Sunday, May 24, 2009

Once Again..a Great Weekend

So, my parents came down for the weekend..they were coming to see Brylee play t-ball and of course it rained it out! Boo! But, we were all so thankful they were just here! Friday, Brylee was waiting on them to pick her up from daycare..she woke up at 6 am, wanting to know if today was the day they were she is before daycare. Can you tell how excited she was???

..and her hopes were full filled as they made it in time..we all headed to none other than Santa Fe..

We enjoyed our meal and headed to the house..where we all just sat around and talked. We watched the movie Taken again since Mom and Dad hadn't seen it..and it was just as good as it was the first time! On Saturday we all got up and headed to Dothan to shop! Brylee got her toes painted...

rode a horse....

and became a princess all in one day!

We had a great day..and while mom, dad and Brylee went to Red Lobster and then home, Kenny and I enjoyed a couple of hours at Barnes and Noble and then on to a movie..we had a date night! It sure was nice and when we arrived home..the wrath of Brylee with meds had came out..she was all over the place..and finally my parents could see my "high" child! They were just laughing at that point! Brylee's words were, my Nenne tried to spank me with the fly flapper and I laughed! Ya'll, she is a hoot when she is like that! She is our little angel!!!!
Of course there were many tears as they left..Brylee was just heartbroken..but she quickly recovered..had a good nap and played all afternoon..she is on the countdown to the visit there next weekend since Cameron is graduating from high school! That is a blog in itself! Our oldest nephew graduating!

I hope you all have a good Memorial Day tomorrow and remember the ones who fought and died for our freedom! What a blessing to be an American!

...cause there ain't no doubt..I love this land..God Bless the U.S.A.


Leigh Anne said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Glad you were able to visit with your parents.