Sunday, May 3, 2009

St. Jude Trike-a-Thon

Hello to all my Mommy's friends!

I have been waiting to get on her "puter" and write to you all! She has told me how great all of you are and how you have become a community of friends! That's neat! I have a lot of friends too! We are going to hold a Trike-a-Thon at my school later this month. What is that you might ask?
Well, let me tell you..all week we will learn about bike safety from my preschool teacher. At the end, we will get to practice those rules riding and earning money for laps that you donate. You can either do a flat donation, or you can donate a certain amount for each lap I ride..let me warn you..I am a good rider! :) But most importantly, we raise the money for children with cancer and for research at St. Judes..cancer is such an ugly many are affected..Mommy helped me think of some we know..Mr. David (Molly's Daddy), Jake's grandmother..(he's my BFF), Riley, Abby, Abbey, and friend's who have been Sadye and Emma. I am so happy to know that any money I raise will go to help people with this TERRIBLE disease. If you want to help me..please let my mommy know! Of course, don't feel you have to, but I wanted to give you the opportunity..(really I wanted to get on my Mommy's laptop)..shhhh...don't tell her!



Kelli said...

Girl tell me what I have to do to sponsor that sweet baby girl! Do I just send you a check or what??? What ever is easiest for you, you let me know! We love you!!! RIDE BRYLEE RIDE!!!!