Saturday, September 20, 2008

Friday Night Football

We had a great time at the ballgame last night..wanted to share some pics and a couple of videos of Brylee dancing with the band...a comment was made that she is so dainty and pretty with her bows..but at the same time she gets down with the best of the boys..playing football and trying to tackle..HA..she makes her daddy proud!
Morgan, Brylee and Ryan..Brylee absolutely loves these girls!!! We were on the visitor side (a lot of Eprise people set over there these days due to the home side being SO packed..) so the girls had to walk over to see us. Brylee was very excited to see them!
Brylee, Molly and Mason eat some ice that only the Good Lord above knows where it came from..Robin and I were cracking up at them!

Brylee points to the ballgame..she liked that play! LOL

She is dancing doing what they do..and at the beginning says "Hi Band"! She even told one guy who sat down.."Hey band man..STAND UP!!!" He thoughtfully stood up although I am not sure how the Opelika band member felt about the EHS Wildcat 3 year old cheerleader bossing him around...LOL

One more video of her dancing away..she really enjoyed this time of the night!

I don't know if I have mentioned the pride you see at an Etown game..but it is almost like no other I have seen...I mean all have their pride..but almost everyone have on some time of blue and white..all the small children have on their cheer suits and the atmosphere is just great..even if they don't win! Have I mentioned we really do like this town? Well, K is off to the LSU/Auburn game..several of the players are going on recruits and get to take a person, so a lot of the coaches are going...although I am insanely jealous..I do hope they have a great time..and The Bayou Tigers whoop the Auburn Tigers! What a perfect end to the perfect trip!


Gibbons said...

I LOVE the videos..she is toooo cute!!!

Angela said...

Where'd she get all that energy? By that time of the day...I just want to lay down!

I am proud of you! You are a good mom! Keep taking pictures and videos!

Love you all!

Brysmommy, Kenswifey said...

Thanks to you both! I don't know where she gets that energy..I guess from her daddy's genes..b/c it isn't from me..and she hardly not food energy either! She was playing football (tackle) with some boys prior to the video!