Saturday, November 15, 2008


So sorry to my 2 blog readers who have let me know they miss me! LOL..I have to blogs will be hit and miss these days due to basketball starting..with Kenny practicing or playing parental responsibilities have been stepped up. Doesn't leave much "puter" time as Brylee calls it. We had a pretty uneventful week..Monday we had a good family night of playing in the living room and 9th grade basketball. We went from the 9th grade game to a different gym for the 8th grade game. Brylee loved every minute of it and especially enjoyed seeing her favorite cheerleader Ryan..who took her backstage for a snack during half time..thanks Ryan! She loves you! On Tuesday, Kenny practiced and Brylee and I stayed in our PJ's all day! It was pure blissful! On Wednesday, I had to go to the dentist to get an unknown procedure completed..I say unknown, b/c when Kenny and I first moved here, I went to the dentist and had a cleaning. Yes, that was the last cleaning I had..I HATE THE DENTIST. I don't like the flossing, scraping, drill, drill sound, brushing, shots, and yes I don't even like the squeaky clean feeling afterwards. So I avoid the dentist at all accounts. When we went (back then) I remember him saying we'll have to watch that tooth..looks like a cavity trying to form. (My ticket to not go back unless I had to). Well, after 2 weeks of pain..I had to go on Wednesday..and was scared of the outcome..filling? crown? root canal????? And like a dummy I youtubed and watched a root canal..and from watching it, I was hoping that wasn't the "unknown". I even quit chewing on that side..and it got better..almost cancelled my appointment. I prayed before I went and had several friends pray..seriously..the dentist is one of my biggest kids at school were ragging me hard about it. So I got the strength and headed out the I get there and sign in..I am really worried about the anxiety that will build up as I ususally have to wait to see them. I decided I need to pee..went into the bathroom..looked in the mirror and gave myself this whole spill about grow up are a big girl..put your big girl panties on and do this! I went to the waiting room and they called my name..humm..that was fast..long story short, the dentist was great and eased my fears..with a little happy gas to go along with it..I had broken off some of my previous filling and food was getting down in the tooth. He took that filling out and put a new filling in. I kept feeling it and he kept giving me shots. I think he gave a bout seriously he gave so many that I couldn't feel my tounge until 9 oclock that night. And the procedure was at 1...I survived..and felt calm the whole time..I know God gave that peace..I've joked about the happy gas having that effect..but honestly, there isn't enough gas in the tank to calm my fears!

Thursday and Friday were a bit more normal. On Tuesday night, we heard that a former stuedent of Kenny's from Daphne was missing..and we began to pray for her safe return. Unfortunately I hate to report, but she was found Friday evening murdered. Daphne is such a quaint place, and we truly loved living there. It breaks my heart to know that something that horrid could take place there..but it makes you realize it can and does happen everywhere. One of the most heartbreaking facts about it is that her parents were in the search team that found her. Her story can be found on and you can also leave the family comments and words of encouragement. I held Brylee a little closer Friday night as you can imagine!

Today..practice again..and then just relaxing the day away. Church tomorrow, and then it is Monday..hope you are all having a great weekend!