Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fretful, Frazzled

Our new reading program has an enormous amount of what they call "ROBUST VOCABULARY" was one of the main reasons we selected it..and one word we are doing this week is "fretful"...I am fretful right now...b/c I feel I have so much to do and not enough time to do it...LOL That was my sentence because we are in the "midst" (another word) of packing and loading the car to depart E-town and had to the "Boro" for my 10 year reunion..I had anticipated posting pics of all of us 10 years ago on this post..but decided not to and to wait and post them later..we are so excited..b/c it means the parade..ballgame..picnic..and a formal dinner with all our friends from high school. We also have a birthday party and a baby shower to BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!!! I will not be posting until later..and sure to have MANY pics and wonderful stories to until next time...Adios!!!


~*Lisa*~ said...

Yipeee you are headed our way! I will be looking for you on the float my dear! Have a blast! Be Safe! Blessings

Brooke and David said...

Have fun 'back home'! You def. seem to get back that way more often than I do. less than 3 weeks and I'll be heading back t E-town! :)