Saturday, October 4, 2008

Just a quick catchup!

Mine and Kerry's babies! Who would've thought that 10 years later, we would have a 3 year old and a one year old..but aren't they so cute!!!

I will be the first to admit it..I am stinkin at this blog thing! So much has happened and I could type for days..but I won' I will just give a brief overview..and hopefully get back into the swing of things this week.

  • Homecoming was AWESOME..began with a parade, ballgame, Docks, family picnic, dinner

  • We saw so many faces we haven't seen in about 10 years..and all were just as sweet or hilarious as they were in high was too funny to see all of us now with babies, husbands and lives of our own. Not as many came as we would have liked to have had, but all that were there were are a couple of group pics...

It was a very good/busy weekend..we had a birthday party for Colin, my friend Lindsey's oldest child who turned 7..(hard to believe!!!)..and a baby shower for Kenny's brother on Sunday. They got a lot of good things..and she was very thankful. Back to the real world on Monday. Oh..I almost forgot..I had the privilege of meeting a fellow blogger face to face..Miranda..she is married to one of my friend's from high school's brother..and somehow we came across eachothers blogs..and talked for a while..and met while I was was really neat..we picked up like old friends..I mean we do know what is going on in eachother's life!

I have nothing else major to report..we are struggling over our halloween costume..since it changes every moment from mermaid, butterfly, PINK mouse, pirate, ladybug..and the list goes I just ordered the cutest butterfly costume I could find that wasn't 90 lets hope she likes it! (She really won't have a choice) LOL

Finished another class today..that's exciting..b/c it means 2 more and I am done with my Master's..just don't know when I will take those other we shall see when I finish..or pass comps! The dreaded word..Does anyone have any advice on that????


~*Lisa*~ said...

ISI I am so sad I missed getting to see you! I was on the wrong side of the float I guess! I saw your hubby and your sweet girl walking down the bleachers I think he was taking her to your parents! I looked and looked and looked for you at the game but alas no Brooke! I am glad you had a great visit. Talk to you soon.

Miranda said...

I use creative memories for digital scrapbooking and they have a photo program called memory manager and you can do tons with it. Hope you all did not have any damage from the bad weather. Take care and let me know sometime when you are going to be around.