Monday, September 15, 2008

"I prayed for this child, and the Lord answered my prayer and gave him to me." I Samuel 1:27

I have had several friends trying to get pregnant and slowly but surely, it is happening..found out today that one of my dearest work friends C.T. is expecting. She and her husband have longed for a while to have a baby and she asked me to add her to my prayer list of "friends trying to get pregnant". I did and Praise be to our Great God..she is. In fact there are 5 yes, 5 at work pregger! (Not me!) LOL...I guess since it was super easy to conceive Brylee, I really don't know the struggle that others go through..but since having friends and following several blogs of women trying, I have a better understanding and consider my munchkin to be a blessing! So, onto another baby request. Our nephew, Jaden Christopher Hill was not scheduled to be here until the beginning of October..but we found out today that they are giving his mother, Martina steroids to help his lungs grow faster..her body keeps trying to go into labor and so they want to try any and everything to make his little body as prepared as it can be. We expect him to be here very soon..probably within the next week. This is the same baby I made the diaper cake for. The shower is supposed to be Sept. we will see if he will be here with us or hang on a little longer...I pray and I hope you will join me in praying that he will stay in as long as he needs to develop and grow. I pray that God will wrap him in his arms and if He sees fit for Jaden to come early...I pray that He will continue to be his incubator and keep him warm and healthy! I also pray for Martina as she begins this journey of motherhood..Please pray with me!


Angela said...

I am your 200th visitor!!!!!!!!!!!!! What's my prize????

On a serious note...I will be praying! I love you and the fam! And Yes! Miss Brylee is a blessing!