Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend with Nana

Wow..we had a fast, busy, but fun weekend! Kenny left on Friday morning headed to the University of Alabama's basketball camp, so of course..since I hate being by myself, my wonderful mother in law came down to stay with Brylee and I. She got here in record time...I think she should try out for Nascar! Really! On Saturday, we began with Brylee cooking breakfast, taking her outside to explore. Before I knew it, Brylee was swimming in a bucket! Yes, a bucket! Reba always has fun ideas that no one else would think of. So instead of using her $16 pool, Brylee used the $3.99 bucket that Nanna decided to fill with water. So, after we finally convinced her to come inside, we got our baths and headed shopping. We stopped at Smoochies for lunch and ice cream..which was wonderful. Then we headed to Walmart. Got a few things we needed then it was time for Jake's bday party. Jake is Brylee's best friend! He turned 3 and we had a great time there. After the party, Nanna gave Brylee money to go shopping..she ended up with a Dora doll for the bathtub, frogs, centipedes, paint set, shorts, cash register, jewlery box and a lot of goodies from the dollar tree. She had a blast shopping with her purse and paying for stuff..she thought she was hot stuff! LOL..Sunday morning, we went to church and had a great service..Bro. Billy preached on how great is our God! Eph 3:20..and it was perfect for the day! My dear friend Tracy set next to us (I knew something was up, b/c her beautiful smile was missing from the choir) and she went on to tell me that her friend Leah had her baby on Saturday. I won't go into all the details, b/c I would be afraid to misquote here is her new blogspot I encourage you to visit it and pray for this sweet girl to continue thriving and to amaze us all! Tracy has such a sweet spirit and I am very lucky to have her as my friend..and I know that the Killingsworth's cherish her as well. When Bro. Billy preached that message, I thought wow, that couldn't have been any better for the day! Our God can do ANYTHING! After church, we headed to good old Creekside! I can't wait for you all to visit so we can treat you to this wonderful establishment. By the time we got home, it wasn't long and our wonderful hubby/daddy got home from camp. We were all thrilled to see him..we miss him when he is gone, but that was the last camp (other than Bham,,,which isn't a big deal) for the summer. We are headed home Tuesday night to celebrate the 4th and Brylee's birthday party on Saturday. I will be back on as soon as possible to post pictures from that trip! I hope you all have a great week and a great 4th of July!


Anonymous said...

Hey! This is Katie Parrish. I just wanted to let you know that Leah Killingsworth is my sister and we appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Good to know you are on here! How do you keep up with all of this and myspace?!

Brysmommy, Kenswifey said...

WHAT??? Your sister? I had no clue! How are you doing? well, it is summer so I can keep up with it..won't be too good when school starts back I am sure! Well, we are really praying for Leah and that sweet Laurie Ann!

Angela said...

not only can Brooke keep up on here and myspace...she has now joined facebook!!! check her out there too! What in the world will you do when you have to go back to work??? LOL!

Loves ya,
Aunt A