Sunday, September 14, 2008

Low-Key Weekend

Not much to report this weekend. Brylee and I pretty much had it to ourselves most of the weekend. Kenny went to watch EHS play in Auburn Bry and I painted toenails, put our hair in curlers, watched movies and ate pizza...and on Saturday, he had to work the concessions at the Troy game..(Basketball does it and gets a HUGE profit) we went shopping this time..I mean we need to keep ourselves busy..right??? Church today, lunch at C Grille..(where else) and relaxed most of the rest of the day. I did have a lady call me Friday and say, she didn't want to offend me, but she had some clothes she wanted to give me as she was cleaning out her closet..and she knew I wasn't poor, but didn't know how I would take it...Are you kidding I said...I love a good deal and I LOVE LOVE LOVE I came home with 5 yes...5 garbage bags full of clothes!!! I put them in a 37 gallon and an 18 gallon tub and it barely I did get to wear a brand new (to me) outfit today..and looked rather smashing..LOL..Thanks Ms. Starla!

Having a little dilemma on our Halloween outfit..every time I ask her, Bry says she wants to be a butterfly..well, trouble is I can't find a cute one that I like..she would be fine with any old outfit with some wings..but you know me..I want something if you have any great ideas or sites..pass them on! Thanks to my dear friend Ms. Becky..she has shared with me a site that will keep you busy looking (and buying) for hours... They have homemade things you can buy..kinda like an Internet craft show..check it out.

I have found several new blogs that I have been following..will share more later on them. Audrey Caroline is still one of my favorites..and love the red rope idea she shared in her last post.

I also got a little creative this weekend..I made a diaper cake for my brother in law's shower in 2 weeks..I was very pleased with my creation and will post pics after the shower. I also painted a canvas for him..with blue and chocolate polka dots with his initials...I are thinking yeah right..Ms. No creative bone what so ever Brooke..but seriously I did and they both are so stinkin cute..would share now, but don't want to spoil the surprise!

You know..I have stated before that I really have no preference in the election..but it really does aggravate me when people get so upset when "discussing" politics and so defensive. In the large scheme of doesn't really matter and what will happen will happen..and no matter who is in charge of the country..God is in charge of it all!!!! Flaring tempers and hurtful words are not worth any election to me. I see faults in them both and I see good in them both. Too bad we can't take certain things from both and make a new candidate! Just a though!

Well, it is 10:17 pm and we have to get up in the morning..on I guess I will go..until next time.......