Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Lazy Friday and a Buick Skylark

Kenny and I spent our last day relaxing and running some errands. We ran to New Brockton to take care of some stuff..came back to Subway and enjoyed a healthy lunch, then as I thought we were going home, he kept straight on the my surprise..we were going to "look" at a car. Okay..not too long ago, we paid off one of our vehicles and are very close to paying off the other one (Thank you Lord) I was like..what??? we are not about to buy another car! Well, we pulled up and this (notice the brown blob to the left) was what he wanted me to see...a 1972 Buick Skylark! Unbelievable that he was wasting my time to look at this. He is obsessed with old cars these days..and thought this one was in great condition..(to was just OLD) I walk around the lot..he is on the phone with the owner to come and let us test drive it. I was beginning to feel a little of embarrassment take over as I realized he was really talking to someone and they were on their way to give us the keys..we pop in the thing..with the seatbelt half way on the ceiling and halfway in the meets in the middle of our chest! A sunroof..(to which I begged we keep closed) and a radio/ac that worked! We crank the car..and it goes dead..the guy says it has a "cold engine" pump the accelerator..we did and we were out of there..we were spinning as we took off...the thing def. had some up and go to it. As we get to the first died...yep ...I am sinking in the seat at this point! Thankfully, it started up as sweet as it did the first time..and my baby was proud! (notice pic below)..I didn't have my I took these with my phone..but I couldn't resist..the big smile he had as his knees almost hit the dash..b/c the seat wouldn't go back any further! He thought all the old men were jealous of him! I am sure that they were..but I will be glad to tell him where the thing is parked and they can take a tour themselves..b/c that is what we did..TOUR ONLY! Last night, our dear friends A, C and K kept Brylee while we went to the movie..Brylee loves o play with K, she is in 2nd grade..and I know they had a blast! Kenny and I saw "FireProof"..what a powerful movie!!! It is a recommendation from both of us now! We enjoyed it so much..and are going to take the Love Dare..I encourage you to go watch it as well! If you have already watched it, let me know if you loved it as much as we did! Have a good rest of the weekend!!!!


~*Lisa*~ said...

OK ISI I seriously about wet my pants when I started reading this post! Now you know how I feel! My husband makes me ride in all those old blame cars all the time. The 67 Shelby Mustang you name it I have had to ride in it the old Beverly Hillbilly truck was the worst! Oh my lord the look on Kenny's face was great stuff! Praise him that you only had to ride and not purchase! We took the dare and started last night! Love you,