Saturday, October 18, 2008

~Pumpkin Patch~

I know..2 posts in one day..but the first one was pretty much about yesterday..and this one is about today at our church pumpkin patch..First of all, a HUGE thanks to the "T's" for hosting this event! They are super people and were so gracious to have us all over! Brylee got to ride a train, firetruck, hayride, jump in jumpy things, games, cake walk, eat hot dogs, popcorn, candied apples (to which one man replied, this is pure ecstasy)! I almost lost it, and of course face painting..oh and got to pick out a pumpkin (well, she got 2, b/c her train ride took her down there too)! She had so much fun..and climbed to the top of the slide when we told her it was time to go home..she didn't want to leave..Kenny had the privilege of "saving" another child today! If you remember my 4th of July blog..where he went in the pool to save our own, phone, wallet and all...well today a child of an unnamed coach at a certain elementary school...hint hint..began running like Forrest! Literally, he just took off, well, his mom with baby in saddle couldn't catch him, and "C" with baby in tow on inside tried, so as we hear "GET HIM..b/c there were two huge ponds on either side, Kenny (My brave Hero) drops everything he is carrying..and ran to catch him..he did and did not end up in the water! Thank Goodness, b/c it was rather chilly! So, it was quite the show..wish I had it on camera, but you know, I wasn't quite ready..I was kind of standing in awe, like when Brylee was drowning! So here are a few pics from our spectacular day!

Brylee and Daddy looking in the pond.

Mommy and her sweet girl!

Enjoying her cupcake!

Searching for the Perfect Pumpkin

She found it!!!!


~*Lisa*~ said...

OK I just have to say I love your little girl! She is so beautiful and all these pictures you are going to be so happy that you had them when she is older! Kenny saves the day again! Good reflexes Mr. Hill!
Thank you for that awesome comment on the blog about Victor! It hurts so bad sometimes it takes my breath away when i start to think of him not knowing "S" thank you for what you said it brought tears to my eyes! I needed that and will remember that next time I start to think about them not knowing each other! I just love you ISI!