Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Momma/Nenne!!!!!


My mother's birthday is today May 7th and I only wish I was there to spend it with her..growing up..she will be the first to admit that we didn't always see eye to eye..but as I have grown..I will go ahead and admit it on the public blog on the public Internet, we are more alike than we will admit! I have seen things I have done that make me go, wow..I remember Momma doing that! My mother is the type of person who is ALWAYS there no matter what! I can't recall a time I have called her or asked her for something I needed and she hasn't made a way to come through! I just wish I had inherited the "money saving" gene she has! Even at times when my Daddy was hurt and not much income was coming in, she always managed to have it..I used to think there was a magical fund somewhere, and the cash was never ending..Not so was all my mother..and those skills I wish I had! She is a wonderful mother, grandmother and friend..but I have NEVER been more proud of her as I have been since Feb. 5, 2009.

My mother has truly stepped to the plate for her brother! She has had his best interest from the beginning and spent many sleepless nights in hospitals and hotels just to be close to him and to take care of him. True love has been shown and it's a love I will never understand since I do not have a brother...but if I did, I hope that through thick and thin, speaking and non speaking and independence and need, that I would show the same love she has! This same love I witnessed with from her when her mother was sick and my father when he was hurt. It is that true "do unto others" and "let your life reflect Jesus" love...It is an endless love and just part of her! She has always been a Christian mother, a wonderful example (except the cast iron skillet threat..some of you know what that is..Ha Ha) and I have the utmost respect for her! If I become half of the woman she is, I will be doing good. She loves us all and we love her!

I would love for you to welcome me in telling her a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! We all LOVE you so much and thank God you are in our lives!!!!

And when I asked her about how she felt being another year older..this is what she thought about it!!!


Gibbons said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!! I'm so proud to have known you throughout my life..You are a wonderful person!!! Love you!!!

Leigh Anne said...

You do have a sweet mom. Happy Birthday !!

Tasha Byrd said...

Happy Birthday, Brooke's Mom!!!