Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Trike-A-Thon was a SUCCESS!!!

A few posts back..Brylee got on my computer and typed a letter about helping with a fundraiser for sick children at St. Jude's. I am totally aware she really didn't do it..but wasn't it a cute idea! worked! She raised $133 to be donated to the hospital. A moment to thank those who helped: Poppa and Nenne, Nana, Erica Smith, Amy Thomas, Linda Uithoven, Kathey Chambers,Ida Pouncy, and Emma and Kelli. These are some amazing family members, co-workers and friends...Brylee even received a note handwritten from Emma with the donation! We were so excited to get it and read it! I usually hate having people buy things or just fund raise..but didn't mind at all asking for this since the donations don't really help Brylee out on anything..they are certainly used for some pretty sweet children! I remember when Brylee was a small baby..and she had some blood work come back kinda sketchy..the doctor who noticed it didn't have a lot of experience with he had us come back a few weeks when her "cold" was gone to check it again..Those weeks were the longest weeks ever of my life!!! Seriously..everything played through my head! I was already on the St. Jude's site looking up the hospital, where she could possibly be, getting information..worrying my tail off! (That's one of my biggest sins..WORRY..I got plenty, but that is a major one..LOL) That is when my dear ISI friend Lisa really showed me who she was and shared some amazing stories with me and prayed with me and quoted scripture that I placed on my refrigerator, so I could be hit in the face with truth and God's love instead of that nasty worrying! When I turned that over to God, I could never explain the peace I felt that day! It was amazing! In the meantime, the doctor had called a pediatric oncologist friend of his and he said the numbers were more than likely nothing to be concerned with due to the infection she in the few weeks..we went back and sure enough, she was fine! What an answered prayer of mine! I still get chill bumps when I remember Nurse Jackie coming back with a HUGE smile on her face! Now our friend Riley is going through that awful nightmare, and fighting like a big girl! I know many answered prayers have happened for that family..and I know many more, including healing, will come their way!

Not only did she get to collect money, she and her friends had a blast riding their bicycles on are a few pics for you to enjoy!


Leigh Anne said...

What a great thing to teach your daughter so early in her life. She will never forget this. Looks like a lot of fun,too!