Wednesday, June 4, 2008


SUMMER TIME!!!! It is finally here! We all had a fabulous year..but I know when May hits..everyone gets antsy for a break. I have no clue how people survive at a job with no summer break! I know I would get burnt out and have become accustomed to my 2 month break! I do miss my kids and worry about them a lot during the summer! Well, it is hump day of my first week out and I must admit..a hectic week it has been! Kenny has had camp this he pretty much leaves by 7 and doesn't get home until 6. They have two sessions: morning for younger kids and afternoon for older kids. On Tuesday, I had to go to that yucky appt. women dread..I do like my doctor and feel very fortunate to have found him after having the All Mighty, All's 5 o'clock somewhere Dr. Shoemaker...When I first went to Dr. Nicholls last year...I told him about Marshall Shoemaker..and how wonderful he was when Brylee was born and that he would have some big shoes to fill if that times comes during our stay in Enterprise..He has so been wonderful. Although..I will share a funny yet embarrassing moment from yesterday...(since you all are my closest friends)...:)...while he was examining my breasts..he had this serious concerned look on his face...and it honestly scared I asked if everything was okay..and he said yes..why? Before thinking, I spoke...(which I do often)...and told him he should really smile during that, b/c when he looked frightened me...he busted out laughing and said..Now know..I can't smile too much when i do that..just try and not read my face...and when he began the "real" exam...He (in front of the nurse who was not privy to the other conversation) said..I will not smile while doing this, but that doesn't mean anything is wrong! Talk about embarrassed!!! As if the whole appointment isn't embarrassing enough! He wrote my prescription..and out of there I was! Well, at least I won't have to do that for another year!

Today..Brylee began gymnastics! She was a hoot...she wasn't too sure to at first..but quickly warmed up and was a hit! She rolled, flipped, hung, walked on a balance beam, and followed most directions from her teachers. Parents have to sit is in a huge building..and the room has full windows so you can see everything...they let first timers take I, of course, was snapping away..I kept hearing..."Wait Brylee", "Get in line Brylee", "Stay in order Brylee"..and I thought..oh now..this may not work...but then I heard "Great Job Brylee".."You can really balance Brylee" and she quickly saw what was happening..made a few friends...and can't wait to go back. When I put her leotard on her..she said "I look Cute!" I admit, she did, but it was hilarious that she actually knew it. Went to the gym to meet Kenny and she was very anxious to show him her new stunts..went to Smoochies for dinner and ice cream..and of course she performed for the restaurant as well. She loves her "nymnastics" as she calls it. I feel like she is growing up too fast and time is truly flying by.

We will be traveling this weekend..Brylee is the flower girl in a wedding..(that should be interesting in itself)...the wedding is on St. Simons the romantic...and an unusual is on 06-07-08 @ 9:10 in the morning! Very neat couple..and it is so Becca to do it like that! Can't believe our "little Chad" is getting married! Congratulations to them..and we wish them years of happiness!

I found a very inspirational blog. It was on my friend's sister's blog..and I went to it last night..and couldn't stop reading until I finished all of her is a blog written by the wife of a member of Selah, Todd and Angie...she carried a child that she knew would not make it and her blog is AMAZING!!! You should def. check it out.... I was amazed at the strength, love and grace God gave her during this time in her life! On the same note, I just finished the book "Mistaken Identity"..finished it in 2 days..couldn't put it down..they also used their situation to do nothing other than glorify God...Awesome book!

Well, I guess that is all for today! Check back after the wedding for the update on Brylee Jayde's performance as a flower girl! She will be beautiful since Ann made her the most adorable dress with a blue sash, but if she will make it down the aisle or not, I don't know...just another "Moment in the Life of a Hill"


Angela said...

This is great! I wish that I had of had SG in nymnastics...she loved it!

I may fill in the peaces (yes, I spelled it correct for the content)tomorrow!

Loves ya,
Aunt A