Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Brylee!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Brylee! Brylee turned 3 years old yesterday! She is the most amazing little girl and we are so blessed and thankful that God chose us to raise her! She fills our day with so much laughter and love! Due to Kenny's camps and work schedule, we were forced to plan her party for July 5th. But there was no way we would let her real birthday go unnoticed! So we had a day of Chuck E Cheese, Birthday cake, and her Birthday Bike! Which she loved! Great idea Kenny! Here are a few shots...enjoy! Oh..on the video...don't pay any attention to our singing..but listen as Brylee busts out laughing when we finish...and my camera died before she blew them out! LOL


Angela said...

HAHAHAHA!!! She was laughing at your "singing!"

She is precious! I can't wait to see her...y'all are good parents!

loves ya,
Aunt A

The Boatner Family said...

Oh My Goodness she is so funny! That laugh cracks me up. She was totally crackin on you two and your singing! God love her!

Happy Birthday Big Girl!