Monday, June 16, 2008

Conversation with a 3 year old! Part 2

We are going through some boot camp potty training..b/c I am tired of pullups..she stays dry at school, but comes home and wants to put pullups we are in day 2 of panties...she is making it pretty good..she gets stars on her chart when she pottys and gets 2 if she boo boos in the potty (she hans't got 2 at a time yet)! But every 5 Min..she says she has to we let her go and we reward it even if it is a drizzle...if we hear or see it, the job is star worthy! Well, today she has to go peeeeeeeeeee while we are outside..she sits on the throne and passes gas...

Brylee: Mommy, did you hear it?

Mommy: Yes

Brylee: Did you "mell" it?

Mommy: NO...I did not!

Brylee: Yes you did!

Brylee: I not like panties..I wear pullups

Mommy: No, baby you have to wear panties!

Her eye starts itching at this point...she scratches for a minute and says..."My eye is getting on my nerves" Paaaaaahaaaaa!

We go back outside and there is a very nice couple with a dog walking in the neighborhood..Brylee thinks she has to introduce herself to everyone..which she is generally good at...

Nice Couple: Hey..How are yall?

The Hill's: We're good, how about yall?

Brylee: What's your name? (Doesn't give them time to answer) and says, "My name is Ryan"!

She is in love with Ryan who babysits her during ballgames and they love eachother..Ryan is a sweet little girl and we adore her..But the fact that my child is already changing her name...

Mommy: No, your name is Brylee

Brylee: No it's not, my name is Ryan (which sounds like Brian when she says it)

I went to clean out our fish bowl..and well, he took a trip to the garbage I scream..the fish is ....and I stop..Brylee says what Mommy..where's the fish...Just kidding Brylee..he's right here..So Kenny and I frantically try to save this fish that is flopping around in the drain..we can't grab Kenny goes to get the TWEEZERS! Absolutely not Kenny..I keep trying and thankfully get the little lifeless thing..throw him back in the water and he was literally gasping for could see his little lungs working my father in law informs me that he will survive but probably have a little brain damage! Oh my! Poor thing! Next time Kenny will clean the bowl!

Our laughs never stop at this house..I assure you that! Brylee and I made Kenny a cake for Father's Day..which was very ghastly looking, but's the thought that counts! He got a playstation game (I know..isn't he 30?..but he loves it), A devotion book for Fathers, underwear and several homemade items from Brylee..those are the best..and the ones he treasures the most...I have tried to throw small things away or cards..and he says no, no..I'll put it up. He is a great daddy to Brylee and we are very fortunate to have him. It is very evident that Brylee loves him with all her heart and he loves her with all of his! It is amazing how a little girl can wrap her daddy so fast and so tight! He is not perfect and doesn't claim to be..but he is just perfect for Brylee and myself! We love him just the way he is and thank God for his love and patience with the both of us! I had a very special relationship with my daddy and still do! I am a definite daddy's girl..and I love him and hope his day was a good as it could be (working..and we weren't there) but he knows we love him! I can't wait to watch the bond as it grows between Brylee and Kenny! Well, I am off for today...


ann said...

Brooke-Those stories are so funny!! Especially the fish story. Ellie will pretend she is Sarah(my sister) a lot. One day Luke was asking for Sarah and Ellie said "I'm Sarah". And Luke got frustrated. And I tried to explain that Sarah was at Auburn and then Ellie kept saying "No, I'm not, I'm right here!" Anyway, I think it's pretty normal. Sounds like Brylee has a big imagination!

Brysmommy, Kenswifey said...

Big imagination! Yes..she does! We have got to get them together!!!

browngirlspeak said...

That is a very cute story! I also am a Brooke, and also have a biracial daughter, and we are expectinb again later this year. looking back at our dilemma with potty training, we had to enforce "potty tough love." Our daughter would use the potty, but only to tinkle, which was around 2 and a half years of age. It took us a year later to get her to poo in the potty. My husband and I had to come to the "potty tought love" choice to take away the pull-ups and make her use the toilet. She wouldn't poo all day at school, and then come home every night and cry for a pull-up. It took 2 days before she would go, but she did it! I can laugh now, but at the time it was a little frustrating. We pray alot! It helps! We can now laugh everytime we think about it. God Bless. Keep blogging! Here is our blog: