Sunday, September 7, 2008

Praise God for a Great Weekend..with Family!!!

We have had a fabulous weekend...My parents came down Friday b/c of Brylee's school having a Grandparents Tea..I had anticipated it being a huge production..and sad because Brylee had no grandparents since they all worked. It was Daddy's weekend to when I found out about it, we asked Bro. Duwayne (our assistant pastor) if he and his wife..Mrs. Brenda would be stand in grandparents..and they graciously accepted.. (Thanks D&B) home excited to call my Daddy and tell him not to worry anymore, it was taken care of..and of course, (if you know my Daddy, this next statement will NOT surprise you), he had already called his boss man and put in to take off. So then I call the Sim's to tell them thanks, but Brylee's Poppa had taken care of it..and they are both so kind..and really glad that they could help if needed (I have them on stand by when we do :)) So, Mom and Dad arrived around lunch time and headed to school to meet some of my kiddos..they loved them all...and then to Brylee's school they went. The kids all got to say things they have learned..and I must brag for a moment..Bry was then only child who knew what a square was! (Actually, she was probably the only one that would say it) LOL They enjoyed cookies and lemonade..and we all met at home. Supper was at the new David's Catfish House..very good and a lot of food! We all left happy! On Saturday, we went to Elba shoe shopping for Mom..well, needless to say, we came back with 3 outfits and 2 pairs of shoes for Brylee...imagine that! Lunch was at Smoochies..when you come to E-town..we will visit there..and you can enjoy the best Loaded Potato soup, sandwiches and Ice Cream you have ever eaten! Hated to see this mom and dad pulled out..but was very proud of Brylee..she was painting as they were loading up..and said "No, Don't go home"...but allowed them to leave with absolutely No tears! I know that makes their leaving easier! Went to church this was the first Sunday for the new schedule..we are now doing 3 services on Sunday going to church at 10:45 was pretty cool..we always seemed rushed at is amazing the difference that 15 minutes makes..the spirit of the Lord was so Thick in that place..and I love being blessed each time you walk through the doors..I did arrive home..and got an email about a friend of mine from high school...Cindy Allen...she is such a sweet person and I hate that she is going through this..she was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease..and really would appreciate your prayers...she has a caring bridge site Her mother used to work at Redstone Federal Credit Union..she may still work there. Very good people going through a very tough time. So please when you finish reading this..go to her site and leave her a message of encouragement and hope! Thanks Friends! Have a great week....


Brooke and David said...

You know, I've been in and out of Enterprise for a year now and I have yet to eat anything at Smoochies! I think I have to make that a must when I'm back in town!! I've heard too many great things about that place. Sounds like you had a great time with you family. I'm flying 'home' next weekend to be a friends wedding and visit my family. I am pumped!!

Betsy and Matt Smith said...

Thanks for the comment you left me! I'm returning the favor :)

Sounds like y'all had a fun weekend. Isn't it just wonderful to be with your family and the people that you love?!
I'll definitely look up that song that you told me about. Have a great week!