Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Memories

While I am DEFINITELY glad Halloween has come and gone..I got to laughing while reading a friend's post about how she was embarrassed to give out tootsie rolls, (which would have been a favorite of mine). And how she didn't have many people come to her house..I think the reason is probably that not many trick-or-treat with strangers anymore, I know we are usually at a church function or go to people's house we know..but nonetheless, it reminded me of mine and Kenny's 1st Halloween in our house in Daphne. I had bought a bag of candy well ahead of time and could not find it for the life of the doorbell started ringing..what was I going to do, I went into the garage to look for some ideas..and there they were staring me in the face..flavored juice popsicles, but they weren't frozen. We had went to Sam's and had a massive amount of I started handing those babies out! And the kids went wild..I heard some as they were walking away, "Hey that house on the corner is giving out popsicles" that turned out to be a great idea. Just wanted to share that funny!


Miranda said...

I loved those things!! I have not had one in years. And I did not want them frozen I just wanted to drink them!!