Sunday, November 30, 2008

How was your Thanksgiving?

We are finally home sweet home..I say that bitter sweetly, as I love visiting home, especially for the holidays, but I also love to get our home! I do hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with lots of turkey and love! We are so blessed and have such special friends and family to share it with. I don't know if anyone else is this way, but I tend to get stressed and experience an overwhelming amount of anxiety around the holidays, because I feel so rushed at times. Kenny and I have so many "spots" to hit and that is what I feel like we do, just "hit" them..Seriously, we really need a about 5 Thanksgiving Days and 5 Christmas' to spend with our family! I wouldn't be so stressed..and I would feel like we have been fair. I attribute much of it to the fact we don't live at home..we always try to see everyone, which just creates havoc. I do not mean to complain, and I know it sounds I am..we are so blessed and are so thankful for ALL of our family..and I sound ungrateful..please forgive me..if we didn't get to see you this time, because paths didn't cross, we will try our best next time! I know there are a few things I am going to make a point to do when I come home for are a few:

* Visit with my BFF Kerry and Sawyer (he's growing too fast)
* Have lunch with ISI Lisa (We say we are going to do this..and never's on like a chicken bone next visit!)
Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. ~ Proverbs 27:17 Lisa is a dear friend of whom I thank God for bringing in my life..all the time..she is such a strong Christian and has so much wisdom to share..although we have not always agreed on everything..our disagreements are in love and out of respect for each other..does that make sense?? And you want to know the crazy thing..we have only met in person one time! time..everything we do and say reflects each other..and we know we were born sisters at birth! LOL..seriously, we have so much in common..and share many of the same beliefs...I believe and know that God calls us to choose our friends wisely..(Proverbs 12:26), and she my friend is a woman after God's own heart who desires to do His will and serve Him in all she does..great friend! Sorry, side note, but in my thankfulness attitude lately, she is a top!

Ok..back to things to do...
*Eat some chicken salad from Unclaimed Baggage...
*Shop at the Bag for some great deals!
*Shop around the square..Hammer's in particular.

That's just a few things I hope to accomplish as I get back to the Boro! I was fortunate this visit to enjoy a fun-filled relaxing weekend with my daddy had to to see him for a bit, but just wasn't the momma and us had a great time though..and she was a super, much needed break for Brylee..there is nothing that child can't do around her. Brylee also got to meet for the first time her new puppy, Flippy

and her new cousin Jaden (who is an absolute angel doll).

We enjoyed some basketball, chat with my good friend Leigh, and ate a Pikeville Burger..Yummy! Our Thanksgiving meal turned out wonderful as usual!

Thanks to Kenny's precious aunts..headed to Kenny's mom's on Saturday and back home today.

Brylee got to help cook with Reba..and made some very CHEESY eggs..poor thing..I took a bite and about choked..Reba made me some more that were a little less velveetaey! LOL

We are gearing up for the Christmas you have any traditions you would like to share??? I have wanted to begin one with our family..and have several like decorating the tree..reminiscing over the ornaments..and talking about Jesus' birthday to Brylee...we go to Kenny's mom's for Christmas Eve, my parents for the morning, Kenny's aunts for a late breakfast and my grandparent's for the always a special time..and I remember growing up actually seeing snow on some Christmas' mornings..wonder if that will ever happen in Brylee's lifetime? Doubt least not in south AL..I am buying the Elf on the Shelf..have you heard of this??? He is an elf who comes to your house in early December to report back to Santa how you are doing..neat things you can do with he can get into things over night..etc...and he watches you until the idea..just wondering if I can get an Elf for all year long???? Will let you know how this goes..I am going to get him today..I think Brylee will like him when he shows up at our house..several teachers do it with their classes each year and it is a hoot! I also am getting my Great-Grandmother's nativity scene collection this year. It will be such an honor to display it and have it for Brylee to care for and watch Baby Jesus in the manger. Such a special time of year and I do not want to take one second for granted on teaching Brylee the important things in life..till my next time...just a moment in the life of a Hill!!!!


~*Lisa*~ said...

Oh My goodness I am crying! You are so special and I love you dearly! I could not have explained our relationship better! You are such a blessing and I thank God for you! It is rare that you find someone who loves Jesus as much as you do and I value you "dip stick" bahahha Christmas break we are so hangin! I know what you mean about Thanksgiving and that is what I hate about the holiday's. We have decided that we are spending Thanksgiving with my family every year and Christmas Day with his family every year! It just makes it easier when you narrow it down. You can't please everyone all the time my dear! You just have to hit the main ones Mom, Dad, Siblings, and Grandparents! Your Christmas schedule made my head spin. You my precious friend have been tagged! Go check the blog. I love you, pray for me if I come to mind this week. My plan takes off from HSV at 6:15 and schedule to land in Cancun 10:45. Nervous about leaving the kids. OK I wrote to much. Have a great week. Blessings!

Gibbons said...

We got Christa and Brea the is such a neat idea..Why don't we ever come up with these and make a wonderful Christmas if I don't talk with you again..(or Brylee:)Lol..That was to funny!!