Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Our trip Home!

Where have I been??? Well, we headed into Scottsboro last week for the 4th of July and for Brylee's birthday party..we had a blast the whole time! I will share more later, but first I have a request...I have some stalkers apparantley..what I mean by that is I set a counter on my page (idea..thanks to Laura) and I have had 169 people read or visit my page since I started it but like 3 of you make yourself known by leaving comments..so I am getting a little discouraged about this blog thing when no one leaves me a comment..so come on people..click on comments and leave me one!! Show me some LOVE!!

Okay, about our trip..well, on the first day home..I went with Daddy to the doctor for a check up on his neck surgery with this world famous neurosurgeon..and Daddy had already warned me that we could be there for a while..which was fine by me..I had nothing better to do. When we walked in at 1:30 (app. at 2) there was a sign that said "Dr. ________ is 2 1/2 hours behind..well the sign ended up coming down about 2 and said 45 minutes behind..which was okay until I heard, "Sally, Dr. _____'s staff and he are having lunch, would you like some?" At this point I am getting a little upset..here he has a lot of people waiting and he's having lunch..are you kidding me..He isn't supposed to eat lunch! So long story short..we waited until 4 to get back then it was a good 45 minutes before he came in to say , "Mr.G, your neck looks good, Keep exercising and strengthening it, Have a good day Partner" And we were out of there. So good thing is, Daddy is fine..and Dr. _______ is in business and I have a feeling he will be for a long time! He is a GREAT doctor and Daddy was very fortunate to have him as his surgeon!

Swam most days, good friend Kerry and Sawyer came by and swam..he is an absolute doll with the cutest smile.Thursday we had Kenny's brother and fiance, and Lindsey and Nathan over to grill out and just enjoy eachother's company. We had a great time..reminicing over old times by the citronelle candles (which didn't work..neither did the listerine). I ended up with approximately 17 mosquitoe bites from that night. On 4th of July, good friends George and Ann came down to spend it with us..Went to Aunt Carolyn's as we always do on the fourth to eat, swim, and watch fireworks. Dad and Mom took Brylee early and Kenny and I were on our way. Dad calls and says that we need to hurry b/c Brylee wanted to swim with her cousins..he went ahead and let her get in..we get there and put her swim suit on her..and everyone is getting out to eat..Kenny is reaching for her flip flops to put on her and in the pool she goes...without floaties..and she goes under and then she comes up and goes under again..it was the wierdest thing b/c we all just stood there..I honestly thought she might start swimming..b/c she had been doing good..but Kenny knew better..in he goes with his new Nike's, clothes, PHONE, wallet and all..to save our child who is LAUGHING! She had no clue the danger she could have possibly been in. So we dry his clothes, but couldn't save his phone. Brylee ended up telling Kenny she was sorry..so cute! Ate, watched about 10 minutes of fireworks and headed to Kenny's daddy's. Visited with he and his friends for a while then we went home and to bed!

On Saturday we had Brylee's party..ran to Walmart about 5 times b/c I kept forgetting things..party turned out great..had a good turnout and Brylee enjoyed herself. Friends from high school were there..we all used to play volleyball and softball together and now we are hipping babies around! Again, it was a chance of rain, and I had prayed for the Lord to not let it rain..until after the party..and He gave us a good hour and a half..I had to thank Him and ask for forgiveness for being so doubtful all day! Stayed pretty much all day on Sunday and headed home.

Last night..our church began our Magnificent Mondays..and our first preacher was Jeremiah Castille..now you know we are by NO means Alabama fans, but we wanted to hear him. He was AWESOME..Let me just say, if you have never heard his testimony or his testimony on forgiveness, you must if you ever have the chance. It will bring tears to your eyes and peirce your heart in an awesome way! Lives were touched last night!

I guess this is a long enough post..not posting any pics..b/c it takes too long on here..I wish that would get fixed..but if you are reading this, let me know!


Angela said...

ok! I confess! I have checked like 50 times to see what you wrote about the weekend! LOL!

Loves you!
Aunt A

The Boatner Family said...

Ha Ha Your Aunt is so funny I have to say I check all the time to see if you update. I just loved how the cake looked did it taste better than it looked?