Monday, November 17, 2008

Turkey Shirt, NKOTB, Christmas..kinda random :)

Brylee and I got creative Sunday evening..after a little inspiration from our friends Kristin and Kamryn..We made us a turkey shirt and she wore it to school today..she loved it! It turned out cute..and I think we will make a Christmas tree too! I remember having sweatshirts with the paint on them..and at one time, they were in style! probably as much as my New Kids on the Block jacket huh???
Seriously, do you know how much money I could get for that thing??? That was one of my most fave Christmas mornings! Too bad after the New Year when I returned to school..they weren't so cool anymore!

Got my Christmas cards in this week..and they are so cute! I will recommend my photographer/artist anytime! She is a full time teacher and does this on the side..pretty good, she is! Gotta a FBA/BIP to prepare for tomorrow night! Have a good one ya'll!


~*Lisa*~ said...

That shirt is so blame cute! ;) I seriously about lost it when I saw the jacket how cool were you Miss thing. Do you need my new address Missy moo cause I know I get one of those Christmas Cards! ;) When are you coming into town for the holidays? We may have to leave the children with there father's for a little GNO :) Talk to you soon. Love,

KristinRanae said...

Oh how precious! Brylee's turkey shirt turned out GREAT! I'll have to try the different colored feathers next year. I plan on making a Christmas tree shirt too:o)

LOVE LOVE LOVE the NKOTB jacket!! I still have all of the dolls:o)

bstyles said...

I am cracking up at the jacket. I remember classmates wearing those. Wow....there is nothing like the good ole' 80's fashion!

BTW, NKOTB are performing/or presenting at the American Music Awards Sunday night. I never watch those shows, but I think I will watch this one just to see them. Hilarious!!