Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our Little Ball Player

Well, our little girl made us proud on her first t-ball game performance! In the words of Savannah, "It doesn't matter who catches the ball, it's all about having fun!"...and she is so right! The children and the parents have a ball at t-ball games! I love to watch them hit, run and field the ball. Brylee really opened up tonight..could it have been her cold medicine that has made her psycho/crazy? Possibly, but either way, we were proud! She is a fast runner..ran right out of her hat one time and ran all around the field from a guy trying to tag her out! She meant he wasn't getting her even if she didn't follow the proper running sequence! Brylee isn't 4 yet and this is a 4-5 ball league, so we expect to see anything out of her! Here are a few pics from her game..


Angela said...

I love it! Did you get video too?

Leigh Anne said...

You'll have many years of fun with ballgames.