Thursday, May 7, 2009


Praise be to our Great God!

Uncle Petey just arrived by ambulance in Huntsville..only 30 minutes from home! Once he was able to talk and become more aware, he had mom get on his "case" and see what could be done about moving him closer to within a week of making contacts, he is there! I know everyone is so excited! We want to continue the "Campaign for Petey" and keep the cards coming..He loves them and laughs when they are read..I have to share a story with co-worker/friend Amy follows my does her daughter and they have sent cards to him..well, the other night her daughter was saying her prayers and went into a few moments of prayer for "Uncle Petey"..afterwards, her daddy (who doesn't read my blog..shame shame..Ha) came and asked Amy..Do we have an Uncle Petey I don't know about? Kelsey was just praying for Uncle Petey..and I didn't want to ask her who it was if it is someone I should know!

Aren't you glad that you have people pray for you who don't even know you sometimes! Aren't you glad that the little ones say their prayers and mean them wholeheartedly? Aren't you glad that the Lord hears even the smallest prayer?
Aren't you glad He answers ALL prayers?

I found it very heartwarming to know a 2nd grader would pray for my Uncle Petey! I have been overwhelmed at the cards that have been sent..You would be surprised at just how good they make him feel..and how many nieces and nephews he has kids and friends at school will say.."How's Uncle Petey"..he loves them all, he just says.."I wish people wouldn't waste their money on them"..of course..always thinking of others! Okay..I have a new from now on, start sending them to this address:

Big Springs Specialty Care Center
c/o David Whitehead Room #417
500 St. Clair Ave. SW
Huntsville, AL 35801


Leigh Anne said...

I'm glad his getting better.