycles on are a few pics for you to enjoy!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our Little Ball Player

Well, our little girl made us proud on her first t-ball game performance! In the words of Savannah, "It doesn't matter who catches the ball, it's all about having fun!"...and she is so right! The children and the parents have a ball at t-ball games! I love to watch them hit, run and field the ball. Brylee really opened up tonight..could it have been her cold medicine that has made her psycho/crazy? Possibly, but either way, we were proud! She is a fast runner..ran right out of her hat one time and ran all around the field from a guy trying to tag her out! She meant he wasn't getting her even if she didn't follow the proper running sequence! Brylee isn't 4 yet and this is a 4-5 ball league, so we expect to see anything out of her! Here are a few pics from her game..

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day 2009

It's Mother's Day..and boy..have I enjoyed it so far! I am so thankful for my lovely family! God has truly blessed me with an amazing husband and a wonderful daughter. This morning Bro. Billy preached his first Mother's Day sermon without his mother. The whole day was a sting to him since she is not here on Earth..but Praise God she is in Heaven today celebrating with the angels and her heavenly Father! I had tears of joy today as I thought about my grandmother who is there as well! He talked about the things his momma portrayed to him..and everyone brought a memory back to me!

Unconditional Love~ My momma has always loved me..even when I was down right ugly and mean to her and was so disrespectful..yes..I admit not proud of it, but there was a time I did not show the respect I should to her! She never quit loving me..and I am so thankful for that!!!!

Uncontrollable Laughter~ I think about all the memories my mother and I have...I remember the roll in the floor laughter we have had and still have...sometimes things just crack us up..I hear Brylee say all the time.."You crack me up Mom"...I think about the time my Mawmaw Miss popped my gigantic bubble with her toe..gross I know..but that was the funniest thing.. I miss her laugh!

Unending Labor~ I talked about this in my Mom's birthday post..she can make ends meet like no other..Bro. Billy called it "figuring"..I have too seen my mother break out the bills in the middle of the floor and "figure"...I have never known my mother not to work and still manage to be at every important event in my life..a mother's work is never done..Aunt Angela did a question of "What's your hardest job ever"..mine was of course the Marble Slab Creamery..(we will save that for another day)...but my most rewarding by far is raising Brylee..I come from a long line of successful, kind, caring and loving mothers who have taught me well..and Kenny too, has a wonderful mother, grandmothers and aunts who have showed him the love of a mother and we in return pass it on to Brylee.

Undeniable Lordship~ All of our mothers,grandmothers and aunts are Christians and have lived lives of surrendering to our Lord..they have taught us how to go to to live a life for Christ and how to depend on Him! My grandmother Guinn is still alive and she exemplifies the love of the Lord in so many ways..she encourages me and strengthens me more than she knows! The song that was sang at my grandmother's funeral..
"O look what I've traded for a mansion
O look what I'm leaving behind
O look who will be there to greet me
When I step into God's sweet paradise
I'm leaving behind all my sorrows
I'm leaving behind all my cares
For I've traded it all for a mansion
That Jesus has gone to prepare"

Those words are words I sing from time to time and am reminded that while she nor Kenny's grandmother's nor his Aunt Barbara are here with us..they are there with no sorrows, no cares, and are happily awaiting for us all to gather with them for eternity!

Unappreciated Life~ I hope and pray that our mother's always know how much we love them and appreciate everything they have ever done! Kenny and I would not be the people we are today without our mothers..they have taught us everything we know and we owe so much to them! They are not only wonderful mothers, but wonderful grandmothers and friends! There is not a thing we can't call them and talk about at anytime and get their advice when needed..We love our mother's and wish them the best day ever!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Praise be to our Great God!

Uncle Petey just arrived by ambulance in Huntsville..only 30 minutes from home! Once he was able to talk and become more aware, he had mom get on his "case" and see what could be done about moving him closer to within a week of making contacts, he is there! I know everyone is so excited! We want to continue the "Campaign for Petey" and keep the cards coming..He loves them and laughs when they are read..I have to share a story with co-worker/friend Amy follows my does her daughter and they have sent cards to him..well, the other night her daughter was saying her prayers and went into a few moments of prayer for "Uncle Petey"..afterwards, her daddy (who doesn't read my blog..shame shame..Ha) came and asked Amy..Do we have an Uncle Petey I don't know about? Kelsey was just praying for Uncle Petey..and I didn't want to ask her who it was if it is someone I should know!

Aren't you glad that you have people pray for you who don't even know you sometimes! Aren't you glad that the little ones say their prayers and mean them wholeheartedly? Aren't you glad that the Lord hears even the smallest prayer?
Aren't you glad He answers ALL prayers?

I found it very heartwarming to know a 2nd grader would pray for my Uncle Petey! I have been overwhelmed at the cards that have been sent..You would be surprised at just how good they make him feel..and how many nieces and nephews he has kids and friends at school will say.."How's Uncle Petey"..he loves them all, he just says.."I wish people wouldn't waste their money on them"..of course..always thinking of others! Okay..I have a new from now on, start sending them to this address:

Big Springs Specialty Care Center
c/o David Whitehead Room #417
500 St. Clair Ave. SW
Huntsville, AL 35801

Happy Birthday Momma/Nenne!!!!!


My mother's birthday is today May 7th and I only wish I was there to spend it with her..growing up..she will be the first to admit that we didn't always see eye to eye..but as I have grown..I will go ahead and admit it on the public blog on the public Internet, we are more alike than we will admit! I have seen things I have done that make me go, wow..I remember Momma doing that! My mother is the type of person who is ALWAYS there no matter what! I can't recall a time I have called her or asked her for something I needed and she hasn't made a way to come through! I just wish I had inherited the "money saving" gene she has! Even at times when my Daddy was hurt and not much income was coming in, she always managed to have it..I used to think there was a magical fund somewhere, and the cash was never ending..Not so was all my mother..and those skills I wish I had! She is a wonderful mother, grandmother and friend..but I have NEVER been more proud of her as I have been since Feb. 5, 2009.

My mother has truly stepped to the plate for her brother! She has had his best interest from the beginning and spent many sleepless nights in hospitals and hotels just to be close to him and to take care of him. True love has been shown and it's a love I will never understand since I do not have a brother...but if I did, I hope that through thick and thin, speaking and non speaking and independence and need, that I would show the same love she has! This same love I witnessed with from her when her mother was sick and my father when he was hurt. It is that true "do unto others" and "let your life reflect Jesus" love...It is an endless love and just part of her! She has always been a Christian mother, a wonderful example (except the cast iron skillet threat..some of you know what that is..Ha Ha) and I have the utmost respect for her! If I become half of the woman she is, I will be doing good. She loves us all and we love her!

I would love for you to welcome me in telling her a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! We all LOVE you so much and thank God you are in our lives!!!!

And when I asked her about how she felt being another year older..this is what she thought about it!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Please Pray

My friends..and prayer warriors...I was given this request from a sweet friend. She desires prayers from her friends..and I asked her if I could post this because I know there are people who read this..that pray and believe in I will just post what she posted..This girl Katie's parents are Steve and Marcia Rutland from Enterprise and they are in need of massive prayer!!!

My Bestfriend Katie had twins this past week Abigal (now 3lbs) was moved Sunday to NICU at USA. She may possibly havean infection of the bowels that has a 1 in 4 mortality rate. Adien (now 4lbs 6ozs) started to have episodes of not breathing along w/drops in heart rate. They are now running test on him now to see causations. Katie had a spinal leak from her c-Section and had to go back to the hospital for blood injections in her spine. Please pray for this family The Nelson Family

Thanks, Kim

Sunday, May 3, 2009

St. Jude Trike-a-Thon

Hello to all my Mommy's friends!

I have been waiting to get on her "puter" and write to you all! She has told me how great all of you are and how you have become a community of friends! That's neat! I have a lot of friends too! We are going to hold a Trike-a-Thon at my school later this month. What is that you might ask?
Well, let me tell you..all week we will learn about bike safety from my preschool teacher. At the end, we will get to practice those rules riding and earning money for laps that you donate. You can either do a flat donation, or you can donate a certain amount for each lap I ride..let me warn you..I am a good rider! :) But most importantly, we raise the money for children with cancer and for research at St. Judes..cancer is such an ugly many are affected..Mommy helped me think of some we know..Mr. David (Molly's Daddy), Jake's grandmother..(he's my BFF), Riley, Abby, Abbey, and friend's who have been Sadye and Emma. I am so happy to know that any money I raise will go to help people with this TERRIBLE disease. If you want to help me..please let my mommy know! Of course, don't feel you have to, but I wanted to give you the opportunity..(really I wanted to get on my Mommy's laptop)..shhhh...don't tell her!


Saturday, May 2, 2009

1st Swim of 2009

We spent the evening at Mrs. Karen and Mr. Chris' grilling steaks and letting the kids swim. They are such great people and we just love spending time with them and their grandson Logan..he and Brylee have a blast! Chris and Christina were there as well with the kids and they had a blast, although I think the water was a little too cold! In one of the pictures they were shaking so bad..and eating Ice Cream sandwiches! Go figure!

This means one thing...BRING ON SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

I don't KNOW, but am pretty sure....

that this is a sure fire way to get Swine Flu!

So, what are your thoughts on this "Pandemic" that all are freaking out over? Someone said that you can't find germx anywhere in the stores!?! Well, I knew my germophobia disease would come in handy, because I stockpile that stuff when I am at the stores! He He!

I do know that my Bible tells me that...

"No weapon that is formed against you will prosper"..Isaiah 54:17

And that if this is the end of times (which we know it is, Praise God I am ready to go). All keep safe and remember who is in control of it all!