Wednesday, September 17, 2008

~Poop in the Potty~

Yes, you read it right! Your eyes are not playing tricks on you! We are so ridiculously proud of our 3year old child today..well, we were yesterday when it all began..and then it happened again today! She actually told her teacher she needed to poop and went to the potty and did it! To spare you the details, just know I have thrown away many pairs of panties b/c of accidents, she would hold it for days at a time..and just refused to go to the potty to do for her to be doing it now..just makes us so happy! She is such a stubborn child and did this with her pee-peeing in the potty too..SHE KNEW HOW, BUT DID IT ON HER OWN TIME! So if you are struggling in the potty world..just hang'll happen! Here is a picture of how proud she was! So proud she tried to reenact if for me so I could get a picture for the monumental moment in her life. She is not straining..she is in fact giving a thumbs up! Notice I had to censor the picture a little bit to protect the innocent...He He He...We're proud..She's it is all a good thing in good timing! Way to go Brylee...

We headed to Dothan to celebrate her big day..and she got to pick some things out..and got a new pair of tennis shoes..that she picked out..not my favorite..but she liked them and wants to wear we got she is showing them off..wonder who dressed her?

She is so much fun these days..and sometimes embarrassing..she proceeded to tell me in a public restroom.."Good Job Mommy, you pooped in the potty..let me wipe you like Miss Gwen wipes me" embarrassing..all this happening at the mall..then we go into New York and Co. and before we know it, she is over under a stall where a woman is changing..and asks her what she is doing..Kenny snags her and heads out of the store..and I am steadily apologizing to the lady..hoping when she comes out she will not recognize which lunatic mother can't control her child..and I get a tap on my shoulder..and this little old lady says "Honey, I know you are embarrassed, but Don't be..I have grandchildren and children..I am used to it" Whew even more embarrassment that she picked me out! So, we called it a night and headed to E-town. She keeps us on our toes..but is learning so much daily..we are so thankful for her teacher at school..this lady has immersed the children in whatever letter or concept they are learning for the week..we have homework...Brylee knows her months of the year and the macarena..has anyone saw this kindergarten teacher friend..Ms. Christie..said that's how they teach it..well Brylee is 3 learning them..we are very first I thought she was a little strict and Brylee would cry to not go to her room..but now Brylee loves her and wants to go see her and prays for her at night..once again..we have been blessed with a caretaker who we believe truly has our child's best interest at heart! To go in her classroom is like a K classroom..the crafts they do and the curriculum being presented is pretty our little sponge is soaking school, children's choir and mission friends in and loves being so active!

I told you about my diaper cake..well here is a picture of it....I thought I did pretty good for my first try. It was very easy and a great if anyone is interested in me making them one..hit me up!

Well, I must go and get us ready for bed..have a wonderful Thursday.. and think of somethings you are thankful for and be ready to share..I am jumping on the Thankful Thursday bandwagon!
P.S. PLEASE PRAY..for my grandpa..he is having surgery in the morning. Pray for doctor's wisdom, fast healing and for his body to withstand the surgery..I know with God beside him, he will be just fine!


Gibbons said...

That is tooo funny..Yeah, I'm trying to potty train Christa and she has not yet pee in the potty..She knows the song we sing and I think that's the only reason she wants to sit on sings then gets off..Gotta love her! She knows when she poops and let me know before, but she don't do it in the potty...