Sunday, May 31, 2009

On Wednesday, May 27, 2009, Brylee went to the dentist for the first time. She absolutely loved it! I am so happy! Let me give you a little background...

Growing up, I went to a wonderful dentist with a great hygienist...I loved going..once I was there, hated it leading up to the visit. I do not know why! I hated the smell, the sounds, the feeling of the grainy toothpaste, spitting in the little bowl and getting x-rays in the "dungeon". But, I loved Ms. Cindy and I loved Dr. Holland..they always made it better and not so bad. You see there was something special about Dr. Holland..he gave fillings without shots! I am serious! As far as I was concerned, I never got a shot..that is until I got 16. I had a new lady who didn't know about the magic he preformed on me! She broke out this gigantic shot that was so scary! I immediately closed my mouth and told her I didn't receive shots and never have! She was a little confused and called him in..he sat down and broke it down to me..and since then..I cry the first time I go to a new dentist and ashamedly have went for 2 years without a cleaning. I am getting better and thanks to this dentist and how I got to watch everything they did to not going to have a nervous breakdown when I go..which is in July!

Back to Brylee's visit..she and her daddy had appointments at 7:30 in the morning..Brylee got to watch everything they were doing with she could get accustomed to it all. She asked so many questions..and Ms. Amelia was so gracious to answer them.

After the initiation was her time..she had a wonderful hygienist and I would recommend her to anyone for the first time and every time..Ms. Ellen..she had a tv with cartoons, sang and danced to entertain, laughed and had the most positive attitude..Brylee LOVED her and still talks about going back! Since going, we have had no problem brushing her fact, Brylee begs to go back and wants to brush all the time! They took x-rays..and it looks as though she will be an ortho patient..SURPRISE SURPRISE..both Kenny and I had braces. We scheduled her 6 months appointment and we were on our way..but not before she got her diamond ring..yes..they gave her a 'fake' ring! She loved it and was super are a few pics.


Leigh Anne said...

I hope she likes the dentist better than I do. I one of those anxiety patients. Cute pictures!