Friday, November 7, 2008

31 Years ago today, my sweet husband was birthed into this world! I have enjoyed the many stories his mother has told me throughout the years about Kenny and have enjoyed watching home videos of him growing up! We both grew up in the same town, but didn't know eachother until high school. Kenny and I had very different, but same lives growing up. I mean that in so many ways. He had parents who divorced, mine stayed together (which makes them different), but we both had parents who LOVED us more than life itself. Something that I see passed on as we raise our child together. Kenny was your all time athlete that was always the "cool" guy! Everyone loved him and even this morning..he recieved texts from guys from high school wishing him a Happy Birthday...I couldn't believe they remembered..but I guess he has that impression on some people! LOL Kenny had a friend write him the other day and told him what a good friend he considered him to be. Apparantely in college, the guy didn't have any money and Kenny offered to buy his books for him for that particular class. The guy was going through a tough time and he remembered that Kenny did that when his other "so called" friends never offered to even buy him something to eat. He thanked him for that and wanted him to know he still remembers it to this day and cherishes his friendship. Kenny has always been this way. Kenny has been the inspiration and rock of this family during hard times. He has a sense of humor that keeps Brylee and I going and ALWAYS on our toes!He continues to amaze me everyday with his love for the Lord and his love for his family. His students love him, his friends love him, his family loves him, his child loves him and his wife loves him! I think too often I take him for granted..and on this day wanted to give a place on my blog! We love you baby and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

**Update..didn't get to finish this until did we celebrate you ask??? We had a wonderful dinner at McDonalds, and then rounded the evening out watching Madagascar 2 with Brylee! Another example of what a good father he is!