Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Give Unto Others..Sequel! :)

Well, I have to say this first..God is So Good!!! I wrote my blog about the couch..and found myself in a predicament...I had told a teacher from Brylee's school that she could look at it and had already told her the price of $200..so I kept putting off her looking at it. Just because I was asking God to help me find the perfect person to inherit it...Well, this morning..I started thinking..I'll let her come and look at it..and maybe she either A.) won't like it... or B.) Kenny will say that we need to sell it immediately. I don't know what I was thinking..I guess that I really could use $200..and that would def. get me to and from Scottsboro one extra time..I know it was def. the devil playing with my mind..fast forward..our mutual friend Amy called and said the precious lady wanted to come and look at it TODAY...so here I am thinking what shall I do...I agreed for her to come and "look" at it. She came..loved it...and began to tell me her story..after 19 years of a not so good marriage..she and her husband were getting a divorce..and all of her furniture belonged to his mother..so she really had nothing when moving out..She didn't go into details, nor did I ask her to..but I could see in her eyes she "needed" that couch..she didn't know if I knew all this about her (I didn't)...and said she was hoping I would take payments for the couch! (Can you feel the Lord here????) My answer to my question..was her the whole time and I was running from it and trying to weasel out of it...Well, I immediately started crying and so did she..we were 2 crying maniacs in the garage! I explained to her how this was laid on my heart last week and I had prayed for God to give me the right person..and I really felt it was her..We hugged and she thanked me more than she should've..I told her it was def. a God thing and He had worked it out..I know nothing about this woman..but I do know that she was placed in my life for that particular moment and I pray that she will know and feel our Savior's Love during this transaction. She will be picking it up next week..and I couldn't be more happier right now! Just posted this so that you guys could experience the joy of our Father's Work with me! Boy, I fall in love with Him more and more each day! Okay..off to the pool we shall go!!!


ann said...

Thanks for sharing the end of the story! Very cool. To answer your 2 questions...the huge splash pad is in downtown C'nooga. (Coolidge Park) and yes, Ellie is potty trained. She has been for awhile now. But I struggled with it forever and then one day she said she wanted to go on the potty and pretty much has ever since. Now, she still wears a pull-up at night and for naps. And it's hit or miss with #2 on the potty. She will often go in her pull-up right after her nap. Hang in there. She will get it. If Brylee is anything like Ellie, which it sounds like she might be, they certainly seem to have a mind of their own.