Thursday, June 5, 2008

Conversation with a 3 year old!

On the way to school this morning...Brylee and I had the most interesting conversation...It was hilarious...thought I would share...

Mommy: Brylee, do you want a biscuit?

Brylee: No Mommy, not now...I'll eat biscuit later...okay?

Mommy: Sure can eat it later!

Brylee: Look Mommy...there's a bus...(the bus is coming from the direction of our church)..Mommy, bus take kids to church????...

Mommy: Yes it could be...

Brylee: But Church closed (I have to tell her this often, b/c she always wants to go to church)

Brylee: I don't like the trees..(there were trees along both sides of the road)

Mommy: Why Brylee?

Brylee: Because I don't like them...make them go away!

Mommy: I can't

Brylee: Why?

Mommy: We need trees

Brylee: Why?

Mommy: So that we can breathe and have shade

Brylee: Why Mommy?

Mommy: Just because we do, and God put them there for us

Brylee: Look is a Mommy truck!

Mommy: Huh? What is a mommy truck?

Brylee: Right there....and she points to a red chevy silverado!

Question: Do I look like a red chevy silverado to you? Why did she assume it was a mommy truck? Was it b/c it was red? As a child, I thought cats were girls and dogs were boys! Humm..let me know what you think on this!


Angela said...

Could it be a mommy truck b/c in the words of your mawmaw, you drive a "taco"??? LOLOL

Tell Bry we love her!
Aunt A

Brysmommy, Kenswifey said...

She calls my vehicle a taco? Hilarious! I have never heard that! I will tell Brylee J. She is in the process of entertaining our neighbor! LOL

ann said...

Those pictures of Brylee at gymnastics are so cute. I'll bet she loves that. I need to get Ellie into something-just so she can run off some energy! That conversation you had with Brylee is hilarious. They do say the funniest things. Yeah, when Ellie prays it is usually a list of thank yous.