Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day 2009

It's Mother's Day..and boy..have I enjoyed it so far! I am so thankful for my lovely family! God has truly blessed me with an amazing husband and a wonderful daughter. This morning Bro. Billy preached his first Mother's Day sermon without his mother. The whole day was a sting to him since she is not here on Earth..but Praise God she is in Heaven today celebrating with the angels and her heavenly Father! I had tears of joy today as I thought about my grandmother who is there as well! He talked about the things his momma portrayed to him..and everyone brought a memory back to me!

Unconditional Love~ My momma has always loved me..even when I was down right ugly and mean to her and was so disrespectful..yes..I admit not proud of it, but there was a time I did not show the respect I should to her! She never quit loving me..and I am so thankful for that!!!!

Uncontrollable Laughter~ I think about all the memories my mother and I have...I remember the roll in the floor laughter we have had and still have...sometimes things just crack us up..I hear Brylee say all the time.."You crack me up Mom"...I think about the time my Mawmaw Miss popped my gigantic bubble with her toe..gross I know..but that was the funniest thing.. I miss her laugh!

Unending Labor~ I talked about this in my Mom's birthday post..she can make ends meet like no other..Bro. Billy called it "figuring"..I have too seen my mother break out the bills in the middle of the floor and "figure"...I have never known my mother not to work and still manage to be at every important event in my life..a mother's work is never done..Aunt Angela did a question of "What's your hardest job ever"..mine was of course the Marble Slab Creamery..(we will save that for another day)...but my most rewarding by far is raising Brylee..I come from a long line of successful, kind, caring and loving mothers who have taught me well..and Kenny too, has a wonderful mother, grandmothers and aunts who have showed him the love of a mother and we in return pass it on to Brylee.

Undeniable Lordship~ All of our mothers,grandmothers and aunts are Christians and have lived lives of surrendering to our Lord..they have taught us how to go to to live a life for Christ and how to depend on Him! My grandmother Guinn is still alive and she exemplifies the love of the Lord in so many ways..she encourages me and strengthens me more than she knows! The song that was sang at my grandmother's funeral..
"O look what I've traded for a mansion
O look what I'm leaving behind
O look who will be there to greet me
When I step into God's sweet paradise
I'm leaving behind all my sorrows
I'm leaving behind all my cares
For I've traded it all for a mansion
That Jesus has gone to prepare"

Those words are words I sing from time to time and am reminded that while she nor Kenny's grandmother's nor his Aunt Barbara are here with us..they are there with no sorrows, no cares, and are happily awaiting for us all to gather with them for eternity!

Unappreciated Life~ I hope and pray that our mother's always know how much we love them and appreciate everything they have ever done! Kenny and I would not be the people we are today without our mothers..they have taught us everything we know and we owe so much to them! They are not only wonderful mothers, but wonderful grandmothers and friends! There is not a thing we can't call them and talk about at anytime and get their advice when needed..We love our mother's and wish them the best day ever!!!!


Angela said...

Great post! I do by far think the most rewarding job I have ever had has been being the mother to my girls!

I also think that besides getting married and staying married parenting children is the hardest job I have ever had...and that includes any kind of manual labor out there.

And I too think that your Mother(s) have done a wonderful job with both you and hubby!!!

I love you very much and am so very proud of you!