Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I want to say first of all, it has been a sad day in more ways than one, and a sad day for 2 dear families. While, it is sadness these two families are definitely feeling, it has to be a glorious day in Heaven as they welcomed 2 of it's most precious angels! Angel Talkington and Riley were both welcomed into Heaven's gates last night and today! Both of these sweet girls have been fighting a battle for their life in different ways for the majority of their lives. While I am sad to say I didn't know these girls as personal as some of my friends did, I feel like I have been apart of their fight as I have prayed for them when our mutual friends have called on Christians to pray for them as their conditions have worsened. Life as we know it is so sacred, precious and it is situations like these that make us stop and realize how much each day counts, how each moment counts and how NOTHING should be taken for granted. I can't help but smile as I think of how they are probably running and skipping with no breathing problems or physical ailments at all, as they run down the streets of almost gets you into shouting mode! How free and happy they must truly be! I can't imagine being in their families position right now, and I know there aren't any words that comfort in times like these, but I pray that they feel the Savior's arms wrapped around them and hugging them ever so close! I wanted to post two pics of these dear sweet girls who were full of so much life and were loved by so many people..and who touched people in ways that only showed Jesus' love in the truest sense..please join me praying for their families!


Anonymous said...


I'm sure these girls are running with the angles right now. I will keep their families in my pryaers.

Thank-you so much for your post on my blog the other day. I'm sure you've read by now that my girl was found after 4 long weeks. I really appreciate your prayers.

And I will continue to pray for you as you teach your kids as well, we SPED teachers have to stick together. Please send me your e-mail address.