Sunday, June 22, 2008

2 Reasons You are Born...To Accept Christ and To tell of His Love

I have definitely had a great weekend/visit with my parents. I always love to see the joy and excitement on Brylee's face when she visits with them. Her Poppa will do anything she wants to at anytime..there is no telling her no..she is spoiled rotten when he is around. We didn't do a whole lot Mushroom...Walmart! But, it was a pleasant day and we enjoyed eachothers company. Bro. Billy was not at church today b/c Will (his son) was home from Iraq. So we had a guest preacher who was the interim before Billy. I will have to admit at first I was a little skeptical and thought he would be long winded and not...well...not what I thought I needed today..(Does that make sense)...anyway..he was an older man with white hair and moved kinda slow up the steps. He opened the Bible..and we stood for the reading of God's your Bibles to Revelation..and then I really thought..uh oh..we will be here for a while and it will be one of those hellfire and brimstone messages (which there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!!!! Just not what I "thought" I needed for today..and I thought I will have to keep looking at my cohorts..Kenny, Dad, and Mom and make sure they stay awake! HA..well, of course..God showed up and put me in my place..This man was an awesome man of God and preached the truth..and IT HIT HARD!!! In Revelation, he mentioned the realness of Hell and the fact that it is there, and will be there for all who do not accept Jesus as Lord...He went on to talk about us as the CHURCH..and that the Church is not bricks and mortar..and a building..but that WE are the CHURCH..and WE are the CHURCH Wherever we go, whatever we do and whomever we are with. We are the CHURCH and the Only Church that some people may ever think of the many people we come into contact with, work with, hang out with and even go to church with. Our lives are a living testimony of the love that Jesus Christ has done in our lives. We, as the Church, hold the Keys to the kingdom and are sometimes afraid to use it! We make up all kinds of excuses for not witnessing or living our lives for Christ. He made the comment...we are here for two give our lifes to Christ..and to tell the world about HIM...we have missionaries all over, but sometimes the biggest need is right here in our homes and in our communities...Standing up for Christ and telling others should be the easiest thing for us to do, but why does it seem so hard sometimes? We, AS Christians, have been commissioned by our Lord to GO and TELL the world! In Matthew 28, He not only tells us that, but He also tells us that He will be with us always! So why do we tighten up and try not to hurt anyones feelings or keep our salvation and the Many things Christ does for us everyday to ourselves? Especially when HE is with us!

I pray that ALL of my friends and family know Christ..and if you don't, I would love to tell you about Him and what He can do in your life..b/c I know what He has done in mine! He shows up everyday..and I do not give Him enough credit! When everything that is good is of Him! I hope and pray that I will always show His love to EVERYONE where I go..He loves us ALL..and He has forgiven us can we not love ALL and Forgive ALL?????

I don't know how you are feeling today, I just felt convicted when I heard this message..b/c God has been TOO good to me and my family for me to be quiet..I hope and pray that my ramblings are of some sort of encouragement to you as they are to me...It feels good to type it out and make myself more aware of my shortcomings! B/c there are many! Have a great Monday!!!

p.s. Funny for Brylee: We get in the car to go to school...she wants her Bible..I tell her we are going to school not closed mommy? Yep..We will go later..K Mommy! I love this precious child..You know we are still potty training..things are looking better...but she def. wanted to get a "star" for pee-peeing in the she sits on the potty...looks down..and after many attempts of pushing..she yells "GO...GO"..I had to run out of the bathroom to keep from her seeing me laugh! And of course..she just didn't have to go!